Mumps, Chicken Pox and the Shingles Virus

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Conventional medicine is fundamentally wrong in doing testing first and asking questions from the patient after. The answers to the questions from the patient is what should determine which tests should be run. They test first to get their money.

I found that gastrointestinal problems are directly related to the brain. What you eat not only effects the gut it directly effects the brain.

With vaccines and implicating them as the cause of damage to the gut creating Autism in many children there was a pushback from the medical industry. The Department of Health in the U.K., the CDC, etc. The pushback comes because people believe religiously that vaccination is the best thing we’ve done. There is pushback because people make a fortune out of vaccination. Because people think vaccines are completely safe, because a lot of individuals in power have invested their careers and credibility, their life’s work, in sustaining public acceptance of vaccines and the perception of what they’re doing is virtually safe and for the greater good.

What is the science behind the vaccines?

I was in a congressional hearing, government oversight committee chaired by Dan Burton of Indiana back in 2000. Henry Waxman the ranking Democrat said we need to stop doing research into the cause of Autism and spending money on building homes to put these people in.

There is a case now in Federal Court of Krahling and Wlochowski versus Merck where two workers at the vaccine lab at Merck have blown the whistle on fraud taking place. The essence is the Mumps vaccine doesn’t work, not enough people get protection when given the shot and the protection they do get diminishes very quickly. Mumps is trivial in children, it’s not trivial in adults, in adolescent males who get testicular inflammation and possible sterility. What mumps vaccine does because it does not work is take a mild disease in children and turn it into a much more serious disease in young adults. In the face of vaccine failure where there have been outbreaks of mumps around the world in highly vaccinated populations who have received 2-3 doses of this vaccine. What has happened is the FDA has gone to Merck and said that either you prove that what you say on the insert that your vaccine is 95-96% efficacious, if you cannot prove that you’re going to loose your license. You will loose your license for mumps and MMR. That is a huge market so rather than prove the vaccine, Merck decided to fake the test, this is the allegation.

What they did was alter the assay that measures the potency of the vaccine to give them the result that they wanted by adding rabbit serum (blood) to give an artificial enhancement of the protective ability of the vaccine. It doesn’t tell you anything about how it protects children against mumps, it’s purely artifact, it’s illegal, it’s fraud. The problem is when you measure the potency of a vaccine, what you do is take blood from a child before they have been exposed, give them the vaccine, and six weeks later you take another blood sample. You aim to demonstrate that between the pre-sample and the post-sample they have developed antibodies that are protective against mumps. The problem with rabbit blood when you add it to both samples is it produces artifact in both, it makes it look like the pre-sample is immune to mumps. They have cheated on the assay, they’ve cheated on what they put in the assay, and now they still can’t get the result they want.

At that stage they decided to just change the numbers, cross out what they didn’t want and put new numbers in there that gave the results they wanted. Krahling said no I’m reporting you to the FDA, went to his boss, his bosses boss, up the line and they said this is a business decision. You’re going to get a big fat bonus at the end of it, and by the way you have signed a non-disclosure, a confidentiality agreement, you will go to prison if you breech that. He told the FDA anyway and the FDA called Merck and said we are coming to do a surprise raid on your lab next week, gave them the heads up and time to destroy evidence. The case is now in Federal Court under the Whistleblower Act. Merck stands to be fined billions of dollars for the fraud in the American Government and the American People for selling them a vaccine that does not work and Merck has said this is not a safety issue. This vaccine that does not work and makes the disease more dangerous in older people is a dangerous vaccine, so it is very much a safety issue. The Department of Justice has decided not to join in this case and it may be because the FDA is involved and there’s a conflict of interest, they would be prosecuting one of their own departments. The DOT has said they reserve the right to join this case.

We have clear evidence that people who you believe were acting in your interest and the interest of your family were putting them at risk in the interest of profit and the gatekeepers were aware of this, the FDA and CDC.

87% of parents now want more science on the safety of vaccines and don’t believe the CDC and Pharma. Over 50% of people now believe vaccines can do harm.

Gary Golman PhD
Former CDC Research Scientist
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I was employed in 1995 by the L.A. Department of Health Services for a project in cooperation with the CDC. We were to study the effects of the chicken pox vaccine on this antelope valley population, which had a population of roughly 300,000. We were one of three sites in the nation selected to conduct active surveillance to identify all schools, hospitals, and medical health care centers that would report cases of chicken pox. And we would actively obtain those each month. But, there were nurses that were saying that for the first time there were cases of children with shingles or herpes roster. Just before our grant renewed in 2000 we put in a proposal to monitor both chicken pox and shingles, we were already set up for this. Within a year I found an abnormally high incidence rate of shingles around children who were not vaccinated. Also reports among adults seemed to be increasing in the community.

I participated with the CDC in the publication of papers that showed the 80% decrease in chicken pox between 1995-2000. But there was no request for data for the shingles and it’s incidence rates. Shingles is a secondary disease once you’ve had the chicken pox, you can reactivate the same varicella zoster as shingles that’s normally on one side of the body and what is called a dermatome, a specific region. It’s a second manifestation after you’ve had chicken pox. Normally older adults get shingles many, many years after chicken pox. Adults continue to be boosted year by year by cases of chicken pox in the community. Once you’re boosted your body is reminded that you once had chicken pox and you build up an immunity again. When that immunity wanes such that you’re no longer having these outside exposures to children with chicken pox then you will break out in shingles.

The children who broke out in shingles and were not vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine are those that had natural chicken pox. As the vaccine became more widespread by year 2000 50% of children under ten had been vaccinated. The boosting from children in the community with natural chicken pox was severely decreased. Vaccinated children were also being reported with shingles but it was less than those who had the natural disease because the vaccine wasn’t attenuated, it was a vaccine form of the virus. They are not reactivating with the virus but a small number did come down with shingles. I was only encouraged to publish the research data that promoted the vaccine (by the CDC) when it came to the shingles rates. The CDC along with the Department of Health Services did not want me to investigate the shingles aspect because it was considered a negative effect of the vaccine and could influence the vaccination rates.

I kept an active study of the data coming in to try to explain why the shingles was increasing. I looked into other papers and found one dating back to 1965, Dr. Hope-Simpson had initially made a suggestion that the rates of shingles in the different age groups were due to the association of children with chicken pox. Adults who rarely have contact had very high rates of shingles, adults with children had low rates. This gave me the biological reason for the increase in shingles, the decline of outside natural boosting due to children being vaccinated. Shingles has a much greater morbidity and mortality rate than chicken pox and in health care terms the cost to treat chicken pox are at 25% of the cost of shingles 75% of the cost. Even if you eliminate the 25% cost by eliminating chicken pox now you have to deal with natural chicken pox who had it as children and they are now experiencing almost 100% increase in shingles.That far offsets any savings, medical cost savings for chicken pox. Out of all the costs associated with chicken pox and shingles you have offset the benefit you’ve tried to achieve. The chicken pox vaccine was advertised as a money saver because now parents didn’t have to loose any work days staying home with the children because of chicken pox, not any medical reason.

I was included in many CDC publications because I was encouraged and decided I would write some more on shingles studies and put together 3-4 more studies that I proposed. I was promised my local supervisors would read them and pass them on to the CDC so it would go through the process to get approved for publication. They just sat on a desk, there was going to be no publication of any shingles data because it wasn’t cooperating with the positive vaccine. After serving from 1995 until close to the end of 2002 I had to resign because I did not want to be part of research fraud. Actual studies that we had conducted we were studying the susceptibility of chicken pox within the community and we added questions that would also study shingles. What I had written on chicken pox was accepted word for word, the section on shingles was deleted with no explanation. I was even getting cases of people who had gotten shingles twice. After I resigned I submitted three of the papers and they were accepted in sequence in the Journal Vaccine, a European Journal that’s peer reviewed and listed on the National Library of Medicine.

When I had notified the CDC and Department of Health I was seeking to publish the studies on shingles and I would include them for credit. Only to get a letter from the L.A. County legal department to cease and desist publication in any medical journal. I called and asked what’s the basis of this letter and they claimed the data was considered proprietary to the L.A. County Department of Health. I said through the freedom of information act anybody can get access to this data, they said we don’t want it published. I got my own attorney and it was dropped. After a year the CDC agreed to let me publish, so it was basically a stall tactic to get out more vaccines. I know of other projects that were funded by the CDC with conflicts of interest such as an HIV study. If they didn’t cooperate they could loose millions in funding. With the chicken pox vaccine it has been reported to VERS many adverse effects including a death. It has actually changed the structure of how immunity is gained within the community of a country. It will take a long time to get back to the same protection naturally. The annual chicken pox from children served to boost the immunity of adults. Man only understands the fringes of these immune processes. It has been reported that people who get these fast growing brain tumors called gliomas, they are individuals that never had chicken pox. When you look at the outer structure of the virus chicken pox it’s believed it may have an epitope or an outer structure that’s similar to outer antigens so that you actually protect against other viruses that look or are similar to their antigens.

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