Probiotics, Omega 3’s and Vitamin K2

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An Interview with Dr. Derrick DeSilva

Probiotics and Omega 3’s

Three key nutrients are probiotics, Omega 3, and vitamin D for everybody across the board to decrease disease.

Probiotics are essential and responsible for our immune health and critical for digestion. You are not what you eat you’re what you absorb and this is done by the microbes in your gut. They are also responsible for elimination, peristalsis, the movement for removing waste from the system. The good bacteria make most of our B vitamins and vitamin K2 that is critical. If you don’t have the right bacteria you cannot make K2 also vitamin D and folic acid. These bacteria are responsible for more than just gut health, they are also responsible for the health of our immune and neurological systems. The feel good hormone serotonin, 60-70% of serotonin is made in our gut, the neurotransmitters are made in our gut.

If you get a cold or flu that usually lasts a week, maybe it only lasts twenty four hours if you have the right tools to fight it with, that is the good bacteria in your gut. If your on an acid blocker one of the things you can do is take the good bacteria and speak with your doctor about tapering off. Any condition from minor to major should supplement with probiotics.

When it comes to how much to take, when and how often, find a company you trust. Example, the product I sell has four billion that is lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Do we need more? We don’t need a colony count of fifty billion organisms, we do need the basics to allow your body to do what it needs to do. When to take, anytime, just take it two times a day. It’s about the technology, if you take a product that the bacteria are not protected as soon as it hits your stomach the acid is going to destroy the organisms. Mine are microencapsulated, so when it gets to the stomach the capsule doesn’t open it’s acid stable and dissolves in the intestine.

Vitamin D, sixty percent of the worlds population are deficient, the most critical roll is it’s apoptotic effect so without vitamin D cancer cells cannot be killed. It also blocks the signal for the spread of the disease, cancer cells send out a signal for blood vessels to grow toward it so it can feed and nourish it and that’s how cancer grows.

You also need vitamin K2 for your bones, the calcium paradox is the countries with the highest intake of calcium also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Because the calcium is going wherever it wants, vitamin K2 directs the calcium and vitamin D to the bones. If you take calcium you risk heart disease and hardening of the arteries without K2 to help you absorb the calcium in the bones where it belongs and keep it out of the veins. Vitamin K2 has nothing to do with clotting it has something to do with osteocalcin, which is the protein that rebuilds the inside of the bone. It also stimulates Matrix GLA protein which keeps these blood vessels healthy and doesn’t let calcium deposit inside the blood vessels. Vitamin D has so many effects, bone protection, cancer protection, it also protects your balance and muscles. A study showed that if elderly in a nursing home were given vitamin D they were able to get out of their chairs more easily, this is only the surface of what it does. You can add vitamin A into the mix as it along with K2 prevents vitamin D from becoming “toxic” if you will. The chances are very low when you have Vitamin A and K2 together.

Women if your Vitamin D level is less than fifty you are at four times greater risk of developing breast cancer. Your vitamin D level is a crucial factor in whether or not you are at risk of developing cancer, sixty is optimal. How much to take is on an individual basis, you have to see how much it takes to get you to the 60-70 optimal range. Whether it be 5,000 or 10,000 IU depending on your age, height, size.

Omegas, take flax, it’s an omega but flax seed oil is ALA versus DHA. The ALA has to be converted to DHA and women do it a little better than men, pregnant women do it very well. Men don’t convert that ALA to DHA so take the fish oil. Your skin is going to get better, your not going to have that skin irritation. Omega 3’s reduce inflammation, it benefits reducing inflammation in the joints, the brain works better, emotions are better. A study was done on people who had committed suicide and were shown they had low omega 3 levels, it effects your mood. Our brains are sixty percent fat, the nervous system is covered with that fatty layer. If we don’t have adequate levels of omega 3 the brain is not going to work well and the nervous system is not going to work well.

If you have Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, the combination of omegas and probiotics are incredible, I treat people with that all the time. Cholesterol is better with omegas, dry eye goes away, because the outer fatty layer of the eye diminishes as you age. As you get older your blood vessels start to become stiff and your top number systolic will go up. Instead of bumping up meds I treat them with high dose omega 3s.

These three nutrients omegas, vitamin D and probiotics will decrease disease and give people a better quality of life.

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An Interview with Dr. Kate Rheume Bleue

Vitamin K2

K2 is a missing piece of the puzzle for many health conditions. Problems around vitamin D and calcium intake  that led to K2, it’s job is to move calcium into and out of appropriate areas. It’s also a cancer protection and prevention growth of prenatal health. Vitamin D allows us to absorb calcium, once the calcium is absorbed vitamin D has no control where it goes. Some gets into our bones but some goes where you don’t want it, soft tissues, arteries in the heart, heart valves. People have found that taking calcium and vitamin D has caused a buildup of calcium all over their body and K2 is the solution to that. K2 will prevent and reverse calcification buildup while guiding the calcium into the areas we want it to go.

I do not recommend calcium supplements across the board, if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis I may recommend a small amount, 500ml a day tops. Calcium is very easy to get in the diet, the important thing is getting it where it needs to go. It is possible to get K2 in the diet but challenging to get it in the amounts that are therapeutic. We need to do more testing there are probably more foods that contain it than we know. There is one food that is very high in K2 which is the Japanese food NATO, which is not popular and hard to find so a supplement is recommended.

A study using 200mcg in the form of MK7 to study bone density and clinical research for reversing calcification is 500mcg. K2 is safe with no interactions except for Warferin. Foods containing types of vitamin K are egg yolks, grass fed butter, fermented foods like cheese and NATO. Supplements you will find MK4 and MK7, the MK4 you will need a higher dose and the MK7 you could get away with a lower dose.

Vitamin’s A, D and K2 have no standard optimal ratio, more studies are needed for them together, most studies are of each in isolation. Preferably in equal amounts of A and D and 500mcg of K2 would cover your basics. Studies are showing that vitamin K2 deficiency is common, I would not wait for symptoms of deficiency. The kinds of things this deficiency causes are not obvious, you could be deficient for years or decades, you are slowly building up plaque in your arteries or slowly losing bone density, your first symptom could be a heart attack. K2 also has to do with tooth and oral health, people who take K2 say their teeth sensitivity goes away when taking K2. Varicose veins may also be sign, other than that it’s all pretty internal.

The importance of K2 and kidney health report can be found at – Home Dialyses Network Vitamin K2.

The body has a system of keeping calcium out of the veins and arteries but this system relies on vitamin K2 and doesn’t work without it. Vitamin K2 does not increase chances of blood clotting or stroke it’s vitamin K1 that is a blood clotting vitamin. We actually only absorb very little K1 just to control this system, and we absorb about 90% of K2. K2 also helps with leg cramps. It’s the big missing piece for osteoporosis, by helping the calcium get into the bones where it is wanted. Counterbalancing changes after menopause with estrogen levels, take with food.

Before pre-natal K2 has been shown to increase testosterone levels and sperm count so it’s important for men before conception. For the baby it’s important for the development of the nervous system, skull, face and teeth. After birth Mother’s should be supplementing with K2 so the infant can get it through breast milk for health and bone development that extends into the teen years.

Heart disease, aortic stenosis, excessive build up on the heart valve, has been greatly improved by K2. Vitamin D and K2 work better together, too much D alone causes calcification. K2 is perfectly safe and non-toxic.

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