Vitamins and Correcting Deficiencies

My Notes from the Vitamin Summit

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan – Micronutrients and Mental Health

Trouble swallowing pills? Try turning your head a bit to the side. Doing this the upper esophageal stays open a few milliseconds longer and it also opens a few millimeters more making it easier to swallow. It still doesn’t help people who don’t want to. See this nine minute instructional video on how to do this for you or children that have trouble swallowing at
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One hundred years ago it was normal to treat psychiatric problems with nutrition, they knew it was caused by imperfect nutrition. Vitamins work better when you include micronutrients, they are essential for optimal function of enzymes and neurotransmitters. Mental illness is due to a deficiency in metabolizing of essential nutrients in the brain. For ADHD get rid of processed food and switch to whole foods, limit screen time, get exercise, add broad spectrum micronutrients. Medication should be a last resort for the developing brain.

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Dr. Alan Gaby – Nutrition in Place of Medicine

Considered a foremost authority on nutritional therapy you can read excerpts from his massive book originally written for health providers on the prevention and treatment of over four hundred health conditions that you can purchase on his page at He is also coming out with a book on vitamin-drug interactions.

At the very least everyone should be taking the basics of a good multivitamin and multimineral. Two percent of the people can be harmed by iron supplements and need to be tested. Vitamin C can harm people with kidney failure. All the nutrients together work better than a single nutrient. CoQ10 is important for energy, especially for the heart in reducing heart disease and death from heart failure and red yeast rice works like statins. Muscle pain and/or weakness is a CoQ10 deficiency.

Common causes of fatigue are eating too much sugar, having food allergies that they don’t know they have. You can try to identify them with an elimination diet. Check for low thyroid function, once those are ruled out the most beneficial for this is potassium magnesium aspartate. It goes right into the mitochondria of the cells for energy production. Studies from the fifties to sixties showed this worked 80% of the time.

With migraines watch out for sugar and caffeine, also food allergies. The most common trigger is wheat, 78% of people with migraines react to wheat. With a change in diet one good supplement is magnesium, helping 50% of the people in studies. Riboflavin, vitamin B2, helped in 50%, CoQ10 also, which all help in the production of energy. I have found for instant relief an injection of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C into the vein are 90% better in minutes. This also works for asthma attacks.

Rheumatoid Arthritis check for food allergies, take fish oil in large doses and borage oil for GLA which is also present in primrose oil. Zinc and copper also. For stroke prevention you want a good diet and exercise and folic acid. Skin Cancer take niacinamide, 500ml two times a day.

Caffeine is a major cause of Anxiety and insomnia, I prescribe magnesium 400ml a day. Clinical depression try tryptophan but don’t take it with an antidepressant. Vitamin B12 injections for depression, orally doesn’t work as well because you can’t get the levels high enough.

Schizophrenia is controlled with vitamin C and niacinamide, this was discovered in the fifties. Hepatitis C is cured with chelation therapy, I.V. vitamin C, two times a week for twelve weeks.

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Dr. Hyla Cass – Supplementing Mental Health

For alcohol cravings open a capsule of L-Glutathione and put the contents under your tongue and the craving goes away because it takes away the sugar craving. Niacin works also for alcohol and high dose for schizophrenics. Low fat/no fat diets are bad, the brain needs fat, it effects your mood and memory problems. Coming off any psych drugs must be done slowly and supplemented with vitamins at the same time. Niacin is good for depression.

It’s horrific that little children are being put on psych meds so young for ADHD and ADD. The brain isn’t fully developed until your twenty five, they do effect the brain negatively, in the short term they can stunt their growth they don’t grow as well. They suppress their appetite so they’re not eating as well and this is the time to be feeding the brain with nutrients. When they come to me and I look at their diet I take them off sugar with replacements like stevia or zylitol. Sometimes it’s a gluten or dairy sensitivity and I also put them on supplements, essential fatty acids, a multivitamin and my focus product, clean up the diet and add fish oil. Coming off medications start with adding supplements, under supervision, of fish oil, 5HTP, multivitamin, vitamin C, this is all specialized for each person.

Eat as clean as possible, the pesticide load in everyone is very bad and greatly effects the brain. Eat lot’s of vegetables, fruit, good fats like salmon, avocado, flax oil, fish oil. Avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine from coffee, drink organic coffee, exercise, meditate, go out in nature, dancing, and have a good attitude.

EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) are also causing brain problems in children.

I do lab work to find what each person needs. I have a free ebook – learn how to enhance you mood, energy and memory called Reclaim Your Brain on my web site at

Helen Saul Case – Children and Vitamins

Women and children do not get enough vitamins, especially during pregnancy. Infants can even get vitamin C in a dropper, liquid C 60ml a day. Infants still nursing that get sick can get vitamin C through the breast milk, mom can saturate herself for the baby. High dose vitamin C can take care of conjunctivitis, give enough to achieve saturation/bowel tolerance. You don’t stop, saturation just means your maximum allowance for twenty four hours, you get a loose bowel movement. With the occasional treat (cheat) a small amount of niacin prevents kids from flipping out from the chemicals. With my children I personally give my children 500ml of vitamin C with every meal.

Find more information on Helen Saul Case and her books at

Dr. Andrew Saul – Vitamin C

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, should be taken everyday by everyone. Four 1,000ml a day at breakfast, lunch, diner, evening, for maintenance. When sick take until bowel tolerance, when you start to get a loose stool. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and antitoxin for allergies. Dealing with chronic colds, infections, ear infections in children, nose bleeds, gum problems, receding gums, you need more vitamin C. One thousand milligrams of C a day per year of a child leveling off at ten. Adults, the amount of C that keeps you symptom free is the right amount for you. Dividing the dose influences the effectiveness of that dose. If you rake 5-10,000ml in one dose you will probably get a loose bowel right away. You maximize results by dividing the dose. With the first sneeze take 2,000ml every 10 minutes. Personally I take 18,000ml a day like Linus Pauling did.

You don’t get kidney stones from vitamin C it actually dissolves kidney stones. Kidney stones were treated with vitamin C in the 1940-50s, vitamin C deficiency causes kidney stones.

If you are sensitive to acid, can’t eat an orange or drink a soda, don’t take ascorbic acid. You can take a PH neutral form like calcium ascorbate and sodium ascorbate is better and completely non-acidic. A weak acid is rarely a problem in the presence of a strong acid like your stomach acid. Stomach digestive problems are usually because of too little acid and without strong acid you can’t activate pepsin. Pepsin is an enzyme complex that helps digest protein, without pepsin you can get indigestion. Another thing you can do if sensitive is to take it with lots of liquid, or lots of food, or a calcium/magnesium supplement to buffer it. You take the amount your body responds to, if you still have symptoms you took too little.

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James Chestnut DC, B.ED, M.SC, CCWP – Vitamin D and the Flu

We know that the level of vitamin D you have in your blood is a hugely significant variable for whether or not you are going to get the flu. Why? The question to ask is why does the flu only come around in the winter. The reason the flu is seasonal is not because there’s not viruses around all the time it’s because that’s when we have the least amount of exposure to sunlight, meaning we convert the least amount of vitamin D. Why is vitamin D important? Well, there are receptors on your immune cells that actually require the attachment of vitamin D to produce what are called AMP’s, anti-microbial proteins. These AMP’s of your innate immune system they are antivirals, they kill the flu virus. The most amazing thing of all to me that’s overlooked is we don’t fight the flu with our humeral or antibody system. Why, because like the cold virus the flu virus is different every year so developing antibodies this year is not going to protect us next year. So antibodies are not the most logical biological defense against a virus that mutates and changes every year. What’s the most logical defense, it’s to have a primed and ready cellular or innate immune response so that when you get exposed to this virus it can go release these antimicrobial peptides and kill the virus. The British have been arguing this for years saying it’s not an antibody issue.

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Dr. Derrick DeSilva – My Top 3 Nutrients

Digestive issues in this country are a huge problem, there is a correlation between gut health and heart health. Calcium acid blockers block the absorption of both calcium and magnesium and both are critical for your heart, they must be supplemented. My top three nutrients are probiotics, vitamin D because it kills cancer cells and prevents the growth of the blood vessels that feeds the cancer. And Omega 3s because 60% of our brain is fat and our entire nervous system is covered in fat, important also for hormone production. Probiotics have been proven in a study to help prevent colds and flu in children. 85% of GI’s that have committed suicide were found to be deficient in Omega 3s. PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) plus CoQ10, PQQ rebuilds, regenerates cells. A blood sample can tell you how you are metabolizing nutrients, nutragenomics. You can’t overdose on Omega 3s. Vitamin K2 is the treatment of choice for osteoporosis or thinning of the bone in Japan. Vitamins A, D, and K2 are a good combo for bones.

web page Dr. DeSilva has a radio show called “Ask the Doctor”

Dr. David Brownstein Board Certified Family Physician
Deficiencies and Cancer

You have arthritis because you’re not eating correctly, dehydrated and have nutrient deficiencies. Most problems with the elderly are deficiencies. Iodine’s main job is to maintain the architecture of the glandular tissue, the thyroid, ovaries, uterus, breast, prostrate, and pancreas. In an iodine deficiency state the first thing that happens is you start to get cysts in these tissues. If it goes on longer these cysts become nodules, longer they become hyper-plastic and longer yet cancer in these tissues. We have now an epidemic of cancer of the thyroid, one in seven women cancer of the breast and prostrate cancer is one in three men. They all have iodine deficiency in common. Iodine is part of the halide family that includes bromide, fluoride and chloride. Each of these halides can compete with one another and inhibit one another’s absorption in the body. Too much of the others can kick iodine out and our exposure to the others has gone way up and exposure to iodine has gone way down. It’s made an iodine deficiency worse and made a toxicity problem worse, research and studies are proving this. For most the recommended daily allowance for vitamins is too low.

People on drug therapy that doesn’t work, don’t loose hope, find a doctor that can do nutritional therapy. We need to support our biochemistry we don’t need to block it and poison it. When those nutritional deficiencies are corrected the human body can do wonderful things. Supporting the biochemistry is supplying it with the nutrients it needs. Drugs poison the enzymes and block the receptors because drug companies can’t patent natural substances, this disrupts the normal biochemistry. When you do this it sets the stage for pathology to occur. We should be supporting the biochemistry and blocking and poisoning.

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