Cervical Cancer and the HPV Vaccine

Vaccines Revealed Summit 2017

These are my notes from this summit. For more information please visit these speakers web pages.

Toni Bark M.D
web page disease-reversal.com

Doctors are not scientists, the difference between them is huge. HPV, cervical cancer, takes fifteen years or more in the making. It is induced by certain strains of HPV virus, however, 95% of the time you get the virus you clear it. At any one time 40% of all adults will test positive, you can retest those people two years later they might not test positive at all. It’s cleared by the system as long as your nutritional status is adequate. I was taught to treat pre-cancerous legions with vitamin A, beta carotene, selenium, zinc, and folic acid. There is a lot of evidence that a deficiency of folic acid will predispose you to pre-cancerous legions, specifically cervical cancer. If you read the studies on the HPV vaccine the antibodies from it last 3-5 years and it’s just been recommended for newborns because there has been such a disappointment in the rate of this vaccine in the U.S. If only 40% of the children are getting this vaccine the drug companies aren’t making the money they wanted to make. This vaccine has never been tested on small children, let alone newborns.

In the safety studies there was a very high death rate. Phase 1 was a true safety study but phase 2 and 3 were not. It was predominantly Asian women and girls, and most of the deaths happened in the first seven months, we have a problem with this vaccine being very toxic. The death rate was so high in women over 26 years of age the FDA didn’t even approve it, which usually just rubber stamps everything. In the boys study the death rate was also high. Now it’s being recommended for newborns where it’s impossible to even do a study. We are now where we have never seen before cervical cancer in young girls who have received the vaccine. Norway is reporting that if you have already been exposed to the virus getting the vaccine doubles your chances of getting cervical cancer and developing it into cancer at a much quicker rate. The Japanese Government is no longer recommending it, France has a moratorium of any vaccine that has the aluminum adjuvant that’s in the HPV. Vaccine policy has little to do with the vaccine science and the post surveillance studies, and testing procedures are an ethics violation. It’s even more egregious what’s going on with vaccines in third world countries because they can get away with more.

The FDA is fully aware and allows this to happen actually helping to design these false studies. We now have an entire generation of children that are damaged.

Dr. Diane Harper
Lead Investigator for HPV Vaccine Clinical Trials, Designed the Clinical Trials

The vaccine was never intended to prevent cancer, Cervarix actually works better than Gardasil. They know data says that Gardasil protection lasts only five years, Cervarix has data that protection lasts only eight years. A South American trial proved there is the same protection results with only one shot. The marketing campaign of your daughter is going to be one less was a fear campaign, when she really wasn’t going to be a victim at all as long as she kept up her pap smears. There was never any talk about how long the vaccine would last, 14% of women screened after getting the shot had abnormal pap smears. Only 25% of women are getting screened after the shot wrongly thinking they don’t need that anymore.

The risk of getting cervical cancer in the U.S. is seven in one hundred thousand, the risk of serious side effects from the vaccine is one in ten thousand. There is no follow up registry in the U.S., only in the U.K and Australia. There is no evidence that injecting HPV DNA into the bloodstream is safe. The one for boys is actually intended to prevent anal cancer and meant for boys/young men having anal sex with other men. 70% of HPV infection goes away on it’s own in one year, 90% of women it goes away within two years, only 5% of women it develops into cancer. Bottom line, if concerned about cervical cancer get regular pap smears, if positive a vitamin regimen in previous notes clears it up.

Barbara Loe Fisher – President of NVIC
web page nvic.org

Today’s children’s immune systems are developing in a very different way than ever before with the tripling of the amount of vaccines given at a very early age. There is a huge rise in chronic disease and immune dysfunction, 1 in 6 is learning disabled, 1 in 9 has asthma, 1 in 50 has Autism, 1 in 400 has diabetes. America gives more vaccines than any other nation, fifteen nations in the European Union don’t even mandate vaccines. In Korea and North Vietnam where they vaccinate more like we do all these diseases are also on the rise, where in the European Union that doesn’t they are not. When they do a “safety study” on vaccines they eliminate any children that should be exempt but after approval they recommend it for everyone without exemption.

Two important studies in 2012, one on acknowledged individual susceptibility suffering through vaccine reactions and injury that could include genetic variation, environmental factors, behaviors, etc. They said that some of these high risk factors are known but some are not known. In 2013 they said we have looked at the childhood schedule and we find there have not been enough systematic studies of the safety of the childhood schedule when you look at it in total. In other words individual vaccines have been looked at but when new vaccines are added to the existing schedule that has not been systematically studied, so there are gaps in vaccine science knowledge. We should not be forced to vaccinate children who are at risk genetically or biologically susceptible.

A pregnant mother who has had measles, mumps, chicken pox, or any disease we vaccinate for passes the natural immunity antibodies to the fetus. Vaccine antibodies only last a few years where most natural antibodies last up to a lifetime.

How is it that we believe that children who are not vaccinated can spread disease but in a cancer ward anyone who has been recently vaccinated are not allowed to visit for fear they will spread disease from shedding?

How is it that we know and understand and accept that all drugs come with side effects including aspirin and yet refuse to believe there are no side effects for vaccines when they are clearly listed in the package insert and call them safe?

What was taught in the medical schools from the 50s to the 70s about natural immunity is no longer being taught. Scientists still do not understand the mechanics of natural immunity much less vaccine acquired immunity.

In the vaccine court children are compensated for brain and immune system dysfunction but if you call it Autism, which is really what it is, the case will be thrown out. The Federal Government is in a business partnership with the Pharmaceutical industry. Fast track – the ability for the pharmaceutical companies to pay the FDA to bypass the normal regulatory standards for proof of safety and effectiveness for vaccines and take shortcuts to get that product on the market quicker. Allowing then to get their vaccines and drugs to licensure.  It should be that the employees of the FDA have one goal that the product is as safe and effective as it could be. They shouldn’t be put on a deadline that they have to license a certain amount of vaccines or they’re not going to be funded by Congress.

Terry Wahls M.D.
web page terrywahls.com

Creating health through diet and lifestyle is the most powerful medicine there is against chronic diseases. The children who get all the common infections like chicken pox, measles, etc. while young grow into healthier adults with much less instance of autoimmune disease.

Brian Hooker PhD, PE – 60 peer reviewed papers
No web page – link for interesting article

Currently doing epidemiology research on the connection between vaccines, vaccine components, and neurodevelopmental disabilities like Autism. I started with the vaccine component thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight and is used as a preservative, and still used in the flu shot. In 2002 the CDC found evidence of thimerosal and Autism and was actively covering it up. The CDC was desperate to prove no relation, going from country to country trying to find a group of children with no damage and even went to Greenland to try to find them. After contacting CDC scientists to find information it didn’t take long before receiving a cease and desist order from the CDC to stop talking to their scientists. I had already received papers from them that was damning evidence. The CDC buys 4.6 Billion dollars of vaccines every year to distribute to Government agencies for profit and were desperate to keep their vaccine business going. The CDC used statistics to lie about vaccines and thimerosal and Autism in Denmark, falsifying the evidence. I have through the Freedom of Information Act approximately 500,000 papers from the CDC scientists to examine myself as a statistician. Some of the information was redacted. Going through these papers looking at so much evil I had trouble sleeping at night knowing how corrupt and evil they really were.
He mentioned this web site putchildrenfirst.org

Kelly Brogan M.D
web page kellybroganmd.com

Epigenetics, the expression of our genes is such a complex and sophisticated dance, the 25,000 genes in the human species do not account for our complexity. There is a lot going on between the genes themselves and the DNA and their expression. That individual differences from person to person is where medicine is really at right now in looking at that individual biochemistry is essential. If we are not doing that, if we’re making a one size fits all recommendations, there is going to be collateral damage on an individual level and also on a societal level. Different people bring different vulnerabilities. Science keeps looking at genes for all diseases as the cause but it’s the environmental triggers. Looking for the gene we really want it to be simple. One gene for one disease, one medicine for that disease. In fact it’s this very complex web of different factors interacting in very sophisticated ways and that is epigenetics. That is how in each individual these environmental factors conspire to either promote the expression of problematic genes or suppress their expression, and that’s a pretty big difference. It’s also the collective interactions of all those genes, it’s never going to be a gene present or not. Why are people getting so much sicker in the last 150 years. It’s not because we evolved on a DNA level as a species, we have the same genes we’ve had for several million years but we’re getting sicker everyday. People feel condemned to a life of illness because of parents or grandparents having a disease and the solution is a pill from commercials. When basic modifications to their exposures and they get better should be empowering to them, and liberating to what they thought was a sentence, it’s a different way of thinking about it.

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