Heart Disease: Avoiding, Treating and Infections

Notes from The Vitamin Summit 2016

Dr. Thomas Levy MD. JD. Board certified Cardiovascular Disease, Board Certified Internal Medicine, Induction into the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame 2016

Avoiding and Treating Heart Disease

Scientific data is now documenting what we have known for some time, that infections in the teeth is cause and effect for heart disease. Because of the fact that a root canal cores out the nerve, nerve pulp and blood supply where all the connective tissue is, the immune system no longer can effectively control the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, 100% of the teeth are infected. We have also known that root canals are a direct cause of many major diseases, neurological syndromes, cardiac syndromes, arthritic syndromes.

Dr. Tanya Pessi from Finland published a paper on this, finding that when they examined blood clots removed from a heart blockage it had the same pathogens associated with root canal teeth and gum disease in high concentrations. In the people treated this was the cause of 90% of the blood clots in the heart. These pathogens were found to be 1,600% higher in the clot than in the surrounding blood. All cardiac disease is preceded by inflammation in the blood vessel, this inflammation comes from infection and 90% of the time it comes from root canals and gum disease. The rest of the time it comes from infected tonsils or a toxic gut. When they looked at ruptured cerebral aneurysms they also found a very high number of these pathogens at the site in their brain where these blood vessels ruptured. When you go to the dentist to address the pain but you don’t address the infection causing it the infection continues. All you did was snip the nerves so the pain goes away.

A vitamin C deficiency is a synonym for inflammation, you only develop inflammation where there is a vitamin C deficiency and other antioxidants. Inflammation means you lost the antioxidant capacity in that area and these pathogens and toxins get seeded in the blood vessels. They’re pro-oxidant so they consume the vitamin C spores that are in the blood vessels. Then the first cells that come as part of the inflammatory response to the area in the heart are monocytes. Monocytes are the most heavily concentrated cells with vitamin C, up to 80-90 fold more vitamin C than the blood. This works for a sudden influx of toxins that stops, but when your dealing with a source like in the mouth that’s continually releasing pathogens and toxins 24/7 now becomes a chronic inflammatory response, the influx of the response becomes the disease. Once the inflammation has started then all the other risk factors of high cholesterol, high fats, high blood pressure, diabetes, all these can promote the plaque but they’re not the primary reason the plaque starts.

Prevention starts with educating yourself on root canals and gum disease and never get a root canal. If you have gotten a root canal and your worried about your heart and general health you need to get it properly extracted with a Holistic Dentist or you can leave infection in the jawbone. After you get all the toxins out you want to strengthen your immune system and supplement intelligently. Your top four supplements I consider to be, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K. Each of these supplements taken separately has been shown to decrease mortality. All antioxidants are synergistic, so the more you take the better because they support each other.

Your thyroid status is very important as it turns out even with root canals. A study on 1,500 patients that had all the risk factors for heart disease after 15 years only four had heart attacks. In comparison to those who didn’t balance their thyroid 75-80 of 1,500 had heart attacks. Balancing your thyroid function is profoundly important to avoiding disease and preventing an infection to take hold. How you balance your thyroid is a whole another story because traditional thyroid tests are a bunch of crap that mislead the doctors and patients. The only good thing that conventional testing does is take Hyperthyroid testing or severe Hypothyroidism. But because of today’s onslaught of toxins probably the majority of people are slightly hyperthyroid but it doesn’t show up in regular testing. We need to look at T3 testing along with reverse T3 testing because roughly 80% of the T3 that’s produced in the body is not produced in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces the T4 but 80% of the time the T4 is converted to T3 inside the cells of the body. So something that’s never been taught before that all the other cells in the body are peripheral thyroid glands insofar as they do the converting of T4 to T3. Some people have functioning thyroid glands but their peripheral thyroid, the cells, are not converting inside the body. This is profoundly impactful on whether how readily or not your going to get heart disease, not only from root canals but from anything else.

Vitamin K is a critical regulator of calcium metabolism, not only for seeing that calcium is laid down in the bone correctly but more importantly see’s that non bone related calcium deposits doesn’t develop. Vitamins K, D, C and magnesium all help keep calcium soluble. They dissolve abnormal deposits throughout the body, excrete the excess and also help incorporate new calcium into the bone correctly. Supplemental calcium is toxic and a carcinogen, calcium supplements are one of the primary reasons people get cancer and feed the cancers that they have. All cancers are associated with increased calcium inside the cell causing increased oxidative stress. When your able to pull that calcium out, you take a cell that’s malignant and make it less malignant or make it normal. Calcium is integral in the whole malignant process, however calcium like iron and copper are what I call toxic nutrients, they’re essential to cell health and cell death. The body needs these components at one level to do lot’s of good things and also to help cells die. It’s also a primary in how vitamin C can help cancer cells die while supporting healthy cells because most cancer cells have increased levels of iron, hydrogen peroxide and calcium. When you put vitamin C into the formula it gives an electron to the iron and then the iron gives that electron to the peroxide and the peroxide breaks up and produces hydroxyl radical which is the most pro-oxidant toxic substance known to man. This escalates the oxidative stress that kills the cell. Vitamin K is especially important because it’s such a very strong regulator of calcium metabolism which plays an essential role in health and death.

Probiotics, it’s important to do everything you can to maintain a good population of the right kind of bacteria in your gut because they’re essential to the processing of food and the formation and conversion of vitamin K and other things we need to absorb from our diet, they play a big role. When people have too many bad bacteria in the gut and it’s toxic where food tends more to putrefy instead of digest, bowel movements less than once a day. When these people start dosing up on vitamin C especially large amounts with a lot of water they’ll get an osmotic diarrhea and what’s called a C flush. This C flush pulls out the toxins, neutralizes toxins in the gut and then post C flush allows the gut to repopulate with good bacteria. This is a good time to add a good probiotic to help repopulate the gut with good bacteria to get an optimally functioning gut.

What I’ve recommended for people dealing with substantial diseases, advanced Lyme Disease, Cancer, etc., is try to take as many forms as highly dosed of vitamin C as possible, that I call the multi-C protocol.
One is liposomal encapsulated vitamin C which gets selectively absorbed in the lymphatics of the gut. It allow’s the vitamin C to get selectively absorbed and is deposited intracellularly not just in the bloodstream, without costing energy.
Second is vitamin C powder, preferably sodium ascorbate, great for C flush. When you find your bowel tolerance then take slightly less on a daily basis. If you do a C flush it’s best first thing in the morning because if you do it later in the day you have already eaten a lot of food and the food needs to stay in the gut a certain amount of time to be digested, if you put the C in front of it it’s going to produce a lot of gas and really bloat you. In the morning you can usually flush out within an hour or two and then go do your usual routine.
Third is ascorbyl palmitate which is a special form of fat soluble C, regular C is water soluble. It gets inside the membranes that are predominantly fat, so it gets C into a unique site.
Fourth is intravenous it has it’s own unique way to get in where you can’t with other forms because you can get the blood levels so high temporarily. If you don’t have a lot of money your best investment is a three pound bottle of sodium ascorbate powder, this form doesn’t upset the stomach like ascorbate acid does. Every form of vitamin C pushed to tolerance has given people resolution to their clinical problems, there’s no one way.

We are getting feedback from practitioner’s around the country that with patients that have advanced diseases that with the liposomes (vitamin C), normally I tell patients no more than 5 grams a day but I’m getting feedback from people taking 20-50 grams a day and getting as good or better response as intravenous 50 grams a day. The powder is much cheaper than the I.V. We are also combining different forms of vitamin C in treatments so don’t assume your vitamin C is a failure until you push the vitamin C protocol to it’s full options. This protocol is listed on my website along with articles I wrote. This may not be a permanent solution because C is flushed out of the system quickly and if you have root canals you’re going to have to continue high vitamin C until you address the problem.

Everybody needs to take responsibility for their health, you need to read and research.

Dr. Levy has written 8 books listed on his web page along with more information on this subject.



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