Natural vs Artificial Immunity

My Notes from The Children’s and Teen Health Summit

An interview with Sayer Ji

Modern medicine is not as evidence based as you think it’s more eminence based or based on authorities we look up to. If you look at the research itself from credible bodies like the Lancet to the CDC’s website will contradict some of the most basic medical interventions that we think are sound, safe and mandated.

Children in many ways are the canaries in the coalmine they have smaller bodies so relative to the toxic exposures that an adult would go through they have a greater burden and more likely to manifest adverse effects. Their detoxification systems aren’t as well developed and certainly not their immune systems, the fastest growing population for cancer is children which is very sad. We are seeing a lot of blood and bone marrow cancers like leukemia and brain cancers, these are exceptionally difficult to treat in many cases and the conventional approach is to deny that it’s anything but genetic or idiopathic saying we don’t know what causes it. Then they use inherently what are carcinogenic treatments which are chemotherapy and radiation which rely on the fact that when cancer cells replicate they expose their DNA and therefore are more susceptible to being damaged by genotoxic agents and that’s what chemo and radiation is it kills the genes. That’s the primary explanation of how cancer emerges is DNA damage so there’s this profound almost Orwellian contradiction in treating them this way.

When parents are faced with a child that has been diagnosed with these types of cancers it’s terrifying, realizing what the conventional care is it’s also terrifying so there is a bind, what we all want to do in this position is to prevent this from occurring in our children. There are a number of really clear causes that can be identified and hopefully remove if we are willing to accept that they are playing a roll.

If you look at adults they end up getting high rates of cancer because as you age you get more damage to your DNA and this damage eventually leads to the breakdown of the regulatory systems of the cell that cause it to die and replenish with new cells. Adults go through something called senescence on a cellular level where the cells no longer replicate they just occupy space and take up resources they even produce small toxins but they don’t become cancerous. Children don’t have that situation and the reason they are so susceptible to genotoxicity in our environment is because their cells replicate so rapidly. That’s one of the reasons for why pediatric cancers are on the rise is because the children today are being exposed to an insane number of toxic compounds that are effecting their DNA. We are looking at chemicals, food additives, radioisotopes from fallout of nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, Fukushima, diagnostic radiation, bisphenol in plastics, sealants of food cans, thermal printer paper, it’s no wonder why their going through such high rates of cancer.

If you live within one hundred miles of a nuclear reactor they periodically have to refuel and when they do they release gases that contain highly carcinogenic radioactive isotopes into the environment. It’s well known now looking at baby teeth that there is an accumulation of strontium from these reactors that are directly related to nuclear power. Even just the power grid that we rely on is contributing to pediatric cancer. Then you have glyphosate which is a byproduct of roundup herbicide which is found now in 70% of the rain, air and water samples, we are even breathing it in. If we identify the true causes we can empower ourselves to mitigate, remove and address them and hopefully resolve the root cause.

Everything is multifactorial especially with cancers but what happens when you see these big cause marketing campaigns for cancer they basically say we don’t know what the cause is, is kind of true because there isn’t a singular cause. Instead they focus the attention of removing from the mind the known causes which are carcinogens, number one in order to raise billions of dollars for some future cure that’s promised to occur through the pharmaceutical pipeline. It distracts from the known causes and focuses on getting people into detection and early screening campaigns and donations and the funnel towards conventional treatment down the road.

There are lot of things we can do on a daily basis to reduce the risk.

The neurodevelopmental issues that our children are facing which is an umbrella of Autism spectrum disorders are partially from neurodegeneration, but that’s a term that’s often described with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and adults are participating in this widespread decline in brain function. What we know about those with Autism is it’s very common they have inflammatory issues in their brain and they have autoimmune issues meaning the immune system is attacking cell structures in the brain thinking that they are other. When you put these two together and you look at what could be causing this and the number one thing I have identified in my research is vaccination by the very mechanism in the way they work. Vaccines are intended to skip the natural route of exposure for infection which is going to come through the nasal passages or the mucosa through the gastrointestinal canal. That’s how pathogens generally effect us but instead of relying on the cell mediated immunity at the front door the vaccines target what’s known as the TH2 pole of immunity. The adaptive or humeral immune response which the B cells secrete antibodies and your basically hyper-stimulating that pole to create antibodies don’t often have the specificity needed to target real world exposures so they tend to blow back on the host body and that’s what your seeing in a lot of the inflammatory brain conditions. If you look at research on the measles vaccine they have identified that the antibodies that are produced against that vaccine that antigen attacks brain structure. It’s a very common phenomenon known as molecular mimicry and if you look at the literature on the topic of vaccines you will find many of them have been identified to do this especially the HPV vaccine.

With cancer your looking at the modern postindustrial environment as another cause it’s so contaminated with petrochemical derivatives by definition foreign chemicals that have never existed before in the environment nor our bodies and they tend to accumulate within mammalian tissue. So over time a lot of these toxins go into the fat and they stay there and start to disrupt the body. We have to start living a natural life as best as possible, you can’t always control the quality of the food if you don’t know where it was grown that’s a big part of it. The USDA organic is better obviously than conventional but even better is to work with a local farmer to know how your food is grown to ensure what the body needs to be healthy. You don’t want food grown with petrochemical fertilizer you want them in a nutrient rich soil with a healthy microbial community within the soil. The healthier grown food also helps supply us with microbes needed to implant our gastrointestinal systems which is the basis for immunity, our neuroendocrine health and generally the health of our entire body because it helps us to absorb and even produce new nutrients in our gut to help our genes thrive. Food is really a source of information that regulates our genes as much as it is a source of fuel and building blocks of the body. That’s what people fail to neglect if you look at what’s driving cancer it’s a breakdown of the genetic and epigenetic integrity of the cell that requires a lot of information that doesn’t come from the nucleus of the cell it comes from the outside from your food, air, water and anything you apply topically to your body. This is going to determine truly what your risk is for cancer not so much whether your ancestor gave you a bad gene. One thing you can control is what you put in your mouth and on your body topically is truly where you have the most control especially for your children.

You can also get a virus that can manifest tumor promoting genes that could eventually lead to cancer but the primary issue with cancer is a deficiency in ancestrally based foods which are vegetables and even some berries and fruits that we coevolved with for literally millions of years, without them now the body is just breaking down and to be expected. It’s amazing how healthy we look considering the garbage we eat and are exposed to, it’s actually reassuring people need to understand that there’s more going on than from the bottom up. When you think about being born or manifesting from one cell to a fetus in the womb that’s not explained simply by conventional physics and biology there’s also something about being able to manifest health deep within you that’s also very spiritual if you want to use that word or very energetic phenomenon. We have a lot of good stuff on our side that can help us to maintain our health including attitude and knowing that it’s possible to heal that’s very important.

When food is grown more naturally they produce far more of the therapeutic compounds that are polyphenols that have been known to activate longevity and anticancer gene sets within the body. The growing conditions of the food are essential for producing the outcome genetically in the body that we need to maintain our health. When you process and preserve food for transport around the country and the world they cold pasteurize food with nuclear waste it’s called irradiation what that does is take millions of times what you would find in a chest x-ray and kills through a cold process the living energy of that food so not even a microbe wants to touch it. What your doing with the ionizing radiation is your destroying the molecular bonds within the food that has all that information we were talking about that help to regulate your health so that when you look at it on the outside it looks perfectly fine but what your feeding yourself is misinformation or disease promoting information and that’s why processing food can be deadly to us. A deeper level of this is the food we evolved with didn’t require processing we ate foods whole and fresh, live foods that constantly supplied us with the live enzymes we need to process and digest the food.

I am not an anti vaccine or vaccine skeptic what I like to promote is the research that exists on the adverse effects of vaccination, there is no such thing as an anti vaccine movement, there is people who are raising awareness of known injuries caused by vaccination. This is a profound point when you think about the fact that the vaccine manufacturers are indemnified against any claims for a product they produce that causes harm because a vaccine court was started in 1986 in the U.S. that sidesteps normal litigation and provides all of these payouts to those injured by vaccines with billions of dollars dispensed by our government for those that have been injured to the point of being completely rendered Autistic with vaccines. It’s an example of how we are all being misinformed to the real risks and lack of safety associated with the present schedule which involves 70 vaccines for children and none of these vaccines have ever been studied in combination for vaccine safety or efficacy. There is nothing evidence based about the schedule whatsoever and each vaccine can contain up to ten different antigens, they may put in measles virus for example but then they also have petrochemicals like phenol or they may use aluminum hydroxide a highly neurotoxic and carcinogenic metal that they used to use mercury they took that out of some because it was causing damage. Also animal serums that have been known to be contaminated with antivirus viruses so when you look at the vaccines and read the inserts any parent concerned with the health of their children would not allow their children to even be orally exposed to these substances but to inject them into a healthy body under the assumption that it’s going to improve their immunity based on science that is either 50 years old or doesn’t exist. The field of vaccinology has all these assumptions that have either been disproved or have been rendered equivocal is really quite alarming.

When your looking at the Autism epidemic for example, there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. It takes in theory millions of years for a gene to be altered to the point where you can see it epidemiologically and expand geometrically. If you go back to 1960 you had 1 in 2000 children diagnosed with Autism, today it’s 1 in 50 and 1 in 28 boys in New Jersey have Autism.

Our health organizations that claim to be thinking in the best interest of our children who are promoting vaccines they are telling us this is completely unknown the cause and certainly vaccines have nothing to do with it. It’s clear to us especially to those that are aware that a top CDC scientist Thompson, showed that the CDC hid information that the timing of the MMR vaccine caused up to 3.4 fold increase risk of Autism in African American children. We are aware that there are conflicts of interest all the way up the food chain so you can’t really trust those that have a vested interest in promoting vaccines for policy reasons or who actually makes financial benefit from naming them. So you go to the literature itself and you look at those vaccine injured children and you listen to their stories and it becomes very clear this is one of the largest cover ups that has ever occurred.

Vaccines eliminating plagues is a fundamental misunderstanding if you look at the introduction of mass immunization programs in this country most of the epidemics had already been on steep decline for decades because of the introduction of sanitation, increased hygiene measures, pasteurization, chlorination and refrigeration. It is so well known that the epidemics that inflict the third world today that they don’t have any of these safeguards in place and are not going to inflict us here. That’s why for example the U.S. doesn’t even have the oral polio vaccine because when they started to identify cases from paralysis from Polio in this country that was still happening after the epidemic had ceased that it was from the vaccine. They phased it out because they identified it was causing Polio and they created what is called a surface antigen form where their basically putting in the antigen and not the live polio. If you go to India there is still millions of children being givin the oral polio vaccine auspiciously because we can’t afford to give them the vaccine. In 2011 the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics identified 47,500 children who had polio paralyses likely from the vaccine.

If you look at the literature and the facts you see how unsafe and you can’t give the credit to vaccines for epidemics that have natural cycles that decline when you take away the number of exposures. When you have oral to fecal Polio and you don’t wash your hands, you don’t have good hygiene or clean water your going to be exposed to that pathogen which is actually a low incidence a low pathogenic virus and very rare that it manifests paralyses. Looking at everything you can’t give the vaccines credit for the steep decline in these epidemics. For me I don’t get any vaccines for myself because I know clearly the problem is in the mechanism with which the vaccines operate. When your dealing with day to day exposures of literally millions of pathogens our body is both based on pathogens so to speak, we are primarily microbial our DNA is up to 15% viral in origin. We basically are a group of microorganisms that are bundled together into this human body so when you look at the germ theory that supports vaccine policy and the fear behind it it’s been completely demolished.

When you look at the way we are exposed to natural infections daily much of the interaction occurs asymptomatically and it’s our first line of defense. TH1’s cell mediated immunity that responds naturally and only if that pathogen get’s past that safeguard will the TH2 or adaptive immune system that vaccines focus on will be activated at all. Most of these infections are taken care of at the front door and we don’t even give the body credit because humans are inherently incapable of surviving without them, that disregards millions of years of evolution without vaccines that got us to this point is absurd. The idea is no we don’t need vaccines to do what our immune system does best in fact the vaccines suppress TH1 our cell mediated immunity the very mechanism of action and that leads to the conclusion that you will be at increased risk not only from a vaccine associated adverse effect but also an infection from a pathogen. The best thing you can do is reduce exposure, obey basic hygiene protocols and support your immunity.

A vaccine injury is classified as an acute response like a vaccine site injury on the skin which most vaccines will have an observable inflammation at the site of injection all the way to febrile seizures which can happen within a few days of the vaccine. What they don’t track is the long term chronic or asymptomatic injuries which are literally a submerged iceberg because their not tracking them. They are perhaps discernible through post marketing surveillance which is the primary way in which vaccine safety issues are identified normally, the bulk of vaccine injuries are not going to be able to be identified with the vaccine. There’s an interesting point that people should think about, there isn’t any vaccine in particular that can be proven to have reduced the infection of any individual because non infection is a non event so you can’t say that vaccine intervention caused me not to get an infection. You don’t know if your immune system is responsible or maybe they never had a pathogen infect them, it’s illogical and not evidence based. What you can do is identify a vaccination with a naturally occurring effect or adverse effect, it’s cause and effect you can’t show any vaccine ever saved anyone’s life all they can do is look at epidemiological data which is so abstract and so many compounding variables there is no way they are ever going to equate to clinical proof.

When you look at the functional medicine movement they are focusing on bioindividuality because you have to and that’s the profound problem here is that a one size fit’s all pharmaceutical intervention that is practically mandated. There is no assessment for bioindividuality we are talking about single nucleotide polymorphisms or changes in the way we are able to methylate or detoxify heavy metals or respond to any of the number of variables in any one of these vaccines. It’s never been assessed for, never been any risk stratification and therefore it’s not evidence based it’s basically taking a massive hammer and just smashing it down on each individual there is no way your actually looking at this very important factor.

There are safer ways to vaccinate in that you don’t have to use heavy metals to hyper stimulate the immune system. The reason they do this is never has the introduction of a pathogen directly into the tissue through a needle been equivalent to real world exposure to wild or community acquired infection which confers lasting immunity. They have never been able to reproduce the capacity of an antibody for a lasting response nor the specificity so they add in extra chemicals or heavy metals to increase the shear numbers of antibody titers generated. This is what’s so disturbing is their using this as a surrogate marker for the approval of licensure of vaccines not even using any clinical endpoint. This was done for HPV, the new model is to not do any stringent safety testing and no stringent real world effectiveness testing and just pushing through these vaccines in a non evidence based manner. So the problem is these vaccines just don’t work and that’s why there are so many on the schedule today. If one vaccine worked then why do you have 2 or 3 boosters? Because they fail and in the meantime our children’s exposures continue to accumulate. You could take metals and petrochemicals out you could take out the live cell bacteria which are the most quote “antigenic” and therefore they think most beneficial for the immune system but these are the one’s that are contaminated with retro virus sequences like Rototec, Dr. Offit’s vaccine was identified to have a class D simian retrovirus. It’s a common issue that they don’t screen these living cells for surreptitious viruses. You can take these out of the process but there is no such thing as a safe vaccine it just doesn’t reproduce naturally occurring immunity and never will.

We exist because of natural immunity as long as we are able to support the conditions that are optimal for natural immunity with appropriate diet, limiting exposure to chemicals and immuno toxic situations and substances is really the key to empowering yourself.

All vaccines shed making you contagious for a period of time. Here he recommended for education. It’s your right and responsibility as a parent to make decisions for your child not the drug company or the government to whether you vaccinate or not. If you believe in vaccines you should not be afraid of an unvaccinated child. In both cancer, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental can emerge in a TH2 dominant immune system. If the immune system is not balanced, which requires there be integrity of the gut microbiome and proper access to sunlight for vitamin D and the food be high quality not just for energy but for information of all the things the body needs to regulate itself.

If your taking vitamins those like flinstone vitamins have aspartame, chemicals, food coloring, chemicals you wouldn’t give your worst enemy that are labeled as minerals. If you look at selenite which is a really toxic form of selenium get these out and avoid all the chemicals that are petroleum based and in their body care products. When you put this on it gets absorbed into the body ten times more readily than if you take it orally. The bath tub as well, tap water has over 600 different disinfectant by products which are carcinogenic or toxic so we want to clean our water and the air quality. To ward off pediatric cancer and immune dysfunction it’s really looking at basic food and environmental quality issues. Remove wheat and cows milk products that alone makes a huge difference those two things alone probably make up 50% of the health issues. Add high quality saturated fats from natural sources avoid all the GM oils.

You will see a huge difference in their energy levels that are maintained and their digestive health. Their neurological health will change dramatically if you just switch away from the empty carbohydrates, grain or processed simple sugar based diet to one rich with good fats and high quality proteins. Not as much protein as we think here in America but better quality and a large vegetable selection. If you do make the commitment you should see significant reductions in long term outcomes. All this is referenced on my web site with 25,000 abstracts. It’s your right, learn so you can make good decisions.

Sayer Ji web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems you may be experiencing.

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