Experimental Vaccines, the Law and the Military

Vaccines Revealed Summit 2017

These are my notes from interviews in this summit, for more information please visit the speakers web sites.

Mary Holland Esq. Lawyer and Professor NYU Law
Co-Author of Vaccine Epidemic

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My research is vaccine law and policy. Considering vaccines are a global issue involving almost every child on the planet I was surprised to find how little law and policy there was on it. I’ve also looked at the vaccine injury compensation program, specifically on the issues of Autism as a vaccine injury. I’ve also looked at the underlying rational of achieving herd immunity. Also on the Federal Law, the laws that create the architecture for our policies in this country, The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It’s much more complicated than pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, it’s a very complicated issue. Safe and effective one size fits all is not supported by evidence, and the law certainly doesn’t suggest that. Legally vaccines are considered unavoidably unsafe like all prescription drugs, they have real risk.

The anti-vaccine label has been driven by the pharmaceutical industry that profits from mandates of vaccines, driven by the government, federal and state. Who have enacted laws to make these mandatory interventions and it’s promoted by the medical establishment who also benefits financially. We also have the media and the pharmaceutical companies are major advertising, add to that we have the non-profit sector. Because the science on vaccine safety and vaccine injury is very poor, the science really hasn’t been done. So proving that a child’s seizures, that literally occurred within minutes of a vaccine, and proving that was because of the vaccine is much easier said than done, you have to be able to prove causation. In my opinion we would do well to have Congress repeal the 1986 Act. Vaccines are now a 30 Billion dollar industry, it’s extremely profitable with the margins higher than in other areas of pharma. 70 doses of 16 vaccines for children under 18, that’s unprecedented, there is no science showing that’s safe. There is no science of any study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated with that schedule, that’s irresponsible. It’s common to have Federal Advisory Committee members to have conflict of interest where most have been compensated by the pharmaceutical industry, including employees of the CDC. I do not call it the vaccine court, it was never set up as a court, it was set up as a compensation program to be administrative.

I believe that the hallmark of modern medicine is informed consent. If we learned anything from WW2 is that you can’t impose medical treatments on people without their informed consent. That was the lesson of Nuremberg, and it was expanded from just scientific experimentation to prior free informed consent for all medical intervention including preventative intervention, that’s the global gold standard. That’s what all countries agreed to in the Declaration of Human Rights and Bioethics, and that’s what we should have. There is no question that the government knows vaccines cause Autism, there are hundreds of cases they paid compensation to but they label it as vaccines cause brain damage.

Vaccine Syndrome – The Military

During the summit they played the recently released documentary Vaccine Syndrome. These are my notes from many speakers and testimonials in that documentary. There is a video on you tube on the same subject titled Direct Order. This is not the first time a documentary has been done about vaccine harm to the military, the first one had years of Congressional hearings on this matter. That first one is titled Beyond Treason.

A 2008 government report states that over 35,000 American soldiers have died due to adverse effects from the anthrax vaccine. To date 6,753 have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, government report 2014. They still give out the anthrax vaccine claiming it is safe, FDA approved, and no one is getting ill from it. 30% of the military have reported some kind of chronic illness they claim are due to the anthrax vaccine. These symptoms have become known to be called Gulf War Syndrome. Memory lapses, severe problems eating food, it’s heartbreaking listening to the testimonies of these soldiers that have been damaged.

They had lied when first given in 1998, it was not FDA approved. And neither was the protocol of a series of six shots over an 18 month period with an annual booster shot. Within six weeks soldiers were reporting adverse reactions and refusing additional dosages. The lab producing it was cited for almost one hundred violations including sub-standard record keeping. Soldiers who refused the shot were subject to disciplinary actions. It was concocted with up to one hundred times the antigen levels of the original vaccine. It had been combined with irritants such as squalene and other pathogens because it did not result in the satisfactory immune response to anthrax.

Israel gave 26 million dollars to oversee a joint anthrax program, code name Omare 2. Dr. Bruce Ivins who ran the project was awarded the DOD’s highest civilian honor in 2003 for his work with anthrax. In 1998, the same year the U.S. program started, Dr. Ivins knew that the anthrax program had seriously injured 1,500 Israeli soldiers. February 2014 ninety six Israeli soldiers were awarded 6 million dollars for damage caused in 1998 from the American anthrax vaccine, friendly fire through a needle.

Symptoms: blackouts, chronic fatigue, cysts on the scalp, legions on the brain, heart and lungs, inability to concentrate, respiratory problems, skin rashes, vertigo, autoimmune disorders, chronic headaches, thyroid cancer, paralyses of the stomach, allergies, liver damage, Tourette syndrome, and more.

The vaccine compensation program is not available to military personnel.

They began giving the anthrax vaccine along with the flu shots so it was impossible to determine if the damage was done by the anthrax vaccine. Medical personnel were ordered to not record lots, dosages, who got them, what the reactions were or when they got them. Any refusal to take the shot resulted in dishonorable discharge, fines, and prison. Mandatory anthrax vaccines are to continue.

One out of three returning vets, including those that had not seen combat, require treatment for depression and post traumatic stress syndrome.

For over 3,000 years rulers have used germ warfare. Bubonic plague in the fourteenth century was one of them claiming the lives of 25 million people. This warfare is incontrollable. 1876 was the year anthrax was developed and used by Germany during WW1 from 1915-1918, which prompted the Geneva Protocol in 1925 to ban the use of bacterial and biological warfare. It did not prevent development in the U.S., Great Britain, and other countries. During and after WW2 developed anthrax weapons. Human experimentation inevitably comes out of that because people don’t matter to the military. Many thousands of Viet Nam Vets were harmed with agent orange. Japan went so far as to hand out anthrax laced chocolate to thousands of starving children. Experiments at this time are performed in over one hundred locations in America and continue to this day.

President Clinton’s executive order #13139 created a mandatory anthrax vaccine program making it illegal for military personnel to refuse experimental vaccines or drugs. Neither Presidents Bush or Obama have repealed that order. President Carter gave weaponized anthrax to Saddam Hussein, Obama expanded the anthrax vaccine program. Over one million U.S. soldiers suffer from Gulf War illness due to the anthrax vaccine. The first Gulf War was the most toxic from oil and gas fumes from the oil and gas fires. Sarin gas released when allied troops blew up Iraqi munitions sites, fine radioactive particle dust from spent uranium weapons, pesticides and repellants used against insects and flies, experimental drugs intended to protect against nerve agents, and the anthrax vaccine. The children of these military are born horribly deformed.

Government documents show the anthrax vaccine has never passed FDA inspection but was still approved. The company manufacturing it was not licensed and did not list what it was putting in the vaccine. It has NO effect after 14 million dollars on weaponized inhalation of anthrax. The materials to produce weaponized anthrax was approved by Admiral Crowe to Saddam Hussein and had served under Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. In 2012 Obama increased the anthrax allowance by 100 million dollars. In 2012 Obama allocated 1.2 Billion dollars for trial of the anthrax vaccine on two year old children and the elderly.

Russia has invented an anthrax strain that is immune to ANY vaccine on earth because of America.

The cover up is bigger than the mistake.

Here is a video with more information on this subject of vaccines and the military, biological warfare, the legal experimentation on the general public without knowledge or conformed consent, and autism.
You tube titled – Biological Warfare Experiments on the American People


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