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My Notes From The Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. Leonard Smith

A lot of research is being done that scientists are reporting to each other but very little trickles down to us to become useful. In my forty five years as a licensed physician the discovery of our microbiome, the size of it and the impact of it on the human body is far in a way the most significant discovery in my lifetime and maybe in human science. The fact that we have ten trillion cells and one hundred trillion bacteria were kind of part human and part microbial ten to one. At the same time the amount of DNA, our genes, we have 23,000 and the microbiome range between 2-3.3 million genes and that is effecting every aspect of our life including how we think and feel.

Our diets can rapidly change the bacteria that are living in our intestinal tract, it makes sense to balance the diet and it seems it really should be 80-90% plant based and 10% animal protein based, 20% at the most but it must be clean meats because of all the toxins that get concentrated in the animals. Studies have shown that a diet containing too much animal products increases inflammation.

The healthiest way to cook meats are slow boil like in a crockpot or minimally over an open flame. When we bake it and it gets dry plus with any type of glaze the sugar combines with the protein creating inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that people eating wild meats their inflammatory markers actually dropped compared to people eating grain fed meats, their inflammatory markers went up. It’s not just about eating meat it’s the quality of the meat.

Fermented food and drinks have been an important part of the human diet for thousands of years, these are very important for a healthy microbiome. He spoke about a study called Fermented Foods, Microbiota and Mental Health, you can see it here.

You can have a test done yourself to see what’s in your microbiome at two labs $89 and American Gut $99. There may come a time when we can order up selections of bacteria to balance out what your missing or low. Currently fecal transplants are working well in healing, it’s already being used for 5-7 years now. They have discovered people were doing this therapy 4,000 years ago in Ancient China.

Here he said to Google repoopulate many articles come up here is that says it’s the cure for Ulcerative Colitis. We have many companies coming out with products to repopulate the gut and I estimate that within 2-5 years we will have a better idea of which strains are best for which disease.

If we could get young people to listen and do all the things they need to to have a healthy baby. Starting with diet the 80/20 or 90/10 plant based, cultured foods, probiotics, prebiotics, moderate exercise don’t overdo, high quality sleep is critical, stress management is critical, all these things are critical for a healthy microbiome. Also test for heavy metals and remove toxins before you even conceive. Men also were shown that if they took probiotics they had a higher and healthier sperm count along with higher testosterone levels. Medical data supports the importance of doing this before conception.

Having lactobacillus in the vagina has been shown in studies to help prevent a pre-mature delivery and also wipes out group B strep. This is important because when a baby is born they do a culture and if they find strep they will keep you in the hospital for 2-3 days on IV antibiotics and sometimes the baby also. The time of birth is critical to have the right balance of bacteria and this is getting lost. If the vagina is too alkaline it will kill the lactobacillus, it needs a slightly acidic environment. You can do a culture test a month before delivery to check and use oral or vaginal supplements to bring up the population. If any strep shows up in the culture repeat two weeks later with the supplement. This is not that widespread it’s found in about twenty percent of women with a two percent mortality.

When we look at small preemies we find that in the amniotic fluid were pathogenic bacteria in there. They have found that a small amount of bacteria from the mother’s colon does get into the umbilical cord to the baby and mom taking probiotics does get to the baby to help. They also found with premature babies that the group that took the probiotic decreased their incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis by 50%. This is where the baby comes out of the womb and even though the hospital and ICU is kept sterile the baby can still have internal bacteria in their system that will get into the colon and the next thing you know it’s almost the equivalent of C difficile diarrhea giving them an infection that can kill them or leave them severely damaged. The product developed for this is Flora Baby with four billion probiotic bacteria giving them a half dose in the morning and a half dose in the evening along with a CC of water with no side effects.

All the bacteria a baby gets going through the birth canal and then through mother’s milk is crucial for a healthy baby. If you plan on getting pregnant you should be taking probiotics, eating fermented foods, taking vitamin D and omega 3s all through pregnancy and continued during breast feeding to keep babies healthy through their first year.

Here he talked about a report from the 2009 Journal of Pediatrics called Probiotic Effects on Cold and Influenza-Like Symptoms Incidence and Duration in Children. You can read it here.

Dr. David Berger has on his page free information on how to keep your babies and children’s immune system healthy so they are less likely to need an antibiotic if they do get sick because this antibiotic thing is huge. We need to come to the realization that diet, probiotics, fermented foods and prebiotics are an absolute must. I really think we are almost at the place where it would be considered not good medicine care to put anybody on an antibiotic, particularly a broad spectrum antibiotic without putting them on a prebiotic or probiotic and/or cultured food.

Commercial yoghurts are loaded with too much sugar and don’t have live bacteria it’s better if you make your own. Coconut, avocado, nut’s and seed products are a vey good source of saturated fats and clean saturated fats from animal products but caloric restriction with optimal nutrition is the key. Caloric restriction stimulates a pathway that stimulates the cells next to the intestinal stem cells to be more active and productive increasing the intestinal stem cells by the restriction and optimization at the same time. You also increase stem cells throughout the body with moderate exercise, sleep and hyperbaric oxygen. These stem cells have a life of 3-6 days if your at the three level it means your turning things over faster with a lot higher energy output. If your making higher quality stem cells that last longer they create epithelial cells that last longer and you have a better functioning gut.

The major cause of aging is related a lot to the inability to make or release the stem cells from the bone marrow and other tissues. Those stem cells as they get older don’t have the ability to work as well and you don’t have the right mitochondria, not as much energy and they don’t release as many growth factors. Saturated fat is important for brain health and brain disorders, but how much is an individual thing. It’s also good for cancer therapy. Fiber is a major factor in fairly high amounts is very important, everything is a matter of balance.

You must have plants in your diet for short chain fatty acids found to profoundly modulate immunity and helping with the health of the colon, this can be measured to see if you need more or less. For older people blended raw vegetables are good for getting in the nutrition they need including a protein powder. Take a scoop of the protein powder and put it in a little water to soak overnight before adding to smoothie to make it more easily digestible.

A probiotic diet with fermented foods is very powerful.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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