Essential Anti-Cancer Supplements

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An Interview with Chris Wark – Colon Cancer Survivor Naturally

Essential Anti-Cancer Nutrition and Supplements

At 26 years old Chris was diagnosed with stage 3c Colon Cancer and cured himself, this was 12 years ago.

We are seeing young adult cancers on the rise, our diet and lifestyles have gotten worse and worse. I am seeing more young people today getting colon cancer.

When I was diagnosed, as it still is today, they rush you into surgery if you have a tumor. They removed one third of my colon, took out the tumor and some lymph nodes and said we think we got it all but we want you on chemo for 9-12 months. The reason they wanted me to do chemo is because they know surgery doesn’t kill metastatic cancer and you still have circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells throughout your body. But if your internal environment is in a condition where disease can thrive those remaining cancer stem cells will set up a new place to thrive and start building tumors. That’s why we see cancer come back after surgery, chemo and radiation because they didn’t address the underlying problem.

Two things happened at the hospital, first is the first meal they served me was a sloppy joe. There I am doped up, they had just cut my stomach wide open and I started thinking, really? This is the food they expect me to eat after cutting out part of my gut! I had been on the standard American junk food diet but I was exposed to healthier food and knew the sloppy joe was one of the worst things they could give me. The other thing is when I was leaving the hospital I asked the surgeon if there was anything I should not eat after having the colon surgery and he said no, just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer. NO nutritional advice!

My instincts said don’t do chemotherapy. Then someone sent me a book called God’s Way to Ultimate Health. I learned about the raw food diet and carrot juice, you give your body good nutrition and good things start to happen. We know that cancer is caused by a variety of factors but nutritional deficiencies and certain excesses make your body vulnerable. So I decided to use whole foods to heal me instead of the chemo.

Private practice Oncologists in the U.S. make up to 60% of their income off the profit from selling chemo drugs retail that they buy wholesale from a drug maker. The average cancer patient is worth $300,000 but some can be one million dollars.

You can’t act in faith if you’re in fear. 

After a revisit to the Oncologist I left in fear and the next day went to a Naturopathic Doctor who was the first person to tell me I was doing the right thing with juicing and raw food diet. He introduced me to an Integrative Oncologist who does alternative cancer therapies. We began an intravenous vitamin C, 40-60 grams on a two hour drip per dose along with glutathione. He also did some blood work and ordered some cat scans along the way to monitor my progress. The chelation, IV VitC, was done weekly for several months. I was also on a very specific vitamin protocol modified over time. So now I had an Integrative Oncologist and a Naturopathic Doctor that was also a Master Herbalist on my team.

Diet is critical, anyone who thinks they’re just going to take supplements and have good health it’s probably not going to work. Sometimes a small change can have a huge impact, if you have a significant deficiency in one vitamin and adding it can turn things around. But if you have something like cancer you need to take massive action to fight it. For me I radically changed my entire life, nutrition is the foundation of healing and health. Massive action = massive results.

I juiced 64oz of carrot juice every morning and drank it throughout the day, every single day. Carrots have very unique anti-cancer compounds, one of them is beta carotene and vitamin A which is really good for your liver. Your liver is your bodies detoxification engine, you need a healthy liver to get well. Then I was eating giant salads with the most potent anti-cancer foods, vegetables, the cruciferous family and the allium family. I also added to it turmeric powder, garlic powder, curry powder, cayenne pepper, mushrooms, various sprouts of mung bean and alfalfa, raw apple cider vinegar, olive oil, it was delicious. I even put sauerkraut on it which is fermented and good for gut health, a healthy gut is a critical part of your immune system. I ate that salad every day for lunch and diner, for the first 90 days I would juice all the way through breakfast. Then I added some berry smoothies because berries are one of the best anti-cancer fruits, I also put coconut milk and a banana. I was getting the most potent anti-cancer foods in my body and didn’t want to leave anything out. I looked at recipes and they only had a few ingredients and the salad had twenty.

If you eliminate all the crap from your diet and eat all this amazing food from the earth, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, then you are just pounding your body with so much nutrition. You want an abundance of anti-cancer antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, all the good stuff that’s in plant food. You just want an unlimited amount for your body to use as needed. Commit to 100% organic where you can, conventional are toxic and some sprayed with carcinogenic roundup. If you don’t have access to organic just eat the conventional it’s still better than a cheeseburger.

The plant based diet dramatically reduces your level of IGF1 in your body, that’s insulin like growth factor and that’s cancer fuel, cancer cells love IGF1. When you eat animal products of meats and dairy your IGF1 goes way up and it feeds cancer growth so it’s best to stop all animal meats and dairy, when you do stop your IGF1 plummets. The second major cancer fuel that comes from meats and dairy is methionine, that’s an amino acid that the cancer cells are 100% dependent on, they cannot survive without it. It actually needs methionine more than it needs sugar. Fruit has zero methionine, most vegetables especially leafy greens are extremely low. The only one’s that have some in the vegetable world are beans and they’re still way less than meat and dairy.

I stayed on 100% but my metabolism was so high I couldn’t gain weight, I was very skinny and needed to get back up to my normal weight. We added some cooked food, sweet potatoes on rice or quinoa with diner. My Naturopath said I should start eating  a little meat even though I was committed to staying vegan the rest of my life, I was 6’2 and 130 pounds. So I added some salmon and organic lamb two times a week, I know I just said how bad animal products are. The longest living healthiest populations in the world eat tons of plant food but they’re not vegan, they get 10% or less a week from animal products. A very small amount once or twice a week does not appear to have a detrimental effect. But if you’re in the throws of cancer and your overweight you could eat 100% plant based, at least 30-60% raw, That’s the best strategy.

After the initial ninety days I did some juice fasting and some hard core detoxification. I just kept that going for years, two years past I had a scan and there was no cancer, five years still no cancer and ten years no cancer. On my web page is where I have all the information about what I did including supplements. One resource on there everyone should read is twenty questions for your Oncologist. If you or anyone you know has cancer there is a free downloadable guide. It’s a one hour audio program that’s transcripted and walks you through all the essential questions they need to ask their Oncologist.

The supplements I took – #1 – aloe vera, it’s a wound healer and it boosts your immune system, so I drank aloe vera gel everyday. Aloe vera contains acemannan the active immune boosting compound in aloe. It makes your macrophages secrete three different anti-cancer compounds. Interferon, tumor necrosis factor, and interleukin, so I added a couple ounces everyday in my smoothies. Then a few years ago I learned about the high dose aloe protocol which you drink up to 24oz a day, but you have to get really high quality aloe. There is a company called Stockton Aloe or you can buy the aloe plant and cut the leaves open, scrape it to get the jell out and blend it in a smoothie. Getting aloe in your body is really important.

B-17, also known as amygdalin, and getting the aggressive anti-cancer dose would be 1-2 kernels per ten pounds of body weight per day. You want to chew them and they’re bitter, you will want to spit them out at first. At 150 pounds you would eat up to thirty a day, real hard core would be up to sixty a day. Tumors shrink, cancer’s gone.

Turmeric is like the king of anti-cancer herbs along with garlic. The active compound in turmeric is curcumin that targets multiple cancer pathways, it stops cancer cells from dividing, it stops tumors from forming new blood vessels, it causes apoptosis (cancer cell death), prevents metastasis. The most potent one of curcumin I found is called BCM95 curcumin, for dosage it’s GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and you could take a ton of it. Curcumin also actually makes chemo work better and it protects your healthy cells. So for cancer patients undergoing chemo curcumin can be very beneficial.

Frankincense, boswellia, works synergistically with curcumin. They’re both anti-inflammatories, both anti-cancer, both cause apoptosis, both increase chemo’s effectiveness and reduce toxicity. A few studies that combined them found out that they work better than separately. Look for a patented version called Bospure for the frankincense, it has a much higher absorption rate than standard extracts.

Vitamin D, a brand new study on white women over fifty showed that blood concentration levels of vitamin D over forty nanograms per milliliter has a 67% lower risk of cancer compared to women with levels under twenty, most cancer patients have levels under forty. Some research says you need to take D3 along with K2. The D dosage should be 5,000-10,000 IU per day if you have cancer, or have really low levels to get it up. Then you want to monitor your blood every thirty days or so. A standard dose would be 1,000 IU per day.

Black seed oil from the black cumin, nigella sativa, it contains over one hundred compounds. Amino acids, fatty acids, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, iron, and a unique potent antioxidant thinoquinone TQ, research says it does not exist in any other plant. It’s an immune booster, one study using black seed oil for four weeks showed a 30% increase in natural killer cells in their body. The common recommendation is you take a teaspoon of black seed oil with half teaspoon of honey, the honey helps you get it down because of the taste. You are supposed to take it on an empty stomach a half hour before a meal. Then you can increase the dose, a more aggressive dose would be a tablespoon with a teaspoon of honey three times a day. This oil does all the same things as curcumin against cancer, working on dozens of types of cancer.

Beta-glucan, it’s a polysaccharide found naturally in barley, oats, mushrooms, yeast, it’s the most studied immunomodulator on earth with 140,000 studies on PubMed. It’s an immune booster that activates an immune response to invaders. Rule of thumb is one 500ml capsule per fifty pounds of body weight per day, taken on an empty stomach. I like the company

There are over fifty survivor stories on my website just like me.

This is your cancer, this is your life, if you don’t like the options you have been given you don’t have to take them. You have a world of information, start reading, start asking questions and reaching out to people, follow your instincts and intuition. I’ve heard many people say they were rushed into treatments they didn’t want to do but were told that they had to and it was awful and they’re in worse shape from all the brutal treatment they were put through. It’s so much easier to get well before you let them start cutting out body parts, radiating you with cancer causing radiation and poisoning you with chemo that can also cause more cancer and make cancer’s more aggressive destroying you head to toe. It’s so much easier to get well if you radically change your diet and lifestyle before that.

Both options I’m scared, scared to do chemo, scared not to do chemo. I’m scared!

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Intravenous I.V. for Cancer

How does vitamin C fail to protect a cancer cell? Vitamin C, an antioxidant can have a pro-oxidant effect with cancer cells. Vitamin C has almost the same structure as glucose so delivered in high amounts through the bloodstream and absorbed in the extracellular space. The bodies cells will somewhat mistake it for glucose and take it up into the excel space and here it can interact with iron and iron will create hydrogen peroxide. The iron has to be present and you will get the reaction of a hydroxyl radical. Cancer cells are very low in catalase and catalase is your bodies normal way of neutralizing hydrogen peroxide. This produces better mitochondria function because it will oxidize NDA to NADH, improving the oxygenation of the cells. All cancer cells shift from aerobic to anaerobic, they do not utilize oxygen the same way healthy cells do, they do not generate ATP energy and are poor generators. This is why cancer patients die of malnutrition.

The rapidly growing cells are most effected by chemotherapy which is where the side effects, nausea, hair falling out, etc. Vitamin C given right before for ovarian and during for pancreatic cancers showed in a study that cancer treatments had less side effects and better outcomes for quality of life and much less pain. Also shown that vitamins and vitamin C helped patients get off medications with no side effects.

Vitamin C is best for preventing viruses, dose is everything and on an individual basis.

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