The Miracle of Magnesium

Notes from the 2016 Vitamin Summit – Interview with Dr. Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist
Medical Director of the Nutritional Magnesium Association
Authored/CoAuthored over 30 Books

Magnesium for menstrual cramps, PMS, you must split the doses throughout the day, also good for pregnancy and postpartum. The form of magnesium oxide is only 4% absorbed, the 96% that doesn’t floods the intestines and causes a laxative effect. Magnesium citrate powders are very good because you can stir it up in water and sip it through the day. If you take it all at once you could get the laxative effect and you could make that work for you. If you want the therapeutic effect you sip it through the day. We now have forms of non laxative effect magnesium supplements that I had to create.

Synthetic vitamins are made from petroleum products but there’s a Libo and Dextro form, the right turning spin versus the left turning spin, the natural versus the synthetic so there is a difference. Synthetics are cheap quality vitamins.

I went to the Codex meeting in Europe and the World Health Organization raised the levels for things like mercury and arsenic because the commercial companies did not want to spend the money to clean their products. Their stated goal was to lower the amounts of the vitamins and minerals so they would not interfere with drugs. If you were taking a drug and vitamins you could negate that drug, they didn’t want that so it had to be very low potency. The Centrum vitamin/mineral is the basis of Codex requirements and Centrum is coated with shellac, nurses in hospitals see them whole in bedpans because it passes right through. If your on blood pressure medication, high blood pressure is related to a magnesium deficiency, take magnesium and your blood pressure is going to improve and you can wean off your drug. So yes, vitamins and minerals are going to interfere with drugs, that’s what were up against.

Any magnesium is better than no magnesium.

Your going to need more than the recommended daily allowance which is 350. You could get 500 ml with a good diet 100 years ago, now were lucky to get 200. But add to that the stress they’re going through, cooking their food, drugs they’re taking, the soil depleted, fluoride and chlorine in the water binds to magnesium and makes it unavailable. Sweating especially from sports, panic attacks, arterial fibrillation and told you have to go for heart surgery for an ablation and here’s some drugs for your anxiety. We have people suffering from so many conditions, migraines, eye spasms, esophageal spasms where you choke while eating, heart spasms, any sort of fibrillation, arrhythmia, ventricular and atrial fibrillations, angina, heart attacks where the muscles get so tight because of the lack of magnesium and you die, dead muscles equate with a heart attack. A hiatus hernia, and reflux, that is the stomach spasming, or the diaphragm is in spasm. Bladder spasms misinterpreted as cystitis where women are given antibiotics. Elderly women especially are in diapers because their bladders are slightly calcified so the opening of the urethra allows you to be constantly dribbling. Artherosclerosis, heal spurs, fibromyalgia, gall stones, spasms in your neck and shoulders from being on your computer all day that area is infiltrated with calcium. When you have too much calcium which tightens your muscles and not enough magnesium that relaxes your muscles, you have too much calcium.

There are 700-800 different enzyme processes in the body that need magnesium. From making energy to DNA and RNA, digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats, making your muscles and nerves work properly. You can’t make energy without magnesium, your tight, depressed, can’t get a good night sleep, fatigued. The doctor will give you anxiety medications, Prozac, sleeping pills, and most of the drugs are fluoride compounds and fluoride binds magnesium irreversibly that will deposit in your tendons, muscles and bones. So now we have an epidemic of people who take Cipro or Levaquin the fluoroquinolone drugs and they have tendon rupture, severe muscle spasms, pain, their life is ruined by these drugs. If you look in the medical literature they don’t have a clue it may be magnesium.

You start with a magnesium deficiency and take a drug that further depletes your magnesium and those 700-800 different processes that require magnesium begin to fail. We even get MS type symptoms and told we have Multiple Sclerosis. The blood testing conventional medicine gives does not give proper evidence of a magnesium deficiency. The test they use is serum magnesium, only 1% of total magnesium is in the blood stream, you put your dipstick in the wrong place your going to get the wrong answer.  (Dr. Saul speaking: back in the 50’s they were using magnesium for young epileptics for seizures).

Magnesium is very safe because of the laxative effect, if you take too much you get diarrhea, today we’re getting too much calcium causing all kinds of chaos. Women especially taking calcium supplements end up with a huge rate of heart disease and breast tissue calcification and when you have a mammogram doctors think you have cancer. You go for a biopsy, your a cancer survivor, they give it a name DCIS, disseminated intraductal carcinoma which is a pre-cancer. I call it a pre, pre, pre cancer, it’s just calcification. So now you have a calcified world when you look at the U.K. and WHO for calcium levels the RDA is about 500-700ml, in the U.S. it’s 1,200-1,500ml. It’s horrendous! You talk about absorption of calcium it hardly exists, you get about 4% absorption of most of the calcium’s. We really have to educate people to get their calcium from food and to get their magnesium from supplements. I’m fine, I’m on my own magnesium but if I were to eat yoghurt three times in one day I would start to get a little heart palpitation back because I would have too much calcium compared to my magnesium.

When you get to the whole vitamin D debacle, you’ve got doctors, 50,000 units of synthetic vitamin D they’re prescribing willy nilly to people. I’ve had patients come to me that corrected their magnesium levels and started on vitamin D and started to complain I’ve had an eight week migraine, angina came back, seizures came back, everything came back. What happens with vitamin D metabolism is in order to take it from the supplement or storage form and make it into the active form that requires magnesium. Too much vitamin D can deplete your magnesium levels, that’s going on with so many supplements. You take the high dose iron craze that may have started for cancer therapy so that’s the medicinal use. But all of a sudden we need all this iodine, 50ml where the RDA is 150mcg. What you do is fill your body with this substrate substance that the body has to deal with, 50ml of iodine, what’s it going to do with it you can only put so much iodine into the thyroid at any one time so the thyroid will metabolize it into the next biochemical substrate, the downstream chemical. At that stage it needs selenium, without it you start getting blockages and imbalances, crazy stuff. When I was working on a 100% absorbed multiple mineral I found that there are nine minerals that the thyroid requires to function correctly and make thyroid hormones. We need to support the thyroid before it gets so bad you need to replace hormones, synthetic or natural.

We have really sacrificed quality for quantity where we think if we believe the supplements are needed, and they certainly are, we keep saying we just need more, more, more. Even intravenous are synthetic, they have to be otherwise the body would create an allergic reaction and then an anaphylactic reaction. In terms of the minerals probably not that well absorbed because what happens when you take a flood of nutrients you will only be able to process a certain amount, the rest will hopefully be flushed out in the urine or the stool, some will stick around.

Do take magnesium throughout the day with or without meals, if you feel your getting the laxative effect sip it through the day or take small doses of pills. Take it with a meal to slow it down even further. Epsom salt baths are good especially for those on medications that are afraid to take anything with them. They’re OK with the drugs, the average number of side effects for every drug is about 100. Put two cups in a bath and soak for about 30 minutes, great for anxiety and panic attacks.

There are four contraindications to magnesium, someone who has kidney failure and especially on dialysis, someone with heart block, where your heart rate is really low and you require a pacemaker. After you get a pacemaker you can take your magnesium. If you take too much at once and your blood pressure is already low there’s a chance it could get a little lower. I tell people with low blood pressure take it slow. Myasthenia Gravis is another contraindication. With the kidney dialysis we found it lowers your magnesium so people on it have heart palpitations, anxiety, leg cramps and twitches. They need magnesium and are told not to take it.

Serum testing is highly inaccurate, if you do a proper ionized magnesium test they would show very low levels. They need a low potency magnesium that’s 100% absorbed and non-laxative, that’s what will support their kidneys and make them feel so much better. One Myasthenia Gravis patient who was told not to take magnesium had found an Environmental Doctor who tested her and found she was very low and needed magnesium to detoxify her from heavy metals that were causing the Myasthenia Gravis.

The body needs magnesium – it’s food! You just have to go slow.

The complexity and the seriousness of the illness of people today is unbelievable. Because symptom after symptom that people are getting they’re getting drugs or surgery and then the body has to heal from the drugs and surgery, it just keeps layering on. When I was first in practice maybe some people had some allergies and then some hypoglycemia and then it was a crescendo. I was one of the first doctors up in Toronto to really recognize Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it was mostly women. Now everyone is having thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s is inflammation of the thyroid caused by the toxins in their environment. Yeast overgrowth, adrenal fatigue, and now it’s MTHR. How all of sudden we develop genetic abnormalities, that does not happen overnight. Thankfully we are looking at epigenetics where it’s the environment around the genes, finally there’s some definitive research that nutrients need to support the genes. There are only 23,000 genes and they’re turned on and off by vitamins, minerals and contaminants in the environment. The studies have been done, over 1000 that we need magnesium, because they continually want to do more studies people aren’t getting the message at the doctors office.

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