Unknown Therapies

The Thyroid Summit 2017

My notes of the speakers from this summit. For more information please visit the speakers web pages linked below.

Unknown Thyroid therapies

Dr. Tami Meraglia
web page drtami.com and vitalitymedispa.net

I do stem cells and they can be found in our fat, it’s in other parts like bone marrow. The study I’m participating in takes your fat, takes the stem cells out, which are amazing and perfect. Even if you say you have an autoimmune condition my stem cells are going to be messed up. No, actually, when you get a cut your stem cells go heal it because stem cells are this reservoir of perfection that can be walled off and protected in the fat. So when we release them they go and they fix problems and they stop craziness and they stop inflammation and they grow cartilage. It’s just amazing.

So I treated my father and he has COPD, emphysema, many years ago he smoked and he was on five liters of oxygen just to maintain his oxygen levels. And when he walked for two minutes it would go down into the eighties regardless of having oxygen on. He doesn’t wear oxygen anymore, he goes to the gym now. I think stem cells are the future, we are the future of our own healing in so many more ways than we can even imagine. It’s such a privilege to be in this industry.

What you eat and put on your skin is not neutral, it’s making an impact and we have this reservoir of perfect cells to help. The body is doing the healing we’re just extracting, isolating, and putting back in. With some of the autoimmune things like Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, we’re seeing people completely reverse their diseases. The stem cell procedure from start to finish is three hours, no down time. The patient comes in, it’s about a half hour procedure. We just inject a little bit of lidocaine for numbing and I remove 50cc, usually from the flank area because that’s where some really juicy cells live. Then we put a bandage on, it’s a little incision, about a quarter inch. They go for a walk or go to lunch and we isolate, separate, get these stem cells ready. Then the patient comes back and everybody gets an I.V. Then if they have a knee arthritis we inject it into the knee or ankle, that takes about a half hour and they’re done. For an organ it goes in the I.V. Early on we tagged the stem cells and do imaging to follow where they’re going. So we watch the patients with thyroid issues and watch the stem cells go to the thyroid instead of the ankle.

Dr. Joseph Collins RN, ND
web page yourhormones.com/joseph-j-collins

One of the formulations I like to use was developed over half a century ago in Germany called wobenzym. It’s a systemic enzyme therapy which means you take it right after meals and it gets into your system and it stimulates the body’s own immune system to function properly. What wobenzym does is really quite fascinating, it’s able to improve your thyroid in this way. When you consider one of the most prominent methods of thyroid dysfunction is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, we realize the body creates two major antibodies to show the thyroid has been either irritated or been destroyed. Anti TPO antibodies show the thyroid site is PO’d, it’s irritated, it’s being damaged and stressed, the same thing that can happen if you take too much iodine. What we found is selenium methionine in lower anti TPO antibodies but anti TG, anti thyroglobulin antibodies, these are thyroid sites that actually busted open. Think of anti TG as thyroid guts, it busted open and you created antibodies against it.

I’ve been able to find that wobenzym’s been documented in human studies to be able to lower anti TG antibodies. Not just that, but to the point where people that actually needed thyroid replacement were actually able to lower the amount of Levothyroxine they were taking. Some of them actually got off thyroid completely because once you stop destroying the thyroid it can work better. These same patients that were able to improve their thyroid function by using wobenzym saw improvements in other clinical markers, such as their cholesterol and triglycerides got better. As you know hypothyroidism you have a hypometabolic state and your liver becomes dysfunctional.

The way to use wobenzym, what the research showed us, is that people took five wobenzym three times a day for three months. At the end of that time they actually showed improvement of thyroid function by lowering of antibodies and by improving metabolic markers. Additional benefits of taking wobenzym is, because it’s anti-inflammatory, all the other symptoms that we see associated with autoimmune thyroid disease improved. People who were having the general myalgia aches and pains, Fibromyalgia symptoms, those improved as well. Part of it was it improved thyroid function, it also increases exercise tolerance. Meaning once they get their thyroid fixed and inflammation under control they can exercise more. It also decreases recovery time, by decreasing recovery time people can exercise and not feel miserable and in pain for days afterwards, that’s very important. When people are trying to get out of a state of poor health to good health every time they try exercise they feel miserable for a couple days. Their behavior doesn’t change but by adding wobezym for reversing thyroid disease people didn’t get punished for exercising, they actually felt better after a few days afterwards.

Dr. Edwin Lee MD, FACE, Board Certified Endocrinologist
web page instituteofhormonebalance.com

I have a pretty high percentage of patients doing very well with enzyme therapy, specifically wobenzym professional strength. I’ve seen people with thyroid antibodies drop by 25% every time I see them in follow up. And I’ve seen patients who start off with a positive thyroid peroxidase antibody at one thousand and lets say after a year later it’s down to under a hundred, which is amazing just taking a simple enzyme. It’s amazing what natural things can do to help your thyroid or other conditions.

Kiran Krishnan Microbiologist
Developer of Therapeutic Enzymes
web page lifeboat.com/ex/bios.kiran.krishnan

So the world health organization defines a probiotic as a live microrganism, when taken in adequate amounts defers health benefits to the host and that’s the scientifically accepted definition. The first part of that definition is an important part, the live microorganism part. We look at how nature designed us to get probiotics versus what we’re doing now in the modern age, there is a huge disparity, a huge difference. The way nature designed us to get probiotics is really from nature and our food and our environment. Our ancestors evolved with probiotics, in the last 3-5 million years has been this great symbiotic relationship that’s developed between certain types of bacteria and the human host. We provide them a home and they protect that home, that’s essentially what they’re supposed to do.

Where our ancestors got exposure to these bacteria was in the outside environment. They ate off the land, they were hunters, gatherers, foragers. So they ate dirt, essentially, and good clean dirt from nature is really teaming with a whole bunch of bacteria that can really help function in your gut and create some balance, and create some protection. In reality what we’re supposed to be getting is environmental bacteria that have the capability of functioning in the gut, that’s what nature intended. Of course humans today we modernize everything and we make everything simple and quick and easy. So now we get our probiotics from capsules, tablets, and yoghurts and things like that. The problem is that’s where the majority of strains don’t really survive to the gastric system. They don’t go into the gut and live there and actually create any functional change. My advice to people is look for probiotics that are actually from nature, from the environment, but have the capability of living in the gut and creating a functional change.

If you’re taking a really good probiotic one that functions in the gut, has a living microbe, one of the first things that you will notice is improvements in regularity of your bowel movements. The good gut bacteria within your gut really control the pace of which your gut moves. So that’s one of the first things that people report to us, right off the bat they have better regularity and they have better gastric clearance. It’s a fancy way of saying you’ve got much better poop, so you’re clearing your bowels much better. That means the peristaltic activity in your intestinal tract is working better. Your colon is working better, it’s pushing things out that don’t need to be there. The other thing that people notice is they’re getting more benefit and energy from their food. So one of the big factors in a real probiotic is it’s supposed to enhance your body and your ability to digest your food. We can eat all the healthy food we want, it’s not you are you eat, it’s you are what you absorb. If you’re not breaking down the food and absorbing all the nutrients you’re not getting the benefits and we depend on our bacteria in our gut for more than 50% of our digestion.

A good probiotic should help your body digest the food. What you will find is satiety from a smaller meal, getting more energy from the food, get more nutrition from the foods so you should sleep better. You should be more alert, have better energy, better short term memory, all of these things coming just from getting your basic nutrition into your system. Those are the most immediate changes that people typically notice. For people that have hormone imbalance issues they will start to notice some of the symptomology of their hormone imbalance, mood alterations, fatigue, even things like Fibromyalgia and nerve pain. All these things can really be alleviated within a fairly short amount of time if they are taking the right probiotic and getting of course good food and good diet to feed those probiotics.

Michael Roesslein MSc, FDN-P
web page rebelhealthtribe.com/cbd-webinar

We found megaspore probiotics about 2 years ago, honestly if you would have told me then that I would see what I’ve seen in the last 2 years I probably wouldn’t have believed you. The way that they work is different than traditional probiotics, they’re spore based organisms they’re not your traditional lactobacillus and bifidobacterum. They survive the stomach environment, they get into the gut. Some of the functions they perform are really directed to leaky gut in that they increase the expression of proteins that close the tight junctions.

The first person I ever gave it to was my mother in law and she had life long pet allergies, she loves animals and she couldn’t be around cats or dogs for going on 35 years. Not even if I was around a dog and went near her it could be enough to put her into an asthma attack that would send her to the hospital. I thought I would give it shot and she has Hashimoto’s. I was giving it to her more for the autoimmune aspect. She got back to me maybe 3 weeks after that, she was around her neighbors dog and didn’t have an autoimmune attack. She still wanted to play it safe and came out to our house, we have pets in a small place. She went outside and she went to pet them, no response, no asthma, no breathing problems, no trouble whatever. It’s been 2 years now and she has no more inhaler, no more medications, no more asthma attacks.

I have people come to us and say I can only eat four foods and I love food, it’s terrible, plus we need more food diversity. When we talk to experts on our microbiome stuff they all talk about food diversity because different organisms in the gut eat different things. So if we live off four foods you’re just going to perpetuate the problem if you’re doing that over time. Those diets have their place and what we’ve seen with spores is people have been able to eliminate a lot of those food sensitivities faster. Progress to a more normal diet faster versus staying on those therapeutic diets for years. We have people come to us, say for years have only eaten chicken breasts, broccoli and one other food. It’s really great to get these emails saying I made a smoothie with 8 ingredients in it, three months ago I couldn’t have touched six of these foods, thank you.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald ND
web page drkarafitzgerald.com

With autoimmune we can do powerful work if we catch it early enough and actually turn around late stage thyroid disease. When doing a full thyroid panel I also look at anti-nuclear antibodies because it can rise in a lot of autoimmune diseases. A scalloped enlarged tongue can be a sign of hypothyroidism, or also something is awry in the gut like SIBO, or some kind of bacterial imbalance in the gut that can cause micronutrient malabsorption.

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