Sleep Habits, Insulin Resistance and Pain

My Notes From the Autoimmune Summit

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Don Pardi
web page

The Importance of Proper Sleep and Correct Lighting

Sleep deprivation effects decision making, exercise and sunlight helps with your sleep. Sunlight effects your health and is also absorbed through the retina of your eyes. Artificial light at night disrupts circadian rhythms effecting your ability to sleep at night, this can lead to cancer, autoimmunity and more. Interleukin 17 effects clock cells causing inflammation, when you change circadian rhythm it stops the on off switch for interleukin 17. Get one and a half hours of sun outside everyday with no sunglasses, it doesn’t have to be all at once but some at high noon is best.

Amber light bubs take away the blue light, you want these on at night so your body knows it’s night for a better sleep. It’s also best to sleep in darkness, blackout curtains in the bedroom are good to help with this. Turn on amber lights when the sun is going down, you can even get a program for your computer screen for amber. Regular light bulbs are blue light for daytime.

Sleep impacts narcolepsy, fibromyalgia, pain, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis. Hypocretin neurons tell your body when to be alert, if they are disrupted, turned off, you are now susceptible to everything above. Sleepiness and cognitive fog can be caused by an infection that your body is fighting producing inflammatory cytokines that promote sleepiness, it works on sleep by activating centers in the brain causing fatigue. Non restorative sleep is from not reaching deep sleep. In studies they found that after only three nights of disrupted sleep people reported experiencing body pain. With less sleep memory changed negatively and can cause depression and a pessimistic outlook.

Full spectrum light bulbs for daytime, especially if you don’t get out in the sun enough, and amber at sunset helps with seasonal effective disorder. Melatonin is only released in dark to help sleep, less darkness effects melatonin production. Light in your bedroom including electronics effects this also by effecting your central nervous system. You may need cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic insomnia problems.

Healthy cortisol levels start in the brain when light hits your eyes it signals production, without this you can experience adrenal fatigue.

Good sleep effects symptoms and severity of autoimmune diseases, live as a restorative sleeper establish a bedtime and wake up naturally with an alarm as backup. Maintain smart rhythms with light bulbs during day, evening and night cycles. Keep the bedroom dark at night with no electronics.


Robb Wolf – From the Pain Relief project
web page

Sleep and Insulin Resistance

Sleep is so important he said he has been spending 60-70% of his time talking about it. Sleep may trump diet, they found that anyone who stays awake with sleep deprivation that by day eleven they die. Sleep impacts your metabolism, people who have short sleep two nights in a row can be as insulin resistant as a type 2 diabetic but they can modify over time when they get exercise and more sleep. Shift workers can dip in and out of being massively insulin resistant and if you couple that with a bad diet you have a horrible situation brewing. When your job controls your sleep like firefighters the most important thing you can do is control your food. Your diet must be customized because of the fluctuations in insulin levels.

Sleep disturbances can damage intestinal integrity inflaming them leading to gut permeability, metabolically broken, insulin resistance, increase in cortisol, drops testosterone in both men and women and alters growth hormone signaling, all making an anti-inflammatory diet very important.

Start off with a 30 day diet of no grains, legumes and dairy, yes to fruits, vegetables, roots, shoots, tubers, grass fed meats and wild caught fish and game. It’s not a make or break with organic animal proteins but we are talking a lot of the fruits and vegetables. Get to bed earlier that’s a biggie, doing some walking maybe push ups, weights or generally be active. Wear blueblockers at night and minimize alcohol for the thirty days. After the thirty days you can start to slowly add some back in to see how you do but not gluten we stay off that. You can try maybe some rice, all this does a system reset.

Robb Wolf web page  He has a free 30 day meal guide, shopping guide and food guide on his page. He also mentioned visiting the Paleo Podcasts on his page which is quite extensive with tons of information on sleep, paleo diet and healing disease.

Dr. Hans Diehl DRhSc
web page

The Cause and Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

Hans Diehl is a best selling author, researcher, speaker and clinical professor of preventative medicine at Loma Linda University. He is in the forefront of the emerging field of lifestyle medicine. Through his world class CHIP program he advocates a simpler, saner diet that prevents, arrests and reverses many common diseases.
If you are interested in finding out more about our CHIP program (80,000 alumni) to reverse diabetes, high BP, heart disease, and lose weight, visit the link above.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used  as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.


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