Strategies for Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

My Notes From The Diabetes Summit 2017

Dr. Mark Menolascino – Board Certified Internal Medicine, Board Certified Advanced Hormone Management and Anti-Aging Medicine
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Strategies for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

I think what we have really found is that it goes beyond just the blood sugar issues with diabetes, that there really is an inflammatory fire that’s sparked by high blood sugar. High blood sugar releases insulin, insulin is the most inflammatory molecule that your body makes, the high blood sugar releasing the high insulin. When those cells see that high sugar for so long they become less and less susceptible to the influence of Continue reading


Ketones for Alzheimer’s and Blood Sugar Control

My Notes from The Diabetes Summit 2017

An Interview with Amy Berger MS, CNS
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Breaking down the Ketogenic Diet for Blood Sugar Control

A ketogenic diet is a diet that is very high in fat, you get most of your calories from fat. You get a moderate amount from protein and very little from carbohydrate. What that is designed to do is to force a shift in the way that the body uses fuel. People who are eating a high amount of carbohydrates generally run most of their body on carbohydrate. When you remove that amount of carbohydrate from the body it’s forced to Continue reading

Autoimmune Disease and Nutrition

Autoimmune Revolution Summit 2017

Dr. David Perlmutter MD Board Certified Neurologist
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My Notes from an Interview with Dr. Perlmutter

Brain Inflammation, Autoimmune Disease and Nutrition

A couple of decades ago, in terms of neurology, I found a lack of satisfaction and we were being very myopic in the way we were dealing with our patients and dealing with their problems. We were just focusing on the symptoms as opposed to really taking a step back and identifying, and then treating the actual causes of the problems, that we were seeing day in and day out. In neurology as well as other areas Continue reading

Vitamins for the Aging Population

My Notes From the 2016 Vitamin Summit

An Interview with Dr. Andrew Saul

Arthritis, it’s very common. A women patient who wasn’t even 50 yet had Rheumatoid Arthritis so bad she couldn’t open her fingers, Dr’s had no relief. I told her to try a juice fast of nothing but vegetable juice for 3-5-8 days or more and have a fresh, raw diet for about a week. Then go back on the fasting program and repeat the cycle. The biggest reason for juicing is absorption of nutrients, Continue reading

Evidence Based Approach to Essential Oils

My Notes From The Essential Oils Revolution

An Interview with Sayer Ji

Essential Oils and the Evidence Based Approach to Natural Health Care

I love essential oils I use them daily I think this is a great opportunity for people to learn one of the safest most affordable ways of self healing that exists. I just love the idea that you can walk into your backyard and there’s an herb there that is designed by nature that is going to provide a solution which the medical profession establishment is trying to make us believe requires expensive and synthetic interventions which we all know carry huge side effects including death. Continue reading

Healing ADD

My Notes From an Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen

Healing ADD

Add is rampant in our society and most people have no idea what to do for it, should I take medicine, I shouldn’t take medicine. Your brain matters and you need to learn how to be a brain warrior, it’s the most important organ in the history of the universe and virtually nobody cares about it because you can’t see it. We care more about our faces and our looks than we care about our brain which is nuts if you think about it, it runs everything. We have to get our brain straightened out and were just going the wrong way, there are 200 studies that say as your weight goes up the size and function of your brain goes down. Continue reading

The Healing power of Cannabidiol CBD

Notes from the Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. John Hicks – Pediatrician

I started because I work with a lot of Autistic children and there was an explosion of seizures, medications have so many significant side effects I went looking for a better way. Cannabidiol is from the marijuana plant, the CBD does not contain THC so there are no psychotropic effects. Back in the 1960’s researchers in Israel started to identify that we had receptors for it, CBD1 is the one that reacts to the THC and is throughout the body but heaviest in the brain. Then there are CBD2 receptors where cannabidiol was believed to only be in the immune system, we have now found they are also in the brain. It’s the system that keeps us in balance, well and healthy reacting to changes in the environment either internal or external. Continue reading