Pain is a Symptom of a Problem

My Notes From The Pain Relief Project

David Fletcher DC

Pain is a symptom of a problem.

The mindfulness of the patient is connected to what they feel and has their own perception of pain and directly related to how we adapt. Everyone has different adaptive responses example, athletes will ignore pain adapting their pain response. We must learn what our body is telling us. The cause of disease is the inability of people to recognize themselves and their environment. By this I mean if you don’t have your sensory array set up for you and your environment there are challenges you will be facing, such as temperature. As a chiropractor I look at temperature to see how you are set up for adaptability by measuring temperature changes along the spinal nerve system. The nervous system is where that adaptation is occurring.

If you have extreme tension interfering with nerves you will feel it as pain or stiffness. If you can’t manage your temperature in any region of the body that region is not adapting to the environment as it should be and needs to be addressed. You need to pay attention to signals, avoid and things begin to break down. Pain signals us to find out why our body is not adapting. Additional things to measure for adaptability are muscle tone, heart beat patterns and range of motion.

When the body stops keeping up with adaptation you start to experience pain creating a chronic disturbance resulting in loss of function in the spine itself, a subluxation effecting the functioning nerves within the body most people can’t feel happening. The chiropractor can correct these subluxations so it frees up your spinal model and spinal movements releasing that chronic tension that’s in the nervous system deep within the spinal core allowing the body to return to the highly adaptive state.

Just an innocent fall off a bicycle for a child can cause maladaptive problems even when there is no bruising or pain. Most people would think I’m ok nothing happened. With sports, concussions don’t always show up and too many take a cavalier approach because they are not feeling any symptoms. Damage is happening underneath that progresses and can lead to substandard learning ability, altered behavior or chronic interference with range of movement.

Pain means inflammation and inflammation is always related to tissue breakdown as a result of the body not keeping up. There could be swelling you don’t see, it may not be tissues that are swelling cells can swell in and around the area. By the time you see the redness and swelling a lot of changes have already happened.

Neuroplasticity is the ultimate adaptation, happy input from outside environment the brain will blossom and create new brain connections, synapse the more we have the more capacity we have to compute the essence of healing and moving forward. It takes time and repetition our nervous system learns. The nervous system that was reacting has the ability to learn It’s not static it’s neuro-dynamic. It’s good in good out or garbage in garbage out . Chiropractors can take out the garbage, signals that interfere with proper signals and develop a healthy brain.

Exercise your brain with puzzles and testing your memory all helps to build new connections, 70% of your brain is movement based, especially movement of the spine. The spine is our core and our conduit of the central nervous system.

Using chiropractic to help children with neuro-behavioral problems movement is important it actually effects genes, sedentary places you at risk physically with your cardiovascular and nervous systems. All of us at all ages need movement. A healthy nervous system helps you handle stress better including emotional, physical, neurological and biochemical. Blood pressure as a biomarker is actually late to the game, HRV heart rate variability testing to check the rate and rhythm pattern in a relaxed state.

People who take regular care of their spline by going to a chiropractor rate higher on the adaptability scale. Less inflammation, higher tolerance to pain, higher immune response and score higher on their happiness for life. Reducing mental stress is important but reducing physical stress is also important. Learn what your habits are to be able to change them to become more positive with food, movement and thoughts. If you start to take the load off there’s a natural inborn response to heal that happens spontaneously. Our bodies are always trying to do the best they can with what they are given, they are not trying to fail on us. You are wired to win.

We have to stop thinking we need something outside ourselves to heal like a band aid or a pill, healing happens inside we are designed to heal. 37.2 trillion cells in any male adult all coordinating with each other, the brain uses the spinal cord/nervous system for communication. Every age needs adjustments and check your adaptability.

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Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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