Autism Education Lecture Part 1

My Notes from The Autism Education Lecture The Hippocrates Health Institute

This was a two hour lecture, this is part 1 of that talk.

Brian Clement PhD, LN speaking
Some of you may find it hard to believe how big of an epidemic Autism is, in my 44 years of work I have seen many diseases become plagues, cancer slowly but surely but I’ve never seen anything move as rapidly as Autism. When the statistics have gone up 40 times in two generations and all were getting from mainstream science is we don’t know why it’s here, it’s not enough. What I am happy about is that many people at some of our great universities have gone way out of their way to prove something can be done about this, what are the origins of this and how can we stop it. Tonight is not about what’s right or what wrong, should we take inoculations or not it’s about science. We like people to make personal decisions and they make wise decisions when they have wisdom, when we don’t know we make decisions based on emotions which quite often are the wrong ones.

Anna Maria Clement PhD, LN speaking:
We are in a time where we can’t ignore Autism anymore it’s time that we educate ourselves and that’s what tonight is all about. there are many thoughts out there of what could be the reason. Is it simply genetic, heavy metal poisoning, casein from dairy, a gluten connection, allergies, autoimmune, viral, is it yeast overgrowth. Now science is coming out with real proof, studies now link Monsanto’s round up to Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Not only is it roundup but aluminum, round up and fluoride seem to be a trifecta for these diseases. There is no control for how much we can spray and we are all in one atmosphere effecting us even though we may not live close to a farm. This study really proves a lot for us, Dr. Stephanie Seneff lead scientist at MIT states that one half of all children born in 2025 will most likely have some level of Autism. Seneff has proven that round up a noted weed killer that is now spliced into some of your food through genetic modification contains one deadly chemical called glyphosate. This neuro-disruptor produces the shikomate pathway in the consumers body. This process disturbs and destroys gut bacteria in the GI tract preventing protein uptake into the cells. Dr. Seneff believes this is a central cause of Autism due to the intestine and neurological connection. Laminate wood flooring has also been linked to Autism at MIT. Seneff’s work reconfirms past research that looked at methylation of DNA/RNA proteins that disturbed phospholipids and neurotransmitters, the communication in your brain. Avoiding non-organic foods including genetically modified varieties is the first safeguard in preventing Autism. Sleep, nutritious food, pure water and exercise not only builds healthy bodies it also strengthens your immunity, people who live this way will protect future children.

Brian Clement Phd, LN speaking
We are all stunned by the announcement from a renowned, respected researcher, there is no one I know in science that doesn’t have massive respect for Dr. Seneff. When she said in a meeting that we can anticipate one half of our children will have Autism this should be alarming and the number one news story until everyone gets it. We learned something from her study, it’s a work in progress this in why we can’t point fingers and blame one thing. I am going to move onto other information, there is new data that supports what some people have been suspecting for decades that is without question at this point. The work that is being done on mercury is extraordinary when you look at it because it is well known for being deadly. When you start to look at mercury that’s intentionally placed inside of  inoculations this is something that we can control much better. Lets’ look at some other work that has been done globally April second was Autism awareness day for the world. Thimerosal’s neuron disruption link is it contains ethylmercury, this established toxin is not disputable unless you want to pick a fight with the periodic table. There is no scientist in the world that would not concur that mercury hurts the brain. Why then do people keep insisting in the realms of inoculation to put thimerosal in as a preservative, it has been questioned numerous times by dozens of lead scientists globally as a pretty bad preservative. They are giving us options saying there are other things that are better. Thimerosal is 50% mercury by weight and is used as a dubious preservative , other benign preservatives could easily replace this neuron disruptor. From 1987 where one out of 3,000 people reported Autism, there were many more that had Autism but back when I was a child someone with a brain injury was an outcast and families did not discuss a slow child who was maybe a brilliant child but they were almost hidden. One out of 3,000 reporting it with governments saying it could be one out of 10,000 that had some level of Autism. In one decade, 1996 ten times more were reported, there was a dramatic increase in the use of mercury in that same time. We didn’t use much mercury in the early inoculations my generation was the first generation in the mid twentieth century that they tried to fully vaccinate but we didn’t have mercury at any level to discuss at that point.

Inoculations were directly linked to Autism so much so that the U.S. Government created the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986 to compensate victims via the VICP better known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or Vaccine Court. Our government and obviously the vaccine industry put a hush fund together and paid out families that had lawsuits against these companies and the government allowed that to happen. At some point decided that it wasn’t a smart next step to say we must ban mercury from these inoculations. In 1999 the new vaccine schedule increased injections but at the same point strongly advised many pharmaceutical companies to reduce thimerosal in their products. The same year there was an overall reduction of use, though many vaccines still contained this brain-disturbing “preservative”. This was going on in the U.S. and we always accuse ourselves as being the slowest but sadly in Europe and other countries in the world they haven’t begun to reduce the mercury. We haven’t touched it, it hasn’t changed one bit since the 1980’s in developing countries, in countries where there is no money they basically put the mercury in all inoculations that we did 20-25 years ago.

Decades of Warnings:
1947 Dr. Ellis discourages the use of thimerosal.
1947 Cogswell and Shoun alerts the scientific community of thimerosal’s potential harm.
1977 Fagen, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada, urged thimerosal’s restriction.
1982 Hayworth/Dept. of Veterans Affairs warned of thimerosal’s toxicity when used in preventing transplant rejections.
1983 Kravchenko, a Russian scientist published his research on thimerosal creating cell property damage. In petri dishes he was getting almost 100% cell damage.
1985 Stetler at the CDC reported thimerosal’s ineffectiveness as a vaccine preservative. The very CDC that is supposed to regulate this but didn’t take the next step to ban it.
1986 Winship/The Dept. of Health and Social Security U.K. released statements about the cumulative effect of thimerosal toxicity from multiple injections. The trick that was used for many years is that it was an acceptable level but then as we increased inoculations how could it be an acceptable level when they put the maximum level in one injection. Now children today get 30-40 injections, there are now plans to give people these injections every five years throughout their entire life.
1988 Dr. Maurer at Medicine’s control Laboratory, Austria advised to eliminate thimerosal from vaccines.
1988 Cox/Forsyth wrote about thimerosal’s inherent toxicity creating allergic responses. They showed six out of ten children given this had an allergic response to it.
1992 Dr. Hause at Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Germany advised the European Commission of Medicine of mercury’s poisoning effects.

The CDC under scrutiny – 21st century scientists like Harvard’s Dr. Herbert and Tuft’s Universities Krimsky PhD all petition science, industry and governments to halt the use of thimerosal. The CDC has had four major investigations, one Congressional, all stating that it is a broken government department that needs renewal. This government organization participated more than a decade ago in the creation of a law that protects vaccine manufacturer’s from lawsuits from those injured by their products. The only pharmaceutical department that cannot be sued is vaccines. This protection has attracted the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture a wide variety of new vaccines (67 in the pipeline) since there is unchallenged potential for profits. The CDC is an organization that is supposed control what we are talking about tonight, there is zero control and even the totally ineffective Congress that we have now are saying that they are even more ineffective than they are.

The newly published book Thimerosal Let the Science Speak was edited by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Environmental Lawyer, along with pediatric neuroscientists, functional medicine physicians and university professors. The well documented contributors should be read by any and all thinking people concerning inoculations and their potential pathway to brain injuries. It includes the collection of by far the most effective, recent data and research that is impeccable, every one of the studies in this book that I accessed where profoundly, empirically correct they did their utmost best to give the best data that was unbiased in this book. If I were a family of an Autistic child I would be reading this book, not to yell and scream, because once a child has Autism it doesn’t matter if their taking in thimerosal, it doesn’t matter if you put in laminate flooring. It doesn’t matter if they take in high fructose corn syrup that is 50% by weight genetically modified roundup, that is where most of the children are getting the roundup from today they don’t roll around and go in the grass that you just sprayed. They drink soda and they eat sugar and the sugar most widely used today happens to be genetically modified high fructose corn syrup and it’s used in practically every commercial product that they use sugar for today.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a respected research scientist in Britain, published a study in Lancet in 1998 revealing the connection between thimerosal riddled vaccines and Autism. Pharmaceutical industry agents went on a rampage until they successfully, after a six month debate, removed Dr. Wakefield’s ability to practice medicine in his home country. He was very well respected and sought out as a researcher because people knew if his name was attached to the research people didn’t doubt it. When your a truth teller in a system that’s not truthful it becomes quite dangerous. Let’s go deeper, let’s research to protect people worldwide, it’s not just people and having compassion for adults but what about our babies the most innocent among us.

It’s a broken system, mounting evidence reveals systemic cover ups from the vaccine and chemical industry. Without the will of government officials to reform the FDA, the CDC and similar global government organizations, we will continue to be misled and profits will continue to be a priority over human health. Vaccines in their original form have been able to save millions, if not billions of lives. Look at the plagues that are gone, why most people are rejecting them today is because of people like Dr. Wakefield and many more. Your going to have a mounting chorus of people who are truth tellers willing to sacrifice their license and reputation. The writer’s of the book and including Robert Kennedy are very much pro vaccine and committed to the idea that vaccines are saving lives. It would be an easy step, with this one issue that we now have proven that it directly relates to Autism and that we remove thimerosal from the vaccines and replace it with a preservative that works. Why would the companies not have enough consciousness and wisdom to do that. With the current atmosphere surrounding this issue more people are opting out because they understand the potential side effects. You would think the lame excuses that manufacturer’s use to avoid removal of mercury, due to it’s cost, would be shunned by the officials and the public at large.

We have got to be informed just like when people come here with other disorders we tell them that knowledge is power and if you have knowledge and don’t shy away from it and don’t think that it is bias, everything were presenting tonight is completely unbiased. Everything we are presenting tonight is from the higher echelon of legitimate science, everything we are presenting tonight is coming from people who I have tremendous admiration for and are willing to put their head on the chopping block. If we don’t do something now as an individual, a society and a culture the number 50% of children being born in nine years with Autism will be the good old days. If we don’t put the breaks on by contaminating the planet with nonsense that is unnecessary that’s completely and totally for the object of profits we cannot survive as a species.

Patricia a mother of an Autistic child speaking: Her story with her son Michael
We noticed Michael was different around the eight month mark that is when the stimming started this is a repetitive hand motion that brings comfort to an Autistic child. His other movement would be spinning it was always clockwise and always looking left. He didn’t have any aggression and was reaching some of his milestones, he started a few words at the age of one but those were lost after his next series of vaccinations. Michaels vaccine protocol was started the day he was born our mainstream pediatrician suggested starting three vaccines that day and a follow up  vaccination for his hepatitis B. In two weeks he started with a DTaP, DTP, hepatitis B, polio and the HIB vaccines on the day he was born. I thought it was ok I’m still beating myself up over that but almost got to the forgiveness part. Michael began to walk on time and seemed to comprehend what was going on around him but it was short lived by the age of two he began to start withdrawing, his stimming increased and wouldn’t play with his babysitters son who was the same age. He wasn’t aggressive or anxious he just turned inside. By 2 1/2 there was no more contact and no more words he managed a few noises that I could understand but most people couldn’t.

Our mainstream pediatrician would not diagnose at this time even with all the evidences of the PDD, pervasive developmental disorder. Our turning point came after Michael turned four when we saw an add for Palm Beach School for Autism, Michael still was not speaking and we called for an appointment because our research online had us convinced it was Autism. The school did an evaluation through the no child left behind Palm Beach County Public School mandate, he was diagnosed PDD on the Autistic spectrum, we immediately enrolled him in the school. We had just missed by a few days a presentation by Dr. David Berger at the school who was from Vitality Wellness in Miami Beach. He had given a presentation about a boy named Charlie who had severe Autistic behavior that included head banging and isolating himself, well Charlie went through Dr. David’s chelating program and dietary guidelines and responded beautifully which is why he is now an active and productive adult. We contacted Dr. Berger to see what these protocols were and if they could help Michael, Dr. Berger explained to us that heavy metal toxicity could be a factor in Michaels behavior. He wanted to go from a biomedical approach and examine Michael’s hair, blood, urine and stool. With the proper pre-push of glutathione, which is where they inject glutathione directly into the vein in the hand, he was able to measure the amount of heavy metals present because we collected the stool and the urine over an eight hour period and had it measured. Sure enough he was very high in mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic. How he came about all these we have no idea. The further research we had done showed the manufacturing processes of the commercially prepared foods are cleaned with arsenic, stainless steel cookware emits nickel into food, so a lot of this toxicity was not just the vaccination it’s all over in our environment. He went on to explain that heavy metals do not settle in the blood they settle in the cell tissue which is why the glutathione is needed to push that heavy metal out of the tissue and into the bloodstream where it can be excreted through the urine and the stool to be measured. The pre-push of glutathione consisted of an I.V. bag of glutathione, vitamin C and acetylcysteine into the vein in his hand. At four years old Michael was amazing and understood that the injection was going to hurt so we would sing our way through it, make a game of it.

I couldn’t imagine that we would get such immediate results, remember that he still only did noises and very little contact. On his very first glutathione infusion within the twenty minutes it took to get across Biscayne Bay Michael spoke his very first sentence to me, Mommy can I have spaghetti tonight. I almost drove off the road, I could have caused a ten car pileup, I was shaking. I called the doctor, my husband, my mother I called everybody, I wound up on the wrong road heading to the everglades. That was just from the glutathione we hadn’t even introduced the chelating agents yet. We started administering the glutathione bags every other week and he got good at picking which vein and knowing when to sing. Michael had gut issues which prevented us from starting chelation immediately, he had dysbiosis. We had to get rid of candida, we had to make sure he was getting enough iron, we had so many issues with his gut it took us a little over a year and a half to make sure we got that right before we even started chelation. We did the Dan Diet Protocol to feed Autism consisting of no casein, gluten, wheat or dairy, that sounds overwhelming, everything contains it. We did an allergy panel and Michael wasn’t allergic to any rice based products so we went straight to the Asian food store and you could get two pounds of pasta and rice noodles for the price of a six ounce box at whole foods. Within two weeks of starting the Dan Diet Michael’s stimming became less and less and in six weeks it was gone completely. We were waiting for Dr. David to give us the go ahead for chelation, his preparation includes around 22 supplements a day which we still do every day. That was my biggest challenge how do we get 22 pills in a four year old we tried everything from apple sauce to peanut butter, chocolate sauce to ketchup. Michael finally settled on a chocolate shake consisting of chocolate almond milk as a base mixing with frozen bananas so I would empty every nutraceutical into a little container and put it in with the frozen banana and chocolate milk and he still drinks one everyday.

We were able to start chelation just after his fifth birthday, the next plan of action was to measure the heavy metals on a regular basis to determine what chelating agent and how often. The recommended protocol was for every other week as he was in the unsafe zones for his age and weight for mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead. Chelation seemed to be his catalyst to his recovery as his speech and cognition immediately improved, by November 15th after his fifth birthday Michael said for the very first time I love you mommy and daddy. Dr. David was adamant that it was a combination of all the protocols that allowed the chelation to work. One other thing that we had included was Epsom salt baths twenty minutes a day, Dr. David explained Epsom salt is a natural chelating agent and would add sulfur and magnesium which he was deficient in both, Michael was very fond of those. Another treatment was hyperbaric oxygen it was an enclosed tube on the floor that we would get into I had to lie down with him inside it. The tube would pressurize for fifteen minutes with pure oxygen, then full oxygen for thirty minutes and then depressurize for fifteen, we did these once a month and I found them very beneficial for myself a great sense of profound calm. Michael never had aggression issues but Dr. David explained that it was a great blood cleanser. We also utilized cranial sacral therapy at the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, the technician Roy Desjarlais opened his own cranial sacral practice which we continue twice a year for Michael to this day. We sought out a pediatric special needs dentist which we found in Miami Beach by the name of Michael Brody. Michael then needed orthodontic care he had a terrible overbite so Dr. Brody recommended Dr. Kevin Tenn here in Palm Beach Gardens who looks at the mouth as part of a whole body adjustment it’s not just moving teeth around. Rather than rush a child through a year and half just to get to the next sale Dr. Tenn will take his time and explain the process and he had Michael in braces for five years and he did great. The last therapy we added was chiropractic and massage, Dr. Andrew Hope at the Hope Health and Wellness is still assisting Michael with massage, back and neck adjustments. How do we do it, it sounds overwhelming, unless number one you have a goal you sit down and you ask, do we want to use this as a day to day treatment for a child or are we going to do something to change this, what do we want to do. Number two your part of a team if your single get a sister or a brother, if your married make sure you guys are on the same page. My husband and I decided to take two different approaches when we first went at this because there’s a lot of research you have to do depending on what you want to do, we didn’t know what we wanted to do at first. We feel that we were guided to Dr. Berger and the Palm Beach School for Autism and those were really key for us but my husband took a physical approach and I took a biomedical approach. We went through all the different web sites and decided ok lets do this, let’s do that, It’s always a work in progress, your not going to come up with a formula that’s right for everybody.

We started by taping every one of our doctor visits, Dr. Berger allowed us to do that so we could refer back to the instructions and the protocols as we needed them. He would talk so fast and give us so much information that after the first visit we taped it to be able to get a handle on this. We had a list of his supplements on the fridge because they would change as Michael progressed and we shared duties and knew each other’s duties so we could fill in for each other as needed. During Michael’s time in school at Palm Beach gardens we hired one of their assistants to come to the house once a week to give Michael OT where he learned chronological order of events, that was another good therapy that we added that started in first and second grade. He had gone to two schools after that and ended eighth grade with a 4.0 grade average. He is now attending a school for the arts which is a film and video academy and as a sophomore in high school he has joined the honors society with a 3.8 GPA and is now duel enrolling to complete his core college classes in the next two years while a junior/senior in high school. During his school tenure Michael has been within the EFC guidelines, he has had a IEP twice a year which defines goals, accomplishments and challenges, he knows his greatest challenges are word composition and reading comprehension. He learns more easily by auditory instruction and relies heavily on body language as a means of identifying emotion. We will continue to monitor his heavy metal retention and adjusting his protocols as recommended, Michael knows this may be a part of the rest of his life but more importantly he recognizes how challenging the rest of his life could be without it. At the age of nine he thanked me on the way home from one of his glutathione sessions saying “thanks Mom my brain feels so much better now”. I asked him how does that feel in your body, why is that Michael? He answered: because my brain is quiet. In Michaels case he felt his brain was so chaotic and disordered with thought that it could not be compartmentalized like you and I can to come up here and speak with that train of thought. Dr. Berger explained that the myelin sheath that covers that thought from neuron to neuron because of heavy metal could have holes in it, that thought is bouncing around and he can’t get it to his mouth and if it does it comes out five and six and seven times and that was called parading. When he was seven or eight I would bring him to the grocery with me and if he saw something he liked I would have him turn the box over and we would read the ingredients and if it said high fructose corn syrup I would say eh please try again, just to make it fun. Lastly I would like to share that to keep the process from being too scary implement as much fun as you can it draws you together as a family and provides good memories that will last a lifetime.

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