Cleaner Animal Products at Cheaper Prices

Cleaner Food Cheaper Prices

We should all have heard that factory farmed animal products have a ton of things not normally found in animals that is effecting our health negatively. The antibiotics, hormone disruptors, arsenic and the genetically modified food their eating that makes them sick and is transferred to us. We should be eating cleaner meats and dairy products to help avoid all the things that are now found in them that are toxic to us and contributing to illness and disease.

One way to do this is of course at your local farmers market for fresher vegetables, still ask if they use pesticides on them. Another way for the veggies and animal products is the farms themselves, a lot of farms sell directly to the public their meats, eggs, cheeses, milk, honey and more. To help find these farms is a search page that lists them, by picking your state and then your county you get a list of all the farms in your area and what they have available for purchase. When it comes to beef a lot of them sell in bulk at much cheaper prices, you can get together with family, friends or neighbors to purchase and divide up for the amount you want.

In most of the doctors interviews I post they all stress the importance of consuming cleaner animal products as much as you can and this can help you find them at more reasonable prices. This site has 22 different types of farms you can search plus a search for natural grocers and markets here at farmerspal  here is another one pickyourown  there are many others that focus on individual areas or states just type in a search – find a farm, fresh food. Don’t forget to ask if they use any chemicals or what do they feed the animals, pastured and grass fed is best.


M. Scherker medical researcher



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