Essential Oils and the Bible

My Notes from the Essential Oils Revolution

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An Interview with Jordan S. Rubin NMD, Phd

Biblically-Based Essential Oil Uses

I am a tremendous fan of essential oils and really believe that they can have a great benefit both topically and orally when consumed and really become a big part of your life. I believe these oils and the botanicals they come from are more valuable than gold and silver and frankly since biblical times they have been considered that.

I was dealing with severe Chron’s colitis and I overcame after visiting seventy medical experts by finding a biblical way of eating and really thinking and living. During that time I was unknowingly creating the foundations of what would later become the Makers Diet, when writing the Maker’s Diet there was inescapable evidence that the Bible discusses the power of essential oils. I remember back in the day putting together some really neat essential oil blends that were wonderful to be used topically. They certainly smelled great, they could be diffused into the air, they were great for wounds and it started my excitement toward oils. There was another time in my life that I don’t talk about much that I had another major health crisis, I don’t want to get into too many of the details but there was a point that I had an essential oil massage every single day for forty days. I did many other things, major detox program, but not only did I have essential oil massages everyday I diffused certain essential oils everyday and night and I consumed oils.

Later I would formulate a very popular beverage called Suero Viv which combines cultured whey from my farm and organic essential oils such as lemon, orange and cinnamon. Since then being a huge fan of herbal medicine, herbal therapy, I believe essential oils have a great place. I can tell you as the father of six children there’s just not a day that I’m not using essential oils, not a day that I’m using homeopathics and herbal medicine, it’s so much of a blessing to have this. Case in point yesterday one of my sons came up with a nasty case of poison oak. I had several things that I did one of which was put a blend of essential oils in a bath that also included Epsom salt, a special kind of sea salt, baking soda then clay. On the way out more essential oils, there’s not a day that goes by without using oils topically or even orally.

If you look in scripture your going to find references of oils very often in the old testament. Certainly some of these oils were grown in the middle east but others were traded. This was a major hub for trading in the middle east and the land that became Israel. If you look from early days when God set up the tabernacle for Moses and later the Temple not only was incense constantly burning, but they had a special oil blend for anointing the tabernacle and they had one for anointing the priest. They would recommend using hyssop, I don’t know if it was the oil but it was certainly the components of hyssop to cleanse various people at certain times. Also to cleanse a home that had mold, or what we would call mold today they called it mildew, or at least that’s the translation in the Bible. I think that oils played a big role throughout that time. Certainly we look to the new testament and we know there were Magi, or wise men, that they did bring gold, frankincense and myrrh which became very popular and are wonderful oils in their own right. Of coarse we know that Jesus was anointed by Mary with an alabaster jar of nard, which was probably spikenard, so we know that they’re valuable. Judas said to Jesus why would you allow her to waste this that could have been a years worth of wages. So an alabaster jar maybe it’s a liter, maybe it’s a pint, worth a years worth of wages, this is something that is very valuable.

If you look now I found some great research the other day about frankincense and some clinical studies, at least in vitro, on various tumor regression. Certainly it’s an amazing topical botanical. Frankincense comes from the boswellia family, we know taken orally certain species of the boswellia resin are good for joint pain and a natural cox-2 and 5-lox inhibitor, so that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Lavender especially for burns, the list goes on and on. Citrus oils are great for cleaning and it’s good to use not only in cosmetics but also in cooking. One thing that I did the other day, I use this really good deodorant that I ran out of and said I’m going to make some myself. I used baking soda, coconut oil and lavender and instead of having health store deodorant that contributes some level of toxicity or chemicals, you’ve got something that can do the job. But also something that you want to go into your lymphatic system not something that your afraid of getting in there.

You think about all of these that are mentioned in the Bible and having value and being used for these different instances that we know that all of these oils are anti-microbial. We know that when you combine them with a carrier or when you just use them on their own their just amazing. Another application I use essential oils to brush my teeth, and a coconut oil with rosemary as an after shampooing leave in conditioner hair treatment. There are some studies that rosemary essential oil helps stimulate healthy hair growth and even maybe keep some greys at bay. We can’t determine how much the items you put on your skin can effect you. I know that when we looked into skin and body care and began to create an essential oil line I was horrified to see how negligent the regulators were in the United States in allowing something like a thousand chemicals that are banned in other countries for use in skin and body care.

I had once made a joke that our skin was so absorbable, especially in children, that I am going to make a children’s multi vitamin in the form of a shampoo. It was a joke but I actually got requests for it later that’s how absorbent our skin is. Look at medicine, transdermal creams, transdermal patches, what you put on your skin does get into your body. Unfortunately you could be wounded by these products if you put on these typical body care products. Who would have thought that the beautiful word fragrance could mean harmful chemicals, who would have thought that the word perfume could be dangerous. Not to mention if you look at a popular baby shampoo you can’t pronounce a single word. If you see an ingredient of something your going to eat or put on your body and it has letters and numbers in the same word don’t use it because there is nothing natural about that.

I just read an article that I think really speaks to just some things we do as Americans today in the name of health, it may be less healthy, but it was about the over showering of Americans. Some of us who work in crowded spaces that may be a little warm with suits on, maybe people don’t think we shower enough here in America but we shower more than most countries. What we do by showering with water that’s chlorinated were utilizing body care products that are imbalanced and unhealthy, were washing away valuable oils from our skin that must be replaced. Not that soaking in a bath isn’t also washing things away but if you soak in a bath, even if your water is chlorinated and not purified, you can let the water sit and chlorine which is a gas will dissipate. And absolutely if you have essential oils use them in every bath your in it’s just an amazing opportunity to inhale and get some skin interaction with that. I wouldn’t bother taking a bath unless I had essential oils to put in it, there are so many oils to sooth you and ease your mind. Even something as simple as lemon and lavender you don’t have to get eclectic with your oil mix. A couple of mainstays can make a huge difference in your life and lavender is probably the oil of a million uses including first aid. There are so many good ones and then after your bath you could put a carrier oil, maybe it’s an almond oil, coconut oil or avocado oil, and have some essential oils mixed in and obviously you have to be aware of certain areas but they’re really great. Another oil I’ve used often is oil of oregano, now you have to dilute this and put it in a carrier at times but if you’ve got a wart or some type of skin issue that’s not in a sensitive area oil of oregano can really do the trick. It has worked on cysts and of course internally consuming oregano oil, thyme oil, they are very wonderful antimicrobials.

If I could only have two essential oils lavender would be one mainly because if I’m stranded on a deserted island I know if I cut, scraped or burned myself and lavender is good for these. Especially sun burns I would put coconut oil on first if it’s a mild burn, and then mix it with lavender oil. Also if I would be afraid of the animals and lavender would sooth me. The second one I would say would be an oregano or a thyme because you want something that can really get rid of gut junk that would come in. I think it’s really good with potentially eating things that are not extremely sanitary, drinking etc., to have one of the anti-infective oils, so lavender for the external side and oregano for the internal side.

I really like peppermint oil to consume if you have excess gas and bloating, if you want to put that in a capsule you can do that. I really like adding oils to water I think it makes it taste amazing, you have to be careful oil and water don’t mix. You don’t want to have three drops of something spicy like oregano go directly into your mouth but peppermint is good for that. I like ginger oil, cinnamon oil is awesome. Some of these oils if you have inflammatory bowel disease you want to be careful, but cinnamon oil is great if you feel you have a yeast overgrowth. I mentioned oregano oil as well but for it’s carminative properties. Oil of peppermint or spearmint is really useful for minor gut issues if your dealing with lot’s of inflammation. I really think frankincense is wonderful topically and orally, make sure your getting an oil that’s pure and of high grade before your going to consume it. I think ginger is good and if you could get turmeric oil that’s really amazing. I think anybody can benefit from citrus oils in water just as a lymphatic aid or cleanser, I think all of those are really good. I think the first digestive oil I would go with is peppermint, if your dealing with an overgrowth of some type of organism I think oregano and cinnamon are really great as well.

I absolutely would like to know the process by which the women, who were going to appear before King Xerxes, to essentially become his wife after he kicked out Queen Vashti. They went through a protocol that was six months and some people believe even longer of lotions and oils, six months of beauty treatments. I’m sure if we found out what that was we would be screaming from the roof tops. There are other references that seem minor but when you read about various types of fasting it will say do not put any lotions on. Or when David’s son with his affair with Bathsheba, he was sick and seemingly going to die and David talked about not putting on any oil s and lotions. There is no doubt in my mind that these lotions were loaded with essential oils and they were used consistently. When you read about times of fasting and they say do not put on lotions or when in morning they say I did not put on lotions.

When people who could afford it they would put on these lotions, and perhaps in a day that was much less sanitary than today they made a big difference in peoples overall health. It’s an amazing reference that Jesus Himself when He was anointed with the alabaster jar of what could have been spikenard, He said as long as this Gospel story is told what this woman has done for me will be mentioned throughout history. We also know in the burial of various people, in fact we know Joseph of Arimathea had the opportunity to take the body of Jesus and along with Nicodemus, who was part of the council, they were able to what we call embalm Jesus. But they would use pounds of Aloe or sandalwood and pounds of spices that was done to prepare the body for burial. It speaks of it’s preservation but also the high value you place on it because if you really cared about somebody you were willing to spend what was very expensive to you. Even in the tithe when Jesus speaks of the woe’s he talks about tithing with dill and cumin, tithes and offerings also came in the form of oils and aeromatic plants.

There are references all throughout the Bible, granted your not going to read put this oil on that body part, much like you don’t get prescriptive eating recommendations. You know that oils and botanicals were a part of biblical daily life, we see that in extra biblical writings and throughout history. I feel they have obviously made a real resurgence in the last twenty years and have become a viable healing system that can go along with Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese medicine, homeopathy etc.

With kids the boo-boos are the biggest thing and having an oil blend around for cuts and scrapes, I can’t tell you how often they come up to me with this. As I mentioned things like cysts and boils, their great for acne. When I was first on the ranch in Missouri and dealing with a lot of sick people, I developed this little essential oil system called BHW, it’s by His wounds. What I did is I would have the kids lay down and I would start with a carrier oil and I would use fourteen different oils, and I would anoint the kids in the areas that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. I would literally do the feet, the wrists the forehead. And I would do thirty nine stokes on the back to emulate the thirty nine lashes on the back. It was so awesome that I wish I had done this with my kids, they would be lining up. Not only are  you anointing them and blessing them but the power of touch is very important, that’s probably my greatest experience with essential oils. We know that the wrists and the feet are very good delivery points for the essential oils. The laying on of hands and anointing with oil will heal the sick it says in James, they did that constantly. There are so many ways to use oils in your life, your diet, your cooking, your desserts, certainly food is your best medicine but I incorporate all of them. If a person is very ill or skeptical about oils a good way to start is by putting oils on your feet or in the bath.

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