Earthing and Deep Breathing for Better Health

My Notes From The Children’s and Teen Summit

Pedram Shojai OMD – Oriental Medicine Doctor

The medical system is so broken everything revolves around sickness and sick care, it’s all about what to do after you have already gotten sick. What do you do to thrive so that disease doesn’t have a place to land. Your energy should be natural and flowing all day without having to reach for coffee.

The state of the vitality of the children is really predicated on Mom’s health through the pregnancy, Mom and Dad’s health years leading to the pregnancy, how she carried and her gut bacteria was it healthy enough to support inoculating the baby. We can stack the odds in our favor before you even get pregnant it’s profoundly important, genes play a roll but their not the be all end all.

If your born into a world where all your eating is processed food and your gut bacteria are off you already have some immune issues. Those things will make you less happy and less capable of living the life of your dreams. The brain needs essential nutrients, it needs good fats if you start to feed your child correctly and get good sleep and exercise it gets the machine working correctly. Because of school and modern life kids are more focused on getting things right and not enough time that makes us thrive in the world. I recommend martial arts or yoga, they teach a lot including breathing and self confidence. When you are out in nature there is always within twenty feet food and medicine.

Dr. Shojai web page

Cheryl Charles PhD

Technology is good but it has created an imbalance in our children’s lives spending too much time indoors sedentary looking at a screen, they need to get outdoors. Too many children are spending as much as fifty hours a week looking at a screen. When you go out into the environment with nature it provides diversity and stimulates their creativity and problem solving ability providing benefits cognitively, physically and emotionally. Just going outside children tend to be more physically active. Overweight or obese begins a domino effect of health problems. Playing outside also helps with social skills, collaboration and personal responsibility. Nature is de-stressing, fussy babies usually calm down when you take them outside.

Too many kids have their lives structured now with after curricular activities. It’s good for them to go out and explore on their own, it strengthens their appetite to stretch and extend their creativity to learn about natural systems and to problem solve. We are not doing them the favor that we thought by planning every moment for them. They have shown that just twenty minutes outside in nature for a child diagnosed with ADHD was able to do as well on a test for focus as other children, or better than widely prescribed medicine.

Cheryl Charles web page nature

Dr. Robyn Benson – Notes From the Origins Interviews

Get outside especially in nature, get barefoot negative ionic energy from the earth balances us and repairs damage to DNA. A gauss meter can measure the electromagnetic pollution in your home especially the bedroom. Turn off wi-fi at night, get earthing bed sheets, foot pads for your feet while your sitting at the computer, no shoes. Nourish your body with healthy food, stay hydrated. Don’t carry a cell phone in your pocket or bra. There has been a 25% increase in brain cancer in the last five years. Electrosensitivity may be undiagnosed causing many ailments and diseases, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines and obesity.

Bring nature into your home, off the grid as much as possible, clean nutritious food, hydrate with water, get outdoors, go barefoot, install stetzerizers in your home, turn wi-fi off at night, turn off anything within three feet of where you sleep, wear a shield, quantum companion is good for planes or high radiation areas. Electromagnetic pollution weakens your immune system.

With sleep problems or your always sick check for electrical panels in/or the other side of the wall of your bed or wifi/tv, computer or a smart meter on the other side. I recommend the documentary Full Signal and you can search to see how many towers are near your home or work at antenna search.

Good things to do are deep breathing exercising, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, get sun and grounding.

Dr. Benson web page Santa Fe soul

Kathyn Hendricks PhD, BC-DMT 

Pay attention to you body, you need to be able to say no about what your going to let in or not. Listen to when your stomach say’s it’s full not stuffed which is hard to know because it takes 20 minutes after you have had enough food to get a signal. We get very confused with all the suggestions out there, listen to your body.

Slow your breath down so you can relax.
Three to eight slow breaths and change your physical position, we go go go, slowing down for a few minutes whenever you think about or start to feel stressful, anxious or mind too busy. Take a moment to do the breathing and change position.

Can’t make a decision? From the present step into the future look back and say I’m so glad I ______ and what does your body tell you, pay attention to subtle reactions. You can also say from the present again I wish I hadn’t ______ and feel for your bodies reaction. You can also write choices on separate pieces of paper, put them on the floor and stand on each one asking questions and see how your body reacts.

Love yourself as you are, go to the videos on my page under body.

Movement creates new neural connections, bounce, shake or spontaneous dance. Practice joy and meditate, there is a CD harmonizer on my website listen with headphones. The power of appreciation allows endorphins to be released, when someone appreciates us and also when we appreciate someone else. Criticizing is bad for your health it weakens the immune system.

Write spontaneously, do the breath exercises, move, increase the ration of appreciation to criticism and receiving appreciation too, spontaneous movement everyday, renewal time everyday enjoy life, open up to joy versus circulating stress. I have a fear melters on my web page.

Kathlyn Hendricks web page The Hendricks Institute 

Tristan Truscott

Establish healthy energy before you start the business of the day. Deep breathing to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind. Tech cleans your energy field from electromagnetic pollution. Clean food, restful sleep and mindful awareness. Deep breathing draws oxygen into the body and stimulates nervous system, feed your brain more oxygen, deep belly breathing takes you out of a stress state. Also meditation and yoga. Walking or just being in nature rejuvenates your energy. For thousands of years this has worked for millions of people.

Tristan Truscott web page Satori Method Academy


Earthing Documentary titled: Earthing Grounding Barefoot Clint Ober the Most Important Health Discovery Ever

I have read some amazing stories of healing just from reconnecting to the earth barefoot, you must make sure it is ground that has not been sprayed with pesticides. The best part about the amazing health benefits of earthing and breathing practices is they are both free, easy and can be done anytime at your convenience.



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher


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