Vitamins for the Aging Population

My Notes From the 2016 Vitamin Summit

An Interview with Dr. Andrew Saul

Arthritis, it’s very common. A women patient who wasn’t even 50 yet had Rheumatoid Arthritis so bad she couldn’t open her fingers, Dr’s had no relief. I told her to try a juice fast of nothing but vegetable juice for 3-5-8 days or more and have a fresh, raw diet for about a week. Then go back on the fasting program and repeat the cycle. The biggest reason for juicing is absorption of nutrients, it’s possible to juice 25 pounds of vegetables in one day, you will never come close to that eating vegetables. Juicing is minus the fiber but don’t worry about it put it in your garden compost or I used to give it to my cats and dogs, just put it in their food, they loved it more or less. Vegetable juice fasting is not starving, your not going to die eating lot’s of vegetables. She did it, I talked to her on the phone but hadn’t seen her in 6-7 months and I didn’t recognize he. She just bounced into the office, she was so lighthearted, her skin looked great and she held up her fingers and said look at my range of motion! She had 95% range of motion now, she had been juice fasting every other week for seven months. Eighty year old osteoarthritis patient did the same thing and it worked so well I didn’t recognize her, she was 3″ taller because she could stand up straight again and hands all better after only a few months.

You could add a little fruit to sweeten up the veggie juice or beets and carrots will sweeten it also. You want a lot of green vegetables, and some root vegetables and bananas. This is the best way I know to heal arthritis.

The second best way to treat arthritis is with vitamin B3. On my page do a search for Kaufman and you can read his book for free about B3 and arthritis. Vitamin B3 taken as niacinimide, that is a no flush niacin. Dr. Kaufman found that dividing the dose is as important as the dose. It’s water soluble so your body flushes it out in hours, divide into 250ml doses, 6-12 doses a day to replicate Dr. Kaufman’s work. The more severe the arthritis the more likely you will need a higher amount. He also gave 500ml 6-12 times a day but he said clearly dividing the dose is important. It’s better to divide the dose than to take a lot more. In other words, 500ml 4 times a day is not as good as 250ml 6 times a day, you want to divide the dose as much as possible. If it were me I would take 250ml about every 1 1/2 hours, a moderate situation 250ml every 2-3 hours, you can vary this. Bottom line is Dr. Kaufman treated a large number of patients and measured their range of motion as they got better. He had people that could not bend their arm and could do so after niacin therapy, it took many weeks and some cases took months, but it worked.

For depression it’s niacin again, but not just niacin. Dosage is 1,000ml three times a day. Dr. Abram Hoffer also treated depression with niacin, he does divide the dose but not as often. He gave the niacin that did cause the flush and felt it was beneficial, you can take niacinimide it works but not as well. He said take the niacin and the flush will be gone in one to two weeks. What matters most is the dose 1,000ml three times a day, some people need more. Test this out, I think you’ll feel better right about the time you flush. When I take niacin I feel relaxed.

The next thing is vitamin C, it’s a remarkably good antidepressant. My rule is take enough to be symptom free but not enough to cause a loose stool. That’s called bowel tolerance and this amount is highly variable, you have to find what works for you. If you really want to stop depression stop sugar. You want to be depressed, eat a whole lot of sugar and wait two hours, your blood sugar will crash, your mood will go with it, this is serious.

Finally is exercise, a really good way to deal with depression is move your body, go out and play, any kind of exercise. If your housebound do isometrics, yoga. If you need an excuse get a dog. A good book is Dr. Bo Johnson called The Vitamin Cure for Depression.

Alzheimer’s or dementia immediately give them B12, the symptoms of B12 deficiency are almost identical to Alzheimer’s. The way to test this is to give B12 and see if it works. B12 is extremely safe with no side effects. If someone had Alzheimer’s I would give them B12 every day for three months, if you want to prevent it two times a week. How much? I suggest a minimum of 1,000mcg which is a millionth of a gram and a gram is a quarter of a teaspoon. 1,000mcg up to 5,000mcg which is what I personally take. Make sure you get methylcobalamin, it’s better absorbed by the body. You take it sublingually, melt under tongue, if you swallow them you don’t get the benefit. The older you are, the worse your B12 absorption. I think that nutritional fact is an explanation for Alzheimer’s disease because the older you get the worse your absorption. Niacin has also been shown to help people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. For the B12, injections is the best form and if you do you want at least 500mcg, 1,000mcg would be better. The injection is intramuscular so there will be pain and sore for a while. There is also a patch and a script for intranasal gel.

Alzheimer’s might be the worst and most widespread vitamin deficiency since sailor’s dropped dead of scurvy.

With Alzheimer’s you need lecithin, this contains choline as phosphatidylcholine and that is made in your body and brain into acetylcholine, one of the important neurotransmitters. You could take it as capsules, liquid, or granules, any way will work. Capsules are small and expensive and you have to take a lot of them. The liquid tastes awful, the granules are cheap and you could put them in yoghurt or anything that isn’t hot and get 1-3 Tbsp of lecithin everyday.

For eyesight the antioxidant vitamins C, E, antioxidant pigment in plants, colorful fruits and vegetables, beta carotene in orange and green vegetables, the bright colors in raspberries and blueberries, CoQ10, zinc and selenium. Have a lot of organic fresh food, lot’s of fruits and vegetables and get on a plant based diet. This does not mean strict vegetarian it means plant based, therefore if you have lot’s of plant foods your going to get lot’s of these antioxidants. There is a good book by Dr. Robert G. Smith called The Vitamin Cure for Eye Diseases, who also wrote the book Vitamin Cures for Arthritis. I do have material on these subjects on my page at Also research Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Keep moving is a good piece of advice.

Right here, right now, you have a choice.

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