Mold, Toxins, Thyroid Disease and Autoimmunity

The Thyroid Secret Summit 2017

these are my notes from the speakers in this summit. For further information please visit the speakers web pages linked below.

The Truth About Toxins

Dr. Izabella Wentz PharmD, FASCP
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Your probably wondering how we winded up with this epidemic of thyroid disease, I have to warn you this may enrage you. When you see what’s been done to our world, corruption, greed and unchecked motives have led us into a world that’s simply not safe for all of us who live in it. We’re constantly bombarded by Continue reading


Hormone Balance for a Healthy Menopause

The Diabetes Summit 2017

Notes from this interview, for more information visit the speakers web page.

Anna Cabeca DO – Board Certified Gynecologist and Obstetrician also Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
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Creating Hormone Balance to Optimize Metabolic Health

Often we forget that our hormones are important for our metabolism. What happens as we get older and our hormones start to decline, even a little bit, we start to become very energy efficient machines. As we Continue reading

The Impact of Stress on Thyroid and Adrenals

The Thyroid Summit 2017

These are my notes listening to these speakers in the summit. For further information please visit their web pages linked below.

Psychology and Stress

Izabella Wentz PharmD
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When there is a buildup of toxins an autoimmune condition can arise, essentially the body does not believe we are in a safe place it wants to slow down our metabolism. The way it does that is it starts to attack the Continue reading

Thyroid Health and Your Microbiome

The Thyroid Secret Summit 2017

These are my notes from this summit, for further information please visit the speakers web pages linked below.

Healing From Within

Dr. Izabella Wentz ParmD, FASCP
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Did you know thyroid cells and gut cells have the same cell origin? This means that the things that effect your gut whether good or bad can also effect your thyroid. When thinking about the root cause of thyroid disease all roads lead back to the gut and the role of microbes within our bodies. The exciting thing is that Continue reading

Thyroid Health Viruses and Parasitic Infections

The Thyroid Secret – Summit 2017

My notes from this summit, for further information please visit the speakers web pages linked below.

Viruses and Parasitic Infections

Dr. Daniel Kalish DC
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You wouldn’t think there would be even a remote connection but, when people have parasitic infections or any kind of infection in the digestive tract it’s going to generate an inflammatory response. We know when the body is inflamed, especially when it’s chronically inflamed the way that thyroid hormones are produced Continue reading

Oral Health with Essential Oils

My Notes from the Holistic Oral Health Summit
An interview with Dr. Zielinski

Dr. Eric Zielinski
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Essential Oils for Oral Health

I wanted nothing to do with essential oils until I met my wife. She had a skin condition when she was a teenager and in using an over the counter facial product it reacted with a chemical in the well water. This literally burned off the three to four layers of her skin from her nose down to her neck, oozing sores and nothing worked. A friend who is a Chippewa Indian and practices it’s medicine told her she needed Continue reading

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

An Interview with Susan Levin MS, RD

Susan Levin MS, RD
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Is Feeding Your Children Meat and Dairy Sabotage

Director of nutrition education for The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Ms. Levin researches and writes about the connection between plant-based diets and a reduced chronic disease risk. Ms. Levin assists in teaching nutrition and health classes to participants in clinical studies exploring the links between diet and various medical conditions.

In the world of gestational diabetes it’s not only not necessary it’s not ideal, eating animal products comes Continue reading

Heart Disease and the Top Three Nutrients

Notes from the Healthy Heart Summit

An Interview with Dr. Deanna Minich PhD, MS, CNS, RYT
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The Detox-Heart Disease Connection

If you look at the nutrition research that is currently available for any condition I would say that it stacks up probably as number one looking at cardiovascular indications. Things like blood pressure, healthy arteries and┬ástroke incidence. It’s replete with articles looking at food and the heart because heart disease is the number one killer in the world. Continue reading

Cervical Cancer and the HPV Vaccine

Vaccines Revealed Summit 2017

These are my notes from this summit. For more information please visit these speakers web pages.

Toni Bark M.D
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Doctors are not scientists, the difference between them is huge. HPV, cervical cancer, takes fifteen years or more in the making. It is induced by certain strains of HPV virus, however, 95% of the time you get the virus you clear it. At any one time 40% of all adults will test positive, you can retest those people two years later they might not test positive at all. It’s cleared by the system as long as your nutritional status is adequate. I was taught to treat pre-cancerous legions with vitamin A, beta carotene, selenium, zinc, and Continue reading

Our Evolution with Cannabis to Medical Uses Today

My notes from the Plant Medicine Summit

An Interview with Jessica Baker LAc, RH, (AUG)
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Our Co-Evolution with Cannabis

It’s really interesting if we think about how we evolved with cannabis. Some postulate that the most relevant site for cannabis to originally grow without the use of humans is around the area of Central Asia. There are other theories that people keep coming back to this area once they look at the Continue reading