Medical Marijuana for Cancer, Autism, and Pets

The Latest Scientific and Clinical Findings on Medical Marijuana for Cancer, Autism, and Pets.

Notes From the 2016 Medical Marijuana Summit

Martin Lee – C0Founder and Director Project CBD –

The Latest Science

In the late 1980s, early 90s during Reagan’s administration they set out to prove that marijuana was bad for the brain. Instead they discovered the endo (internal) cannabinoid system and receptors. CB1 is found to effect the central nervous system and the brain while CB2 effects the peripheral organs, nervous and immune systems. We have many receptors, serotonin, adenosine, dopamine, and cannabinoid in the brain with the cannabinoid receptors being the most prevalent. Our bodies produce marijuana like compounds that plug into brain receptors. The two primary brain cannabinoids are adandamide (Sanskrit for bliss), and 2AG. We all have these endocannabinoids and they are circulating in the brain 24/7. There are enzymes in the body that are involved in the creation of these endocannabinoids and also enzymes in the breaking down of these compounds, this is a natural process. FAAH – fatty acid hydrolase – is an important enzyme, it breaks down our own cannabinoids. If a person has too much FAAH enzyme you could get a depletion of one’s own cannabinoids and likely some serious health problems, you can have a cannabinoid imbalance. The adandamide cannabinoid not only binds to the cannabinoid receptors, it binds to various systems receptors. The plant does not bind much to the cannabinoid receptors it binds mostly to other important systems.

We have now discovered a second endocannabinoid system called the endocannabidiome, a greater system like an internal world wide web. All these systems interconnecting while CBD combines to the CB1 receptor and CB2 with important medical outcomes. Cannabidiol connects to the serotonin receptor for an antidepressant, this explains why cannabis has such far reaching and varied therapeutic effects in the body. Working with anxiety, insomnia, neurodegenerative problems, having applications for all these different systems in the body. Discovering the endocannabinoid system opened up whole new vistas of understanding human biology and physiology, shedding a whole new light why cannabis works as a medicine. It’s hard to overstate their importance because their function, key functions, is to regulate all the other systems working as an adaptogenic herb with a biodirectional effect. It also acts on our stress response mediating it. There are hundreds of components to cannabis besides the cannabinoids, there are terpenes that give it it’s smell and flavonoids including some that exist only in the cannabis plant and no where else in the botanical world.

When you talk about healing modalities like Tai Chi, meditation, massage, diet, they are all mediated by the endocannabinoid system. Exercise raises your own cannabinoids throughout the body. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Osteopathic treatments also increase the body’s own cannabinoid levels. Holistic healing modalities work on the same endocannabinoid receptor system as THC, all confirmed in studies. Cannabinoids from plants or those produced in the body have a synergistic effect, the sum total benefit of whole plant medicine is greater than what individual components provide. Isolated cannabinoids are useful but enhanced with use of the whole plant. CBD isolate versus CBD-rich extract means a different dosage, different outcomes with same components by altering dosage. For a lot of people less is more, it’s a very personalized medicine. Everyone has a different sensitivity to cannabis. CBD can help neutralize the psycho-activity of THC, depending on strains high THC can be effective medicine for many conditions. Physicians write a recommendation not a prescription. We need better educated health professionals and consumers. Project CBD is now pooling information from Doctor’s what is working, there are so many ways to administer cannabis. Helping to train the staff at dispensaries, and Holistic Cannabis Academy with online training curriculum for practitioners.

Therapeutic modalities work synergistically with cannabis similar to compounds within the plant. Some Doctor’s now provide detailed regimens to patients, CNN’s report on seizure control increased awareness for many practitioners. Cannabis can be used in combination with other herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine does this combining of herbs not single herbs. For medicine we need to look into this ancient wisdom more. Cannabis compounds work in opposite and complimentary ways and science confirms this ancient wisdom of plant therapy.

New Science Findings – beta-caryophllene, a terpene in dark leafy greens binds to the CB2 receptor to activate the immune system. Omega 3 fats provide building blocks for our own cannabinoid production. Deficiency in omega3 fats can result in an endocannabinoid deficiency. Cannabinoids are in the intestinal tract, gut microbiota imbalance can affect the endocannabinoid system which is a defense mechanism against stress. An imbalance of microbiota will disrupt the endocannabinoid system and we will be sick one way or another. It mediates the stress response, stressors – psychological are pollution, poor diet, wear down the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis can boost cannabinoid signaling to enhance stress management. You don’t have to smoke medical marijuana to enhance the system you can exercise, sleep well, good nutrition, stress reduction, all impact our endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid science identified the synergy among these modalities as critical to overall health and wellness.

Dosage Guidelines – here 


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Understanding Cannabidiol – PDF –


Christian Bogner MD, FACOG – Web page

Autism and Medical Marijuana

Dr Bogner’s team of doctors in Michigan along with five other states are petitioning to add Autism to the list of approved to be prescribed medical marijuana. They found that when a severely Autistic child with epilepsy was prescribed MMJ for the epilepsy all the Autistic symptoms regressed. After three years on the cannabis oil the child finally began to speak. GMO’s (glyphosate) is a huge contributor to the development of Autism. Infant formula is GMO soy and toxic, look up patent #US6630507 – oct 2003 United States Dept of Health and Human Services 26 page summery titled – Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants. Found here

Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties unrelated to the NMDA receptor antagonism. Cannabis deactivates the activation of the glutamate receptor. Protecting the brain in ischemic, age related, inflammatory, autoimmune, and oxidation related diseases. Excess glutamate means oxidative stress that cells get destroyed because of overstimulation. If a child’s brain is on fire they cannot learn, neurons cannot connect to create memory. MMJ calms down that mechanism by blocking the receptor of activation. I have seen a completely different child just 45 minutes after administering CB oil, each child of course is different. There are many case reports of this. Cannabis is many medications in one. One blend they found working well is RSO#4 by the company cannapure, 51.2% THC + 14.3% CBD, 98% of both are activated. They have also had good results with CBD only strains, but I feel both is better. Children of Autism have problems with signaling their own endocannabinoids in both the receptor and releasing. Our own natural anandamide that we produce is very much the same as the THC from the plant, which is why we’re using both CBD and THC oil strains.

Concentration of THC is dependent on diagnosis and symptoms, the more severe the higher the THC concentration needed. THC (marinol) alone is dangerous. The more severe the Autism the more brain inflammation there is. It’s the high concentration of glutamate not mercury in MMR vaccines causing the problem, glutamate + glyphosate is a dangerous combination of toxins. The glyphosate destroys the gut and you need to recolonize the gut with good bacteria. Probiotics improved symptoms in studies, in some cases there has been complete reversals with fecal transplants. You can recolonize with organic vegetable juices to also get vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and prebiotics. Avoid toxins and use CB oil at least in the beginning to cool down the brain, after a few years you won’t need it anymore. Get off food additives, prepare your body for pregnancy, organic food, delayed vaccination schedule based on child’s symptoms and milestones.

Report – Autism Decoded – here


Kymore deCesare  Chief Research Officer Steep Hill Labs

We are finding all these different cannabinoids, CBC and CBG are regenerative compounds, the holy grail of medicine that grows new cells just like stem cells. CBC is ten times more potent than CBD for anxiety only requiring just 2mg. Terpenoids that are in cannabis are also found in foods available worldwide in plant foods and herbs to provide nutrition. Cannabis is no different than herbs basil or turmeric for medicinal properties. It’s not medicine it’s nutrition. Why is the Mediterranean diet so healthy? Because it contains a high amount of these terpinoids.

More details in this PDF report from Steep Hill Labs
James Forsyth MD – Board Certified Oncology, Internal Medicine, and Homeopothy. Trained Pathologist and Gerontologist. Practicing Oncology since the 1970’s, Integrative Oncologist.

Cancer and Medical Marijuana

The first clinical study I did was with the Paw Paw Tree, native to the south east United States for killing cancer cells. This was back in early 2000. I then did a study on polyMVA – mineral, vitamin, amino acid therapy – sugar energizes cancer cells to burn out leading to apoptosis (cell death).

For cancer patients I use low dose non toxic chemo, IPT Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy. I have followed 1000 patients for 5 1/2 years, since 2010, and still in progress. Instead of the 2.1-2.3% survival rate for stage 4 cancers that conventional medicine gets I am showing a 71% 5 years after treatment. This costs 90% less than conventional drugs and IPT for many, 88-90%, causes no side effects. I don’t do IPT the same as other integrative oncologists, I modified it by adding it together with the chemo to prevent a reaction some get doing it separately. The danger is hypoglycemia, so the insulin is infused in small amounts to prevent it. This therapy was discovered 40 years ago in South America. There is 3 weeks of IPT therapy followed by 3 months oral therapy. Cannabis is then used as maintenance or mop-up to destroy lingering cancer cells, 4 parts THC to 1 Part CBD cannabis oil, ratios can vary. It’s a tiny amount of oil about the size of a grain of rice rubbed on the gums 2 times a day.

THC and CBD work synergistically creating an entourage effect, they enter the cancer cell membrane and enhance secretion of ceramide. Ceramide disrupts cell mitochondria and oxygenation causing cancer cells to die when their mitochondria is disrupted. Cannabis is the oldest known recorded medicinal plant, 6-7 thousand years. It has shown good results with cancers of the brain, prostrate, pancreatic, GI, lung, and triple negative breast cancer. I do have a patient that had stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who also had chronic Hepatitis C whose tumor has been in remission for over 8 years and his chronic Hep-C without the use of interferon or a liver transplant has disappeared. A blend working very well with many patients is called Constance oil, 80% THC – 20% CBD, but for those that can’t handle the psychoactive effect I recommend that they use it at night to sleep through it.

We all have circulating tumor cells (CTC)  trying to metastasize, CTC is undergoing genetic testing to find abnormalities and mutations. Genetic profiling allows for tailored drug, hormone, and supplement therapies to be prescribed. Cannabis is being used for post treatment maintenance therapy. We do this so we’re not guessing, this brings the remission rate into the high 90s%. Oncology protocols are typically based on large scale data, the genetic testing allows for a more customized approach. Integrating low dose drugs + supplements + cannabis = higher remission rates. Some of the larger cancer centers do this, Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Cancer Centers of America. We are now even personalizing which strain of cannabis is best for each patient. Physicians are now learning about medical marijuana at conferences.


Steven Katz VMD – Pets and Medical Marijuana –

Cannabis based medicine for anxiety, allergies, and healthy joint and hip formulas. They are FDA approved and currently available for dogs with the cat formulas expected to be available very soon. Much more information on their site.


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