Cancer and Essential Oils

My Notes from the Essential Oils Revolution

An Interview with Dr. Eric L. Zielinski DC, MPHc

Cancer and Essential Oil Research

My health journey began twelve years ago and now my mission in life is to empower people not only to live a healthy life but to live an abundant life. My mentor at the time who is seventy one years old today who can still run circles around me, bench press more than most guys I know, he’s just the picture of health, not on one drug. He just recently had a physical he’s a VA veteran and they looked at him and said what are you doing, your numbers are perfect your a great picture of health. He said I just take care of myself, I eat good food and I use essential oils on a regular basis, I use them topically, orally and I diffuse them. He even battled skin cancer and is a survivor because he fought it naturally.

I have been actively researching on my own and professionally alternative therapies and the door opened for me to become a chiropractor. I had fallen in love with research, research writing specifically and was sponsored to go to Emory to study public health which is the premier school right next to the CDC. I have been formally trained in public health and as a clinical researcher, and as a doctor of chiropractic, I bring a unique standpoint of health and wellness and health and essential oils are a big part of my life. I didn’t know much about them, all I knew was that my wife used them and I just thought it was smelly stuff until several years ago Dr. Axe and I got together and we worked on several articles for my ebook. I wrote a dozen health reports on essential oils, I was absolutely floored at what the data had to say about these things, this is life saving medicine. I have devoted the last two years diving into the research to learn as much as I can. I like to clump together chiropractors and essential oil users because they both follow a vitalistic model which basically is this the body has an innate ability to heal itself and if we give the body what it needs the body will do the rest of the work. Chiropractic will not help anyone with anything, it will not help you with your headache, an adjustment will not help you with your hypertension, it will not cure you. What a chiropractic adjustment does is remove any sort of tension that might be on the nervous system through the spinal cord and in that way it allows the body to heal itself.

This is the same thing with essential oils they won’t cure you of anything and that’s an important thing to recognize the essential oil works with the body to kill for example cancer. That’s what blew my mind because being a chiropractic researcher I’m used to this, I’m used to feeling these types of criticisms and skepticisms. What do you guys do, how do you prove it, so when I stumbled upon an article on how essential oils can trigger apoptosis in the body which is a clinical term for programed cell deaths. Basically when the essential oil comes in contact with the cancer cell it produces a biological, physiological effect with the body and would then kill the cancer. The oil doesn’t kill the cancer the body kills the cancer and that to me spoke my language because that’s what I had been living and breathing in the last 6 years in chiropractic college with my public health research. That triggered me on, I’ve used essential oils off and on because being a natural health guy and I read all the time. I once used some from a health food store and it didn’t work the problem was it was junk, it was a non-medicinal grade, non-therapeutic grade and I didn’t know better so I thought it was just a scam until I started doing the research. The research is always on the medicinal, therapeutic essential oil not the junk you get at the store and that’s a huge difference. I would even argue that stuff is not essential oils, it’s a synthetic version of what God designed, the Bible says the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. That’s what we see with essential oils that’s exactly what we get, if you have used essential oils and you have not gotten a good result I have to ask where did you get them from, if you got it at the store I can almost guarantee it’s probably not a level of quality that’s therapeutic. If it says aromatherapy grade it’s safe to smell but if you don’t see the supplement label on the bottle it means it’s not safe to ingest and if it’s not safe to ingest I would ague it’s not safe to put on your skin, our skin is a giant sponge. Once I started using the real stuff our whole world changed, the benefits to my kids and my wife laughing in the background I told you about this. Once I got it through my head it was life saving medicine it just really changed my mind, it revolutionized my world.

Why is cancer such an epidemic today, why, you just have to wonder. I don’t know anyone in my life that doesn’t know someone who has cancer it’s just everywhere. When someone goes to the doctor for a condition, for example a lady that comes to our practice she was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer it’s metastatic it went to her liver. She went to the doctor because she had some gastrointestinal complaints and acid reflux and that was it. They did a scope, they did some checks on her, were talking stage four esophageal cancer, this is a twenty eight year old woman who basically just got a death sentence. Why, why now, what are we doing, why are things so different? I’m passionate about this because cancer is more than preventable and if our immune systems are functioning at one hundred percent we would not die or get sick with cancer. The reality is we all have cancer type cells in our body the difference is with people who die of it and people who don’t die of it is whether or not the immune system can handle it. If you look at how we live today we have systematically annihilated our immune systems and we are basically walking around as walking dead were barely surviving, were barely getting by. How many people do you know that get colds 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times a year, their kids are always sick, their always sick, they don’t have energy, their constantly stressed, their barely getting through the day, they need a cup of coffee just to wake up in the morning, what happened. This sort of thing is one of the purposes I feel is to help people live an abundant life and one of the components of which is living a healthy life, living a prosperous life. I have seen a lot of people have their lives cut short and wind up going 20, 30, 40 years earlier than they should because they let their bodies go and it gets to the point where there’s this accountability. I want to challenge everyone listening we need to be accountable to ourselves and each other and how we handle this temple because it’s really the only thing that we have, the only thing that were given and the only thing we can take away out of all our possessions we have no control except for our body.

So why is cancer such an epidemic today, you have to look at the stress that we have allowed in our system. People live in this constant state of a sympathetic state meaning sympathetic versus parasympathetic those are the fight or flight response. So when you see that bear your eyes dilate, your blood starts pumping out of your organs and your blood goes to your hands and your feet so you could get out of dodge real quick. That is the fight or flight response but it’s only designed to be used for thirty seconds to two minutes maximum, we live in that sympathetic state all the time. People wake up stressed, they go to work in traffic their stressed, they hate their job that leads to stress, they eat food that contributes to the stress, they come home in traffic, they get home and they can barely have time to make food and they go out to eat and this contributes to the stress, and they have stress in their family. We live in this environment where it’s almost unavoidable and stress is the number one killer it produces inflammation and is linked to the cause of most chronic diseases including cancer period. Inflammation is the reason people have heart disease it’s not cholesterol, it’s not butter, inflammation is the reason people are going through so many physiological responses that are causing organs to fail that are causing the mind brain fog, it’s so horrible.

Then you add on top of that toxins, what are we eating, for example non organic wheat if you don’t know this it’s shocking what conventional wheat farmers do is they literally flood their farm with glyphosate filled round up. What essentially it is it’s called desiccation and basically what it is is a way for the wheat to go to seed quicker and also to kill the rye grass. They flood their field with glyphosate which is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen and has been linked to autism, they flood the fields with it and it causes more wheat to be produced. it kills the weeds and what we get in our system is a couple parts per billion of roundup, a couple parts per billion of glyphosate. And because of this an MIT researcher said if we continue at the rate that were at by the year 2015 fifty percent of every kid is going to have autism. Why, because were poisoning ourselves, the solution is called the Italian paradox. Why can people go to Italy and were talking Celiac straight up I’m allergic to wheat, how can they go to Italy and completely eat freely without having to worry and not suffer gastrointestinal and no allergic reactions. Because they don’t do that stuff there they don’t poison their wheat, they don’t use genetically modified organisms. The same thing with sugar just drinking a can of soda has been shown for twenty years clinically it will shut down your immune system for five hours, two tablespoons of sugar is what is in a coke will decrease your white blood cell production by ninety percent. You can eat all the sugar you want but basically what your doing is putting your body in such a metabolic burden where it’s using all of it’s energy to try to break down and get rid of the toxic sugar that it’s allowing cancer, bacterial, viral infections, let alone that it now can’t break down fat and then people become overweight that contributes to cancer too.

Poor nutrition look at the food right now you test a carrot today versus the nutrition of a carrot thirty years ago we are talking 30-40% less nutrition quality and that’s been proven. What we have done because of over farming techniques, because of this whole desiccation process and all the products that we use we are literally killing our food supply. So were living in this state of nutritional deficiencies that we never had before, vitamin D deficiency does more to your body than you’ll ever get and all you have to do is go outside for fifteen to twenty minutes out of the day. We live in this environment where were never outside, this is the answer in my opinion with what I have seen in the research is why is cancer such an epidemic and the last part is this what are we putting on our skin. The internal aspect of toxins like sugar, glyphosates, non organic foods and poor nutrition but externally ever since 1984 there’s an article in the American Journal of Public Health it’s proven that our skin is a giant sponge. 29-90% I think the average was 65%, about 65% of whatever dose of solvent you put on your skin absorbs into your body. If you put a lotion on your skin 65% of the solvents in that lotion will be absorbed including ingredients like triclosan which is in 75% of all of our household products that has been a registered pesticide since 1969 and were putting that in our skin everyday. Hand sanitizers, antibacterial lotions and potions, God help us what are we doing. If you add all this together well duh, no wonder, were putting ourselves in a state where were immune compromised were walking around just asking for cancer. It’s not one thing that’s causing cancer it’s a whole lifestyle and essential oils are a key part of that lifestyle. I hate to tell you if your eating junk and your going to McDonalds and your going to take your digestive blend whatever it is to help your stomach ache your spinning your wheels. You can use essential oils all you want but unless you change your lifestyle your not going to get the true benefit of these things.

This kind of urks me it’s a medical model mindset that people will live how they want to live or give them the benefit of the doubt people don’t know how to live. A good site for empowering people and learning how to make your own lotions and great recipes is the prairie homestead. For people who don’t know or don’t want to do it essential oils are like one step forward and two steps back, it might take away some side effects but the reality is it’s a whole way of life, it has to be and oils help but it’s just one part of the puzzle.

During a consultation with one of my patients last week I said I don’t care what it is you want to do you have to include alternative therapies if your going conventional with cancer therapy because if you want to go the medical route God Bless you, I just hope the side effects don’t kill you. The reality is some people that’s all they see as an alternative, that is the only alternative for them is going the chemo or radiation route. Personally I think I know what I would choose but until your given that diagnosis of cancer you can’t judge anyone, even me I’m as granola as you can get but if a doctor told me you have glioblastoma and a year left I don’t know what I’m going to do, I honestly don’t know. I just want everyone to know if you have cancer or a loved one that has cancer don’t feel judged at all if you have gone the conventional route you did what you thought you needed to do, however I am going to try to encourage everyone to include alternative therapies with that. I know people that have gone a completely alternative route and they had great results you could go completely natural or completely medical or you could take both approaches. With that when you do take the medical route the research on cancer and essential oils are unbelievably clear essential oils will help with the side effects of chemotherapy they will actually make chemotherapy more effective. One reason why conventional therapies are so ineffective, I have to quote a study, glioblastoma is veritably an incurable brain tumor and I came across this article in cancer investigation last year and the first sentence in the article states this “current therapies for glioblastoma multiforme are not effective”. Current therapies for this are not effective then why in God’s name are you using it on people, the research is showing it’s not effective but that’s all they are doing because that’s all they know how to do.

The reason I mention it and why it’s not effective is these drugs, chemotherapy can’t cross the blood brain barrier their not lipid soluble, you see the body is protected by fat, the brain is protected by fat, it’s called the blood brain barrier our cells are protected by a phospholipid membrane, it’s fat. Fat is good we are in this environment where we have demonized fat, fat’s not bad, obesity yes but our body is protected by fat especially the brain. A cancer patient especially a brain tumor patient, takes a drug it can’t cross that blood brain barrier because most drugs are not lipid soluble because they don’t have oils or fat in them. The same thing with supplements most of your supplements are a complete waste of money unless there is oil reconstituted in it. Jane Goldberg PhD recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post and according to her it’s proven 90% of the oil in all your herbs and plants that you dehydrate to make a supplement are annihilated because of the processing of the pill. When you take that vitamin your body can’t absorb those nutrients because it’s missing the key component of the essential oil so unless your putting oil back into your supplements your wasting your money. Unless you put essential oil into your drugs your wasting your money so when it comes to conventional therapies your going to do chemo and guess what frankincense and sandalwood can help the chemo work better. At the very least if someone doesn’t feel comfortable taking the alternative route you can add the essential oils that will not only enhance the drugs it will also help with the side effects and that is invaluable.

There is so much research coming out on cancer and essential oils the problem is this isn’t something that America wants to fund. I know an independent researcher who is out of a University who has done extensive research with essential oils and cancer, he went to the National Institute of Health with their several studies they had conducted on humans and animals. He said look I have this unbelievable research showing that essential oils are very effective I need some funding and the NIH told them no were not interested, were just not interested in alternative therapies. Were talking the cure for cancer here, were talking prevention and their just not interested. I have people who are on an essential oil protocol that roughly runs under $200 compare that to an $8,000 experimental drug, that’s a no brainer but look who’s not benefiting. The research we have is growing but comparative to the medical route it’s nothing, the medical route has thousands of articles on cancer and their conventional therapies. When it comes to cancer we don’t have as much, we do have a good amount but you can’t compare their not apples to apples. A lot of the studies that are being done are done overseas these people want it, these people use it, there are very few studies being done in the states which is frustrating.

With that we have oils and for those of you who want to take a list this is what I use in my cancer protocol, these six oils are fantastic for cytotoxic and apoptotic effect they produce that natural bodies resistance towards cancer and the body will then kill cancer. Clove, cinnamon, frankincense, lemongrass, Melissa, sandalwood and thyme these oils various studies have shown, were talking breast, colon, prostate all kinds of different things. When it comes to breast cancer specifically there is a lot more research on breast cancer because that’s obviously a hot topic and one that most Americans feel very much obligated with the walks and races and cures. There is so many women suffering from breast cancer and men too they get breast cancer, there is a lot of research a lot more. Some more included in that list we add oregano, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, clary sage, helichrysum, peppermint and rosemary. These are oils that have all been done in clinical trials regarding not only producing that apoptotic effect by not only being able to kill cancer but also with side effects. That’s key according to the National Cancer Institute they really recommend aromatherapy as a complimentary treatment to help with side effects like stress, anxiety, nausea. The National Cancer Institute isn’t willing to take that one step forward and say you know what and say oils will help your body kill cancer but they will recognize that they are good as an adjunct. That’s important to recognize because we cannot minimize the importance of quality of life because when someone is going through cancer the side effects of cancer alone, let alone the side effects of whatever treatment your taking are devastating, everything from nausea , chronic fatigue, insomnia, pain just outright pain wherever that cancer may be it can annihilate someone’s day to day living. If you could incorporate essential oils back into that mix it could really make someone’s life better. Granted maybe the essential oil doesn’t work in a sense that the person still might die of a tumor or that person still might die of cancer but I’ll tell you one thing and this is something I have heard from survivors you cannot put a value on the quality of life.

Don’t say it didn’t work for me, I hate when I hear that chiropractic didn’t work, essential oils didn’t work, juicing didn’t work, eating organic didn’t work what do you mean it didn’t work, yes it did it added a positive aspect to your life. If it didn’t give you the desired result maybe you were too far gone, maybe you were at stage 4 and if you started at stage one it would have had a different effect but you can’t discount the quality of life. Whether they win the battle or not it’s important to help them even if it’s just getting a good night sleep that is life transforming for people who are struggling with insomnia who are dying of cancer.

In my protocol that I put together I highly recommend regular diffusion, diffusion in my opinion is one of the most effective ways of having essential oils benefit the whole body. The reason why cocaine addicts snort cocaine instead of injecting it into their bloodstream is because it’s the fastest way of getting a high. Whenever you smell something it hits the nasal mucosa, the little cells in your nasal passage, it goes immediately into your brain and crosses that blood brain barrier. Then it goes into your lungs and once you breath something and it gets into your lungs it gets into every cell of your body because your lungs purify your blood. When you think of that the most effective way of having essential oils really help you if your a cancer patient is to diffuse mood elevating or sleep promoting oils or whatever it might be. Citrus oils are a perfect example, people have used citrus oils for thousands of years for mood elevation your oranges, lemons or bergamot you could put a mix together or buy a blend and do that throughout the day. The Bible says a happy heart is like good medicine, you cannot discount the psychological aspects of health and wellness. On top of that you can diffuse immunity support blends your cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, frankincense you could include that as well and promote immunity. At night diffuse some sleep promoting oils your lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, some that promote calm peace of mind, that is a great way of encouraging benefits from diffusion.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is lemon is great for inflammation so if you want to put a drop of lemon into your water or a couple drops in 16oz of water and drink a couple times a day, that will not only help with inflammation but also internal swelling. I have one patient with a brain tumor that is doing this to help with the internal swelling of his brain. If you have any gut issues, digestive problems or nausea some sort of digestion support the ones that all the world uses the fennel, caraway, peppermint, ginger. These are great you could put that right on your stomach because their transdermal they penetrate your skin or you can ingest them that’s another good way. You also want to fight the colds and flu’s you want to keep your immune system pumping and that’s where oregano comes in tea tree or melaleuca, a great bacterial solution is just one drop of melaleuca and one drop of oregano in a glass of water. If your a cancer patient and you know your going to be in an area where a lot of people are sick or your going to the hospital for a treatment take that as prevention, get your immune system strong before you go to the hospital. That’s the key if we could keep our immune system pumping. Also respiratory support we want the peppermint oils the cardamom we want the oils to promote good healthy breathing because breathing is so key to health. If we don’t have proper breathing function were not getting the energy and the blood supply to the rest of the body. Also pain relief there are some awesome oils that work peppermint, wintergreen, white fir, balsam fir these you could use topically to ease sore muscles, arthritic joints and for headaches. They are fantastic for anyone going through some chronic pain and those are some easy and practical ways that the cancer patient can use to help them to enhance their daily life.

Practical tips for preventing cancer is making this a way of life the only way that we can guarantee that we will never get cancer or that we will be able to naturally fight cancer. I do believe that from what we have seen and from countless testimonials people can cure cancer naturally, the body can do this it’s all about minimizing toxins, eating the best quality food that we can eat, drinking the purest water that we can drink, keeping as healthy of a mood mind balance as we can. Even if your not sick right now, I’m diffusing essential oils as we talk just because I want to enhance my mood, I want to enhance my performance, I want to just do what I need to do for my body to be proactive so I don’t get sick. That’s a real strong key is to embrace a way of life, don’t use them as medicine because their not in that sense to me because when you use something as medicine your using it after the fact, your already sick, I use it as true prevention. Embrace a way of life and yes you could use it as medicine if that’s the stage that your at. Get with people that you trust, get some great resources, there are some great one’s on the internet and make this part of your life and put it into action.

If you go to my web page there is a free ebook it comes with a lot of the research that I just shared and a great article on frankincense which has key cancer fighting properties to it.

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