The Truth about Autoimmune Diseases

Mastering Diabetes Summit 2017

These are my notes from this summit, for more information from this speaker please visit his web page. I have been following Anthony William for a long time and recommend his books. People come to him from all over the world who can’t seem to get correct diagnoses including Doctors for help with difficult diagnoses for their patients.

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The Surprising Truth about Autoimmune Diseases

There is something that I call the great mistakes that hinder people for generations before us and hindering our children and their children after us. One of the greatest is the autoimmune label and confusion. What’s going on with autoimmune and how it leaped into Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and other’s as well. When someone is told they have autoimmune disease they are told their body is attacking itself, and the real reason we are told that is because no one knows what’s causing these autoimmune diseases. Someone might say there are these antibodies and they are destroying your pancreas, your thyroid. That’s not true, it’s not accurate at all. The antibodies are indications of the body going after something else not the organ.

With Diabetes they are not going after the pancreas, they are not going after the insulin, that’s not happening. What we have so far it’s like we smell smoke, but we don’t know where the fire is or what’s causing it. We see these antibodies but we really don’t know what they are doing. Since science and medical research don’t know they blame the person, it’s your fault. This is set up purposely so science and research doesn’t take the hit where they’re just not there yet on any level. This is one of the greatest mistakes of all time and what does it do, it stops you from healing. The minute you think your pancreas is under attack by your own body you stop healing, that’s how it works. If we are ever going to move forward we have to understand what autoimmune really is and what is happening. We are stuck if we think these antibodies are produced by our body, our immune systems, to destroy or go after something literally to attack something in our body that’s our organ or gland.

Here is what’s happening, these autoantibodies are produced to attack something that is already attacking the pancreas. These antibodies are going after pathogens that are inflaming or attacking various parts of the pancreas. Or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the Epstein Barr Virus, that’s what goes after the thyroid. Science does not know this yet and needs to get out there to help people. Just like the Epstein Barr Virus is attacking the thyroid other pathogens, other viruses, and bacteria to some degree attack the pancreas and this is what Type 1 Diabetes is. That’s the whole point with LADA is when it comes out later, slowly where it’s coming out as an autoimmune as you get older. That’s because a pathogen has been sitting inside the pancreas, working on the pancreas, that’s not identified and has been developing. I’ve seen a lot of things that hit the pancreas hard, I have seen a lot of cases of food poisoning that really sets off Type 1, that’s a big deal right there on it’s own. Food poisoning, toxins and pathogens that are in food. When someone is vomiting for two straight days, or they have diarrhea and vomiting, you can get the pancreatitis. You can get an onset of Type 1 after food poisoning. I have seen it happen hundreds of times in the four years that I have been involved in the health field. That’s one way of it occurring, and other ways is pathogens all on it’s own like HHV6, human herpes virus 6. All the undiscovered viruses, HHV7, HHV10, 11, 12, all the different mutations. Certain Epstein Barr’s, these are responsible for Type 1 Diabetes, it’s completely being ignored. Right now it’s just about doing some antibody tests, the GAD, the IE2, ICA, it’s not enough.

Until science gets past the idea about the body attacking itself and says, wait a minute these antibodies are going after pathogens that is inside the pancreas, and that’s what’s causing the damage to the pancreas. There are certain strains of streptococcus that can get into the pancreas too, sit in there, still cause problems. And still create a reason for antibodies to have to be developed in order for it to go in and attack the pathogen streptococcus, but mostly it’s the viral components. It’s different parts of the pancreas, different corners of it, science isn’t even at that point yet. Knowing one persons Type 1 is completely different from another one’s Type 1. In fact so many people’s Type 1 is so different, and this isn’t even on the radar on any level of research. Everybody almost has a different Type 1 because the pathogen is in a different place, different area of the pancreas, doing different things, that’s how far off we are. Even though we have great scientists and great researchers that’s just how far away we are and if I don’t bring that light, well, the information just needs to get out there.

Question: is it possible for people with Type 1 Diabetes to regenerate beta cell mass after this initial assault from either a viral or bacteria infection has occurred.

It is, it’s just that no one with Type 1 does all the great things. People live a conventional life, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I mean is they’re still doing what the have to do, still eating what they eat close to whatever they ate before, maybe a little bit better. They are monitoring their insulin and all but if they’re not going as far as they can, or having the understanding of all the information that is out there. All the different opinions and insights, they don’t have all the tools. If someone has all these tools like from all the doctors in this presentation, and gathers them up and uses them, yes they can regenerate pancreas tissue, absolutely.

You don’t want the virus to continue damaging, so everything you do is bringing you to a point where you’re trying to shut down that process to begin with. Healing and regenerating tissue and new pancreas growth revolves around new cells, that’s one thing, and that can come over time. Some people they get pathogens inside their pancreas and do some damage in there, and the idea is to keep it steady so it’s not worsening, you want to stop that pathogen damage. You want to lower the need for these antibodies to go after the pathogen, you want to get that pathogen to lower, you want the severity and strength down. If you think the body is attacking itself healing is not going to be that easy, once you clear that thought up you have a chance to heal. You need to know your body is not doing this on purpose, that it’s not working against you, it’s fighting for you. That has to be there, if it’s not there we don’t have the foundation to get better. Before you do antivirals and Vitamin C, and try to lower your viral and pathogen load so you can regenerate new tissue, you have to know your body’s not destroying itself.

Next you have to lower the fats in your diet, whether it’s animal or plant fat’s. It’s about the insulin resistance, you lower the fats and your in a better place. Everybody is afraid of sugar, they’re afraid of natural sugars. You can go as low as no fats, after you bring the fats down the one thing you need is the antioxidants. It’s the number one thing to stop oxidation of damaged tissue. When you have pathogen injuring cells and tissue in the pancreas causing Type 1 you have to have antioxidants of different varieties, and different strengths, and levels repairing the oxidative damage. That has to be in the diet. The wild blueberries, the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Rose hips have a group of antioxidants in them, rose hip tea. All the different berries, raspberries, all these berries and tea, you have to have every single day. You can get them in herbs and greens too. Mineral salts are good for bringing back the pancreas that come from spinach, the stems of spinach, celery, celery juice, a lot of celery in the diet. All these mineral salts and antioxidants stop the oxidative damage from pathogens hindering the pancreas. I’d rather know that I actually had a pathogen that I could go after myself, battle, defend myself from, than thinking my own body is destroying itself. Then there are foods that are antivirals.

Each person is different for how long this might take, everyone has different pathogens, different parts of the pancreas damaged. Different stress levels in their life, some people can do it fast, some may not get 100% in their lifetime. They may not get 100% regeneration, but they can get to the point where they can shut down the pathogen so that they are not getting worse.

With Type 2 the liver is everything, it’s a liver disease not a pancreas disease. Why do you think Type 2 gets better, because it’s not a pancreas disease. Type 2 gets better the minute you clean up the liver, get your diet better, and give your liver a break and all of a sudden Type 2 goes away. Especially pre-diabetes which is pre-type 2, all pre-diabetes just disappears the minute you start eating better. Even eating better in a bad way, eliminating all sugars and natural sugars and going ketosis. Ketogenic, you’re just eating animal protein and vegetables and your pre-diabetes is going away because you’re keeping the chocolate cake away. Even that way, which isn’t the good way, your pre-diabetes starts going away because you’re giving your liver a break. But, that’s not the way to really clean up diabetes.

It’s all about glucose storage in the liver, the liver is a container of glucose and glycogen, it’s there to protect your pancreas. When your blood sugar drops and you don’t eat for four or five hours, they’re running around and their stressed. Their adrenalin is pumping and running through the blood, they’re drinking coffee and stimulants. What happens is glucose in your liver gets released constantly, it chronically gets released into your bloodstream. It protects your pancreas, it stops your pancreas from wearing down. This diminishes in everybody, they get liver deficient, glucose deficient, glycogen deficient in the liver. What happens is the liver can’t protect the pancreas anymore causing the pancreas to be under more pressure, more stress, and finally starts to break down a little bit. Once you fix the liver Type 2 goes away, the pancreas regenerates. That’s not a pathogen that’s gone after the pancreas it’s something that’s gone wrong with the liver. It’s also getting infected by pathogens, people with hepatitis they all get Type 2, whether it’s Hep C, Hep B, Hepatic liver or autoimmune liver, most of them do. You can have a pathogen or an Epstein Barr weakening the liver, you can have a fatty liver developing because you have sluggish liver because of a pathogen. You could have heavy metals or pesticides in the liver, and when the liver starts breaking down your heading to pre-diabetes and Type 2 so clean up the liver.

There are more people without Type 2 diabetes that have neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy, whether it’s in the hands or legs, 80% more people have it that don’t have Diabetes. It just so happens that some people with diabetes have something else wrong with them too. That neuropathy is caused by the shingles virus and you don’t need the rash, the herpes zoster virus, in order to have shingles. There is over 30 varieties of shingles some of them don’t rash, some do. People with or without diabetes have late stage shingles which causes neuropathy in all different parts of their body, their feet, hands, legs, arms, lower backs, thighs.

For Diabetics with adrenal fatigue, a lot of times it happens adrenalin is a fuel for pathogens that cause Type 1, and liver problems for Type 2 Diabetes. What happens if we’re under a tremendous amount of stress with adrenals, whether it’s early on in our life or when adrenals are pumping, flooding our body. It could be pushing forward a pathogen’s growth, whether it’s in the pancreas or it’s in the liver. Prolonged stress with the adrenals pumping does damage, in where both our liver and our pancreas it doesn’t support us getting better, it can be a part of the problems of it all. Most people with Diabetes that have adrenal fatigue have fatigue that’s coming from the pathogen itself, it’s coming from being neurologically fatigued a little bit. It’s not just the  adrenals, it could be 25% adrenal fatigue, 50% neurological fatigue. Basically that means you’re feeling sick because you have pathogens in the body. There is a big confusion about adrenal fatigue all on it’s own, just because someone is tired, can’t function good, and their legs feel heavy, doesn’t mean it’s adrenal fatigue. It doesn’t mean that if they have gone to the doctor had a test on the adrenals that that’s quite accurate either. They could have fatigue because their not feeling good and because they have Epstein Barr, they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome slightly underlying everything. It’s all part of the package, yes, you could have someone who has adrenal fatigue and they’re a little tired everyday, they run low in the middle of the day, they’re up at night. A lot of times for people with Diabetes they are experiencing some Chronic Fatigue which is more than just Adrenal Fatigue.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is Epstein Barr. We are no where closer in science to knowing what Hashimoto’s is today than we were in the early 1900’s when Dr. Hashimoto felt somebody’s thyroid and said it’s swollen and named it. The truth is it’s Epstein Barr, until we get comfortable with that, then we’re finally there. I explain this in my first book, what the virus does and how it enters the thyroid. And years later how someone can get Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, or when they could get it even younger, that’s a viral issue. If someone is already experiencing Type 2 Diabetes, or Type 1 and they have Hashimoto’s too or Hypothyroidism, yes they’re viral. Chances are the same virus is causing their Type 1 or Type 2 in the liver, so there is a correlation.

I am doing a book now that you will see later this year about the thyroid tests, I call them guess tests. Because it’s really hard to pinpoint what your thyroid hormones are really doing. Those tests are not definitive at all, including the autoantibody tests with Hashimoto’s, none of it’s definitive. Epstein Barr is causing problems and it doesn’t have to show up on the test. In the new book I talk about the tests and how to safeguard everyway possible and what works. I go into explicit detail of every aspect of the thyroid, including the two hormones that were never discovered yet by science, and that will give the full range of what the thyroid is about. In 5-10 years doctors will be talking about Epstein Barr and Hashimoto’s, it will become common knowledge. Anyone reading this now you can go to your doctor and you could do anti-Epstein Barr protocols, you could go to your natural practitioner and ask what you could do for Epstein Barr, because you have the thyroid problem and you could get help now.

With leaky gut, if someone’s gut was leaking they would be in the hospital with a 104=105 temperature in critical care. That’s if someone’s gut was actually perforated. That there was actual access from the inside of the colon or small intestinal tract to the outside of the body. You would have a temperature, vomiting, cramping, you’d be in ICU. If you weren’t in ICU you would be hooked up to an IV waiting for the perforation to heal. When someone has diverticulosis, or diverticulitis, and it breaks through to the other side to the colon, it’s a serious infection. You’re doubled down, you’re sick, in the hospital on five different antibiotics, it’s pretty bad and they’re looking at surgery. It’s not leaky gut syndrome people really have, this was a mistake made by alternative medicine a long time ago. It’s not that it isn’t helpful it’s just good to know what’s really going on. What’s happening, what’s really going on is something called ammonia permeability. It’s ammonia leaking through, ammonia is transparent it could leak through bones. It could leak through not only the wall of the intestinal tract, it could leak through any organ. Come right out of your mouth, right through your skin, right through every bone in your body, right through your spine, right through your brain. What it is it’s rotting food in your gut, rotting proteins in your gut, that are outgassing because you have no hydrochloric acid anymore or very low hydrochloric acid. It’s a continuation of food that’s rotting in the gut and ammonia gasses being leached out, outgassed and bleeding through, it’s like a ghost. It’s toxic and can make you feel sick and can cause some trouble, the foods not breaking down, the semi-coli’s, streptococcus, a little bit of c-dif maybe, some staff inside the gut, all feeding off the proteins in the gut. What I like to do for this is celery and drinking celery juice everyday, 16 ounces, you could actually get rid of it building your hydrochloric up to break down and digest food better. The hydrochloric acid pill that doctors prescribe is not the way to go because it doesn’t have the unique seven blend. Hydrochloric acid isn’t just one acid so when you’re taking the pills that’s not going to cut it. What we have is seven different acids that make up a blend and celery juice amps up that blend, creates that blend so celery brings that blend to life.

Heavy metals are everywhere, they float out of the sky dropping out of the air, come out of airplanes. Petro fuel has heavy metals, antibiotics are loaded with heavy metals, antibiotics are loaded with petro oil and why they have heavy metals. They are everywhere and collect in our body, you don’t have to just eat tuna to get heavy metals. Mercury is passed from generation to generation for  10, 20 , 30 40, generations, you could have mercury in your body that’s a thousand years old. You want to be anti toxic metals. What I like to do is the wild blueberries, it takes them out of the brain, I like the Atlantic sea dulse. Someone might say the sea dulse has heavy metals from the ocean, actually dulse won’t release anything it’s had in it already. Say you picked up a piece loaded with metals from the ocean, chances are it would just pick up more heavy metals from your body and bring it right out all the way to the end. I also like barley grass juice powder, cilantro, garlic, Hawaiian spirulina. It has to be a group of compounds to get the heavy metals all the way out. You need all of them to drive the metals all the way out of the body. Going from the brain to the bloodstream to the liver, you can’t have one drop it without having another one there to pick it up. Chlorella is the most clumsy detoxifier, it grabs onto metal and it drops it and it will re-disperse back into the body. You want cilantro there to pick it up, cilantro will take it a little further and the dulse will take it out completely, while the wild blueberries are taking it out of the brain and liver. If your great, great grandfather went to the doctor at all they were given mercury tonics to drink, it doesn’t matter what country. Back in the 17-1800’s the first thing the conventional doctor at the Universities gave you was a glass of mercury water, that’s where the term quacked came from it would make you insane. It came from poisoning all the patients with mercury tonics not from the alternative doctors trying to heal you with herbs.

Candida is something that if we didn’t have it we would die, candida is there as our protector without it we get bad food absorption. It’s the very helpful little microorganism that allows us to digest and assimilate food. So without candida we won’t assimilate our food, get real sick, and we’ll die. It’s critical to know that candida is a natural organism, a natural yeast fungus that’s in our intestinal tract that we need. The reason why candida gets out of control is because we’re doing the wrong things, feeding them the wrong food. Here’s how it works, candida is your security guard. It’s there so that when you eat the wrong food, the wrong food doesn’t get fed to streptococcus or c-dif. It’s there to stop streptococcus which is behind IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, sinus infections, bacterial infections, bacterial vaginosis, all these different things strep is behind. Urinary tract infections that’s all strep. The reason why yeast or candida is never present is because it’s there trying to help you. When we eat the wrong food, dairy products, eggs, eggs feed strep, E coli, c-dif, a really dangerous fungus, it feeds parasites. The candida tries to gobble up all that bad food, the rotting food, doing this it grows, it elevates. It does this to prevent the strep, E coli, and all from feeding off it and start making holes inside your body like your organs, your liver, gall bladder, causing Gall Bladder Disease.

We don’t want our candida to be out of control because that means we’re eating the wrong food. Something else is going on, it means we have other pathogens like strep in the system. The candida is trying to stop strep, it’s trying to stop something much more aggressive. You don’t want to kill off candida, if your doing cleanses to kill it off, herbs and things, know you’re probably killing off strep and pockets of E coli, C Diff and parasites. Don’t get too crazy about the candida, it’s mandatory we have candida in our colon or we can’t live as a species. People are told not to eat fruit when they have an overgrowth of candid. But it’s things like ice cream that will make it multiply, trying to eat it up before the viruses and bad bacteria get it. And onset for another UTI, sinus infection, acne or boils. The fruit kills off strep, E coli, C Diff, parasites, so when you’re using fruit to kill off things your candida will lower because the need for candida will be less. So eat fruit but don’t put it with a piece of bacon or steak. You have to start cleaning up your diet, getting rid of some of those animal proteins that aren’t good. If you’re a person who has candida out of control it’s best to go plant based for a while, you have to do what’s right for the problem.

Concerning Diabetes and the pancreas, sometimes we don’t have a pathogen that is attacking our pancreas. Never get spooked by thinking you have a pathogen in the pancreas, because that’s wonderful compared to being told without any control your body is destroying your pancreas. That’s freedom, because you have your own choice, you can take things in your own hands and start getting rid of pathogens in your body. If you go to a natural practitioner to take get rid of the pathogens they may say put a little zinc in your system, some cats claw and you can start getting better. There are also Type 1 situations where they are borderline Type 2 that are confusing to doctors trying to diagnose it from the labs. And a lot of times people get pancreas problems because of adrenal damage, from surges of adrenalin that can get in the pancreas. Adrenalin is like battery acid to the body, when it surges through the body it can cause callouses on the pancreas and cause a pseudo Type 1 Diabetes. It’s the callouses created by the adrenalin surges rushing through the body, it’s adrenalin damage. But you can heal from that too eating better and the antioxidants. It occurs when you’re under massive amounts of stress or you’re addicted to an adrenalin inducing hobby of some kind.

Supporting the adrenals is always a good thing, eating every hour, hour and a half the latest, grazing. Don’t go four to five hours without grazing, that supports the adrenals. Make sure you have mineral salts in the diet, doing celery with some fruit or doing the celery and some snacks. Squeezing lemon into water instead of plain water, all of this supports the adrenals. Fruits that have the highest antioxidants, all fruits have them, all vegetables have antioxidants in them. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, more antioxidants. Radishes are high, kale, spinach, wild blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, all high antioxidants. Bringing all that in there, getting rid of the heavy metals. That’s important for the liver and getting rid of Type 2, lowering the fats in your diet. For Type 1 go to your naturopath and get some antivirals, L-lysine is great for these kinds of things. Nettle leaf, lemon balm, love lemon balm for all pathogen based issues for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. A little bit of cats claw, iodine can be really good, like a masons iodine a little touch of that.

We need the information, we need to move forward together, we need to get better, when I see people suffering it gets my heart every time. I’ve watched it my whole life since I was a kid and I’ve seen what people go through.

There are a lot of amazing doctors out there that want to do the research for discovery but the funding is just not there for them. If it were the world would be a different place, it would be amazing.
In my book Life Changing Foods I have 50 foods that I explain everything each one is, does, and is good for. If you go to the index you will see a list for the one’s that are specific for Diabetes.


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