Minerals and Health

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Minerals and Health

Some vitamins can be made in the body but minerals come from outside the body, from meats and vegetables. The problem is both animals, because they eat plants, and vegetables are both deficient because the soil is deficient. Studies show that most people are deficient, up to 90% of people are mineral deficient and it’s a big problem. Minerals are the spark plugs of our body, they make it work. They are what helps our body absorb nutrients, they make digestive enzymes, they’re for all the interactions of our hormones, they are needed for all the systems in our body, without them your body is not going to work well. People are not supplementing with enough of them and not the right forms.

Magnesium is not in the soil anymore and people are losing them due to stress, EMF’s, radiation, and so many other things. It’s needed for 3,700 processes in the body. It’s one of the most important minerals people need to supplement everyday and various forms also. The best form is probably magnesium glycinate, that’s needed to raise red blood cell magnesium. Magnesium malate helps us detox and make energy, magnesium threonate is the only form that can cross the blood-brain barrier and feed our brain magnesium. This is especially important when you get older, our brains become very deficient in magnesium. It helps memory and cognition and it get’s in our mitochondria to make energy. Then there’s great spray magnesium’s, magnesium chloride, other types are in Epsom salts, I say do all of the above. You need five times your body weight a day in milligrams, roughly some need more some less. Take the bowel tolerance to find your level.

Magnesium oxide only has a 4% absorption rate so I tend not to bother with that one, there is about twenty five different forms of magnesium. Magnesium taurate is really helpful for people with acid reflux, makes it go away immediately. Citrate is also not the best form it causes loose bowels.

The reasons we need to supplement magnesium is number one it’s not in the soil anymore, stress from our bodies, GMO’s because they are void of nutrients and when your eating refined processed grains they’re actually robbing minerals from your body to digest them. The glyphosate, these pesticides, how they kill weeds is they grab and chelate and remove them of minerals. That’s how they kill them and that’s how they’re killing you also. Even about 7% of organic crops have glyphosate residues on them.

The number one way you know your deficient in minerals is fatigue, your body just can’t work correctly. The mitochondria can’t make your bodies energy, can’t get the nutrients in them to produce energy, brain fog, your going to have vague sub-clinical symptoms that a doctor will write a script for. That’s not going to solve the problem, it’s always going to be a deficiency. Anxiety, not sleeping well, magnesium, calcium, zinc, are very relaxing minerals so you can sleep better and get a more restorative sleep.

Many health issues also, Diabetes is a zinc deficiency, chromium deficiency, vanadium deficiency. I can go on and on with every health issue and it’s related deficiency. With calcium, some of my clients do need calcium but not everyone, you have to do testing to find what it is you need, I do hair analysis. If your very acidic your body will rob calcium from your bones, of course diet comes into play but it’s an emergency situation, they need calcium to turn things around.

With iron the form from animal meats is more readily absorbable than found in vegetables. Vegetarians can also be deficient in Omega3’s, CoQ10, about ten total. If your exercising two hours a day your going to need large amounts of magnesium to replenish your body. In the multivitamins you get at the store it’s usually always magnesium oxide, so some people add pharmaceutical grade magnesium supplements or from a health care practitioner are usually higher grade quality. When you test for magnesium you should do the 1,25-dihydroxy, 125OH, they should also test the 25OH, that’s the active form and the storage form and then look at the ratio of those two and that will tell you if you need to take vitamin D or not. Most doctors test one or the other, it’s not that simple, I say test don’t guess.

The best test for minerals is Hair Mineral Analysis, it tests the minerals in your tissues rather than your blood which is key. The minerals tested in the blood is not very accurate, the blood has to stay in a narrow range to maintain homeostasis. If your blood is deficient in any minerals it will rob it from your tissues to keep your PH. Urine testing is also not that accurate, the hair analyses shows a three month average of tissue stores and allows for a custom nutrient therapy based on what they need.

Sadly across the board even children, all of their minerals are deficient, but the most common is magnesium. Next is selenium which is needed to prevent viral replication, converts thyroid hormones from T4 to T3, helps detox the body, it makes glutathione the body’s master antioxidant. Also needed for detoxification, many people are depleted because they are very toxic with heavy metals. Another is chromium, sodium potassium, with this it’s not because they are deficient it’s because they have thallium toxicity. This is an additive to gasoline and when we breath that in it blocks potassium in our body that effects adrenal function and our ability to produce hormones. It’s very toxic and actually used in assassination attempts because it kills you. All of us are breathing it in that live in urban areas.

Detoxing is a big thing and I use minerals as a big part of that. When a person is mineral deficient the body is forced to retain certain toxic metals in the body to do certain jobs. Metals and minerals occupy the same binding sites in the body, if someone is zinc deficient, they are not eating red meat, their body is forced to retain cadmium. Cadmium can be used to repair arteries, ligaments and skin, but it will make those arteries very hard and brittle contributing to hardening of the arteries and then high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. That’s just one example, you have to have healthy mineral stores to protect your body from toxicities today and health issues.

Fluoridation in water is a big problem and they also put chlorine in the water. These both block thyroid function by preventing iodine from getting into your thyroid properly, your thyroid hormones are made of iodine. What I do is give some of my clients iodine to help compete with these halogens so you could make thyroid hormones. So many people are low in thyroid function, it’s very important to also have a filter on your shower or a whole house filter.

I have had clients that were bedridden, fertility issues, heart disease, high cholesterol, Diabetes, all doing better with correcting mineral deficiencies and detox. There are some metal toxicities that contribute to low energy production these are, arsenic, aluminum, tin, mercury, and thallium. These prevent your body from being able to produce energy, if you can’t produce energy you can’t live a healthy life. You can’t function, they’re just guzzling coffee all day long, the body can’t heal itself. It’s also why a lot of people have fertility issues.

When supplementing you can’t just grab bottles off the shelf you have to take the right forms, best to work with a health care practitioner. For selenium you need SE-methylselenocysteine, generally you want to avoid the citrates. I like chelated minerals where they are attached to an amino acid that helps their absorption in the gut. Not every form works for every person so you need to work with someone that knows what they are doing.

There is micro-minerals like the calcium-magnesium-zinc that we need a lot of, and that’s usually a horse pill, trace minerals are usually in droppers. Because our environment is very toxic trace minerals can have metals in them so I avoid having people take them unless they are doing a detox program where they are taking binders to get rid of these metals. You have to be careful which products you choose. Marine phytoplankton are a very good source of trace minerals that are not toxic.

Children today especially in the last ten years are being born gravely nutrient deficient. I have children three years old that have adrenal fatigue and other health issues because they are so mineral deficient, because the mother’s are nutrient deficient. We give them what we have which are toxic metals and we can’t give them what we don’t have. If you have grown up eating the standard American diet or just processed foods then not a lot of vegetables your going to be really mineral deficient and your children are going to suffer as a result of that. I’m big on giving children vitamin and mineral supplements because they are pretty much across the board nutrient deficient and why they are projected to have a shorter life span in this last generation.

The statistics now are so high for autoimmune, cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Chances are your going to be diagnosed with something unless your proactively working on your health on a daily basis and that includes taking high quality supplements. Detoxing of course too, I urge people to not wait until they get sick, start today. Tired, brain fog, their memory is not working, that’s the beginning of health issues. A sign your body is not working right and things are beginning to break down. Don’t wait until there is so much damage it can’t be reversed, we have so much control.

Medications also deplete minerals, especially high blood pressure meds and a lot of people are just magnesium deficient. The high blood pressure medications deplete the magnesium even further. So if your on these you need a lot more magnesium than the next person. Antidepressants typically will have a lot of fluoride in them and that will block iodine stores. Most medications are slightly to very toxic to the liver which interferes with your ability to detox and other bodily functions. Medications should be a last resort after nutrition and supplementation.

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