Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

My Notes From The Diabetes Summit

Dr. Josh Axe

We have seen diabetes grow at dramatic levels recently there has been in the last twenty years a three fold increase especially in children. We know it’s something really growing rapidly, there are several reasons for that but I’ll start with the difference between type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is where your body, your beta cells, stop producing insulin your pancreas has a complete inability to create insulin. Type 2 diabetes is where your insulin resistant, your insulin receptor sites are burned out those aren’t functioning properly so your body is producing plenty of insulin it’s the insulin receptors that are actually going to bring in insulin they are burnt out or not functioning properly.

Type 2 is the most common, I believe it’s 90% of people who have diabetes have type 2. Type 1 diabetes is more autoimmune in nature where your immune system can start attacking itself. Research shows there’s definitely a genetic component where you can be more predisposed than others, another could be from a virus. Certain viruses can trigger type 1, genetically modified organisms have been linked to type 1, heavy metals and things like vaccinations because they over activate your immune system. These can increase your likelihood of type 1 diabetes, as can consuming the foods wheat, cows milk, soy and other foods that have been modified in some way that are very difficult on your system. I really think there’s another condition called leaky gut that I believe is directly tied to developing type 1 diabetes and that has a lot to do with food allergies and your immune system not responding or over responding in a sense to different invaders. Type 2 really is caused for most people by consuming way too many carbohydrates and sugar and a lack of exercise, those are 2 of the biggest things that cause type 2 diabetes.

In the majority of the patients that I’ve worked with over the years of the fifty I’ve helped reverse their diabetes I’ve had about 25-30 of them reverse it in thirty days . One patient had diabetes for twenty years and we just put him on a very specific diet plan and exercise regime, the big thing we did was remove sugar from his diet and added in a lot of healthy fat, protein and fiber. These help balance blood sugar levels they slow down the absorption of glucose. If you could add those three things in your diet and really reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar your consuming that alone can make a huge difference if not reverse it in thirty days or less. If you do that and add certain supplements, doing this in combination your body can heal from diabetes and very very quickly, it’s the same for weight loss I’ve had people do this and lose twenty pounds in thirty days and do it in a healthy manner.

When you start doing every single thing right in the program I have laid out with what to eat, what to remove, how much to move each day, you’d think it would be complicated it’s really not it’s very simple. When I lay out a meal plan I have you make a coconut smoothie for breakfast, a big salad for lunch with chicken breast, apple cider vinegar and olive oil for a dressing, a snack of nuts and seeds in the afternoon, for diner grass fed beef with some raw cheese and steamed broccoli. These are hearty meals but their full of these things we talked about, the healthy fats, protein and fiber you get those at every meal it’s going to support healthy glucose levels.

If you go in for a medical exam and your A1C levels and your blood glucose, let’s say your fasting glucose in the morning is above 125 or 130 that is medically diabetes. If you come in as a patient with numbers above that and we get your numbers down to where your A1C level is below 5.5 and fasting glucose in the morning is below 100 that is considered reversing medically in terms of diagnosis your type 2 diabetes. With type 1 I have seen people improve it in terms of your body has to rely less on insulin from the outside, they still need it but it may be reduced anywhere from 30-80%, there’s a great improvement. Reversing is talking about specifically type 2 and a medical diagnosis would be and type 1 it’s more of an improvement in overall blood sugar levels. You do have to maintain the diet or it will come back, but as long as you do maintain the diet you should be fine with little or no medication.

There are other factors that can cause type 2 diabetes and the biggest one is emotional stress, this is a major cause of disease today. I have a lot of patients coming in with diabetes and all digestive issues, crohns, IBS, ulcerative colitis, and those patients will tell you without a doubt stress will trigger IBS and the same thing with diabetes if the person is under a large amount of stress or if somebody is not getting enough sleep. Those things alone, those stressors will increase the risk of diabetes. Getting more sleep and reducing emotional stress and exercise is an important part. Stress is the most overlooked thing when it comes to diabetes, we know that sugar is a major culprit but if it isn’t sugar and it isn’t stress it’s foods that disrupt your intestinal health, cause inflammation and immune reactions in your body. Some of the most common foods that do that are grains that are unsprouted, specifically foods that contain gluten.

There is a very popular book called Wheat Belly and another one called Grain Brain, it’s all about how these grains cause inflammation but really all of that starts in the gut. I’ve written an article called How to Heal Leaky Gut that goes through the four steps to heal your gut for good. One of the things causing this issue is gluten the other one is A1 casein that’s in conventional cows milk, fortunately goats milk doesn’t have A1 casein and neither does human milk, those are fine but today cows milk is an issue. There is a gluten and casein free diet that a lot of children in the Autism spectrum get put on because their having these over reactions in their body. By eliminating gluten and casein you can see great improvement in reducing inflammation and a lot of these immune issues these kids have today so those are two things we eliminate. I still have patients consume dairy and some grains but if your going to have a little grains it must be from a sprouted grain or true sourdough not the fake stuff. I also do something like raw goats cheese or sheep’s cheese, conventional dairy and grains are out because their a very bad cause of diabetes.

My favorite superfood when it comes to reversing diabetes is broccoli and the reason is it’s the highest food in chromium, this is a trace mineral that has been shown to balance GTF in your body this is glucose tolerance factor. Broccoli followed by raw cheese and grass fed beef are going to have the highest levels of chromium. Also high fiber foods specifically things like vegetables, avocado, nuts and seeds, chia, flax and hemp are great. That fiber helps slow down blood glucose. Also foods that are high in medium chain fatty acids specifically coconut oil and coconut products are fantastic for blood sugar. I cook all my vegetables if I’m sautéing or frying in coconut oil, chicken tenders I do that in coconut oil. Wild caught salmon is great because it helps balance inflammation, it’s high in protein and omega 3 fats. Also foods that are lower on the glycemic index which are most of the foods I just covered. Sprinkling on herbs are good turmeric, cinnamon and parsley have all been shown to help diabetics well, they have been medically proven to help diabetics.

If someone is going to consume fruit berries in small portions are ok but typically when I put someone on a diabetes plan for the first thirty days their not consuming fruit or if they are it’s only a half a cup a day. Making sure in that meal your also getting plenty of protein, fat and fiber along with the sugar your getting in the fruit. For most people it could be really good for diabetics, they need to be aware that for a time you may have to stay off of fruit until after 30-90 days when everything is balanced then you can start adding them back in small amounts. when consuming them it’s ideally around exercise in the morning or earlier in the day along with other nutrients or compounds that are going to slow that sugar absorption.

With drinks I don’t think coffee is beneficial and not something I would recommend for diabetics because of the caffeine and especially because 90% of the coffee is highly processed, sprayed with pesticides and not something I would recommend for any patient. The reason is the caffeine is a stimulant and it could deplete your body of specific nutrients and minerals that you need. I would be a bigger fan of somebody doing a type of tea, especially tulsi tea from the holy basil plant known as an adaptogen herb and certain adaptogen herbs can balance blood sugar levels so I think a type of tea with a much lower amount of caffeine.

Alcohol is really not going to benefit diabetics in any way now if your going to get a small amount from apple cider vinegar getting some of that good acid that would be great for your gut and great for diabetes. Doing wine or coffee their just not going to be beneficial, typically their going to do more harm than good. Once you get healthier doing them in very small amounts once your body gets to the point where it’s recovered and healed I think it would be ok in moderation, for the most part especially the first thirty days of the plan we would eliminate them completely.

I don’t believe in doing an intensive detox I really think it’s more of a dietary change, adding in the protein, fat and fiber making sure your getting more chromium in your diet and nutrients like cinnamon. I think that will address the cause much more than a cleanse will. I do think cleansing is good and doing things like intermittent fasting there may be a time to do these but early on It’s not the first thing I suggest. Now cleansing a sugar detox where your getting the sugar out of your diet I believe that’s a good form of detox. In terms of a juice fast it’s probably not going to help sugar levels, with that said there are certain herbs like milk thistle that detoxify the liver, they support glutathione levels which in turn help your insulin. Supplementing in addition with something like milk thistle actually could be beneficial it’s a very powerful detoxifying herb. Doing something like a week long juice fast is not something I would do.

Chromium is the one supplement that I’ve seen help blood sugar levels the most, anyone with any type of diabetes should be taking cinnamon not so much as a supplement but adding a teaspoon in your morning smoothie. Fish oil, omega 3s are very important for proper insulin function so a high quality fish oil. In addition alpha lipoic acid and also fiber, I’ll buy a sprouted flax or chia seed supplement and add a couple tablespoons to a berry smoothie. It’s great for the gut, great for the blood sugar, just great for your overall health. There are some other supplements that have been proven beneficial medically magnesium, herbs like rhodiola, adaptogenic herbs, green coffee extract and bitter melon. Supplements are for supplementing an already healthy diet, they can be a great addition especially adding in the chromium, cinnamon and fish oil but again follow the diet first.

When it comes to exercise I think all exercise is going to be beneficial but there’s one type of exercise that’s going to be the most beneficial that I call burst training or burst fit, it’s a type of interval training or tabata exercise. It’s different, in interval training it’s done in exercising like a sprinter rather than exercising like a marathon runner. For instance if you go to the gym and get on the elliptical, instead of going one steady pace for a long time your going to go really fast for forty seconds and easy for twenty seconds. Your going to do intervals back and forth that’s how you will train, the studies are proving that is the most effective way to burn body fat and balance blood sugar it actually works with the hormones HGH human growth hormone. Burst training can be greatly beneficial when it comes to balancing blood sugar levels. Really the difference between burst training and most other interval methods is burst training is high intensity but low impact on your joints.

A lot of patients I see that come in with diabetes those in their forties and fifties can’t be jumping high in the air and coming down on their joints even though I think a lot of their interval training can be good for blood sugar. Some of them can be very hard on the joints and what I believe burst training to be is a combination of high intensity exercise to burn fat but also the exercises are performed in a way that should help rehabilitate and heal your joints. Really it’s joint therapy and exercise therapy for your blood sugar levels that’s why I think it’s the best form of exercise for diabetics or anybody looking to lose body fat, get healthier and improve their joints and rehab their body.

When I work out I do the forty second on twenty second rest with all my exercises push ups, pull ups and sit ups. Yes this can also benefit those that have trouble exercising from a joint replacement or joint issues or very heavy. Lets say your doing intervals and your doing them in the proper position where your knees are directly above your ankles, your butt is back far enough, your on more your heals rather than your forefoot and your doing a proper squat. Your building the muscles around your knees supporting your knees over time versus where your doing something where your on your toes and your jumping up and down your pounding and compressing the joint your going to wear your joints out over time. That’s the difference with burst training is there’s not as much jumping it’s low impact and going to be healing to your joints as well as your overall body and blood sugar levels.

There are so many processed protein powders out there today that also contribute to leaky gut that is causing a lot of immune issues especially type 1 diabetes and diabetes itself. I’m not a fan of most protein powders I think if someone is going to do a protein powder I like a concentrated whole food form so I think a grass fed whey protein is good. Goat’s milk protein powder is another fantastic option those would be the best choices. When you look at most whey protein powders out there their highly processed and their very bad on the digestive tract. There was one person who worked out and looked great on the outside, very fit and even his blood sugar levels were fine but on the inside he developed ulcerative colitis from all the fake protein powders and fake protein bars he was consuming and all that other junk that’s out there today. The only one’s I recommend are a sprouted protein like sprouted brown rice along with a form of goats milk protein or grass fed whey because 80% of protein powders out there are going to do more harm than good. Following my formula you can do a little bit of grass fed whey or sprouted brown rice that’s fine in your smoothie and along with that some coconut milk, some sprouted chia or flax seeds that is an ideal breakfast for balancing your blood sugar, add a teaspoon of cinnamon in there and your good to go.

The bad fats to avoid are the ones that are hydrogenated and that’s really moved out of their form that our body was designed to break down properly. A lot of these hydrogenated oils like canola oil are genetically modified the corn, cottonseed, soybean oil this is in general vegetable oils are hydrogenated oils that cause intestinal inflammation and that’s why their so bad. The best oil for anybody with diabetes is going to be coconut oil it’s the easiest fat for your body to burn energy so it could be the best on your body, your body only has to go through a three step process to turn a medium chain fat the coconut oil into energy or even something like olive oil your body has to go through a twenty six step process. There is no doubt coconut oil is at the top of the list, another good option is raw pastured organic butter, these are the two that I use after that extra virgin olive oil.

If you go to my site I have a free for a limited time ebook you can download called Super Food Super You, it’s for weight loss and really a diabetic support plan with twenty healing recipes and an eating plan, a workout plan and breaks down twenty foods someone with diabetes should be consuming to heal their body. There is also an article on my page called How to Reverse Diabetes naturally in Thirty Days or Less. To learn more about the exercise program to heal your joints go to my page

He also has a lot of other free stuff on his page including reports on how to heal other diseases.

Dr. Axe web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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