Help for Acid Reflux

My Notes From the Digestion Sessions
These doctors talk about what is working clinically to heal their patients. The doctors all have a lot of information on their web pages that I link below.

Dr. Shawn Soszka ND

For some depression and/or anxiety is as simple as repairing you gut.

Today’s food choices along with infections and the state of mind when you eat plus not chewing your food properly are all contributing to gut problems. Lack of chewing equals lack of absorption, chewing activates the stomach to get ready and not chewing well it’s harder to know when your full and you tend to overeat. Water with food dilutes stomach acid, avoid thirty minutes before, during and up to one hour after.

Stomach acid breaks down protein into amino acids activating pepsin and tryptophan slowing down the digestive system leading to acid reflux and fermentation. This causes mood issues and mineral deficiencies. Acid blocking drugs make it all worse, this is from eating too many carbs. Acid blockers were designed for no longer than six weeks of use, long term leads to malabsorption of minerals that can lead to depression, osteoporosis and more.

The carbs that are bad are grains, soda and sugary foods. Soda has a huge impact on anxiety and depression.

When you have an H-pylori infection it releases chemicals that neutralize stomach acid, this needs to be tested. We find it in 80% of people, there are different stains and not all of them are bad. H-pylori symptoms are anemia, acid reflux and ulcers, we do a stool or blood test for antibodies. We use bitters, raw apple cider vinegar and HCL that are all helpful for stomach acid. The degree of acidity in food leaving the stomach effects the small intestine triggering a good or sluggish response. Different sections of the small intestine absorb different minerals.

Stomach acid kills some bacteria, intestinal infections and candida. Low stomach acid sets the stage for bacterial overgrowth, low absorption of minerals, proteins and vitamins, slows down digestion causing fermentation leading to a leaky gut. Medications and acid blockers cause inflammation, an autoimmune response and infection. This can all lead to a leaky brain that equals mood issues, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Test for food sensitivity and do an elimination diet that’s anti-inflammatory with no gluten or dairy for six weeks.

You must repair the gut lining, taking away foods that you are sensitive to does not help because you can now become sensitive more foods without healing the gut and always test for infections. Medications cause leaky gut along with bacteria, infections, yeast and candida. Aloe and l-glutamine is very good for healing.

Parasites also greatly effect mood, a salad bar is a good place for getting parasites possibly from the thongs. Colostrum works well to get pathogenic bacteria that have created a protective biofilm around themselves that antibiotics can’t touch. Pathogenic bacteria release toxins that get into the bloodstream that effect mood, candida also does this.

We do a comprehensive stool test with three samples, clearing this up resolves skin issues and emotions, parasites can also live in muscles causing pain. Serotonin, tryptophan and melatonin are effected by these problems leading to depletion of other vitamins. Blood sugar is effected and can also cause sleep problems by causing spikes in serotonin levels during the night that wake you up. A magnesium deficiency can also cause sleep problems.

Digestive enzymes help with digesting your food better and healthy fiber feeds good gut bacteria while helping things move along, constipation causes toxins to re-absorb back into your system. We want to optimize the acid in your stomach, repair the gut, eliminate food sensitivities, correct bacterial issues, check absorption of vitamins and minerals and fix constipation.
Fats are very important omega 3’s, fat and cholesterol feed the brain. Animal sources, fish is best, they are better than plants for those with a compromised gut. NO bad oils get rid of vegetable and canola oils and a high carb low fat diet is bad. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause mood problems and disorders Vit D and selenium are very important.

Dr. Shawn Soszka web page

 Dr. Daniel Kalish DC

H-pylori is a stomach infection from undercooked food or transference from other people, 50% of the population has it. It shuts down the production of stomach acid by damaging the stomach lining causing trouble digesting food and allowing undigested food into the small intestine causing candida and bacteria to grow because it just sit’s there. Animal protein becomes very difficult to digest causing it to putrefy this leads to a big belly, bad breath, gas and bloating.

Reflux, gerd and heartburn also all damage the valve and prevent absorption of nutrients. Acid blockers make everything worse you need to do a test for H-pylori. A lot of people only feel fatigue as the only symptom and go undiagnosed, this inflammation can cause any number of problems that would be misdiagnosed. The original blood test is not reliable there is only one test that works, the antigen test, and is only done by functional medicine doctors. Ulcers are caused by stress activating the H-pylori, this can eventually cause stomach cancer.

Milder cases can be treated with mastic gum after 60 day immune system building, also oregano oil, DGL and olive leaf extract. If severe with an ulcer we will use antibiotics for speed. H-pylori causes chronic inflammation weakening your system activated by stress that activates the adrenals to be overworked making it harder to handle emotional stress. We correct the adrenals first to make it easier to handle stress this takes about 60 days and then we attack the infection. H-pylori can show up as even weird stuff that no one can diagnose calling it a mystery disease because it’s non symptomatic.

Dr. Daniel Kalish web page and here.

Keri Brooks FDN

Gerd, Reflux and Constipation
Heartburn and constipation are not normal but serious problems telling us that our digestion is in distress. Medications and over the counter drugs make everything worse leading to disease, they are not approved for long term use. Pay attention to food and stress.

Acid reflux is acid coming up, heartburn is acid splashing up and gerd is a more severe form of acid reflux. This is not caused by too much acid in the stomach but not enough acid, 16,000 journals state medications do nothing and protein pump inhibitors are linked to autoimmune, IBS, crohn’s, allergies, mood disorders, colitis, osteoporosis, feel like crap, fatigue, constipation, loss of sex drive and more.

The root causes are stress, acid decreases with age, bacteria, H-pylori destroys our ability to produce acid. Intra-abdominal pressure is caused by low acid, she stated to see website.  Secondary causes are hiatal hernia, pregnancy and abdominal obesity. The standard American diet starts the process eliminate processed food. The triggers for acid reflux include acidic and fatty foods, chocolate, alcohol and coffee.

Acid is vital for breaking down food and signals for release of digestive enzymes and bile. When acid is low nutrient conversion and absorption is blocked. Remove for 30 days gluten, dairy, sugar and all processed foods. If you get constipated from animal protein it’s an indicator for low acid reduce portion size to 4-6oz. Be mindful when eating and chew your food well, no stress during meals say grace and/or breathing exercises before meal. Do not drink anything with food it dilutes the acid.

For supplements we want broad spectrum digestive enzymes, timing is important 30 minutes before food 30 – 60 minutes after. Probiotics at least 25 billion lactobacillus for at least 90 days to six months with different strains rotated. Hydrochloric acid under supervision because it can react with some medications and over the counter drugs. We also start to slowly add glutamine also under doctor guidance.

You are constipated if you have less than one bowel movement a day, with low acid food putrefies in your stomach. Bowel movements are a pathway for elimination of toxins and hormones, the longer it stays in the body it begins to reabsorb some of the toxins and hormones making you feel worse. Absorbing this extra estrogen increases your chances of breast cancer.

Start with drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning with a half to one fresh lemon, eating more fat coconut oil is good, fresh carrot juice with cod liver oil, chia seed, probiotics and digestive enzymes. If someone is seriously ill we will do more things and all these supplements are just until everything is going better.

To help with regularity high quality sea salt and magnesium, do a bath with Epsom salt minimum 20 minutes it also helps detox. There is also a vitamin C powder called VC Flush Powder, take 2500ml to start every 1-2 hours add a quarter more each time until you go. Other choices are colonics and coffee enemas. These are just a quick fix you still need to make healthy changes in your diet to correct everything along with a detox and probiotics.

The test we do is a comprehensive stool panel for the overall health of the digestive system, we check for bugs and H-pylori viruses. Then biohealth diagnostics 401H checks fungus, the rest of the bugs, infections and deficiencies. With this we can do diet recommendations.

Kerry Brooks web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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