Parasites and Toxicity

My Notes From The Healthy Gut Summit

Ann Louise Gittleman PhD, CNS

Your skin is a manifestation of what’s going on inside. For people who their skin won’t clear up no matter what they do should try a parasite cleanse. Back in 1974 I did a cleanse that was eight days of goats milk every two hours with an herbal blend, after the bloating went away my skin cleared up and my thinking was clear all after only four days. Even back then 8 out of 10 had parasites. The lactose in the goats milk coaxes out the parasites and the herbs zap them. I researched what the Native American used when they did the parasite cleanses and a lot of other research and one the most important ingredients was cranberries.

There is a report in the Journal of Pediatrics from 2009 Probiotic effects on Cold and Influenza like symptoms incidence and duration in childhood, link here.

We are finding parasites in 100% of people including babies. Common symptoms are intestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea, intermittent constipation and diarrhea, unresolved gas and bloating, IBS, joint and muscles aches, anemia and undetected food intolerance very much in the forefront today. I find when you get rid of worms and parasites those undetected food intolerances disappear along with skin conditions, insomnia, depression, decrease in menopausal symptoms, nervousness, granulomas chronic fatigue which can often be a giardia problem, teeth grinding and all varieties of immune dysfunction.

All these seemingly unrelated symptoms that can all be related to parasites, one form of parasites or the damage the parasites do on your system. Parasites and worms are the most immunosuppressant agent of the body. I do the parasite cleans before any other cleans of bacteria, mold, yeast or heavy metals. Everyone should assume that at least eight out of ten of us have these parasites and do a once a year cleanse right around the full moon. You need special herbals and botanicals to get the microscopic parasites. There is a test but often you can get false negatives, it can be expensive to test systematically so people should just go ahead do the cleanse.

You can download free reports from gut flush and take the parasite quiz.

The parasites are coming from our food, a weakened immune system, drinks and the water supply. We are getting small doses of antibiotics in our food and water that weakens our immune system and when it’s weakened beneficial bacteria can be crowded out with parasites. This blocks the absorption of nutrients inflaming the gut lining resulting in the malabsorption of minerals, vitamins and fats creating blood sugar problems, hormonal problems and imbalances. The parasites also have a high effect on our behavior, mood and cognitive function. This is because all our neurotransmitters are in the gut and are communicating with the brain.

Another problem is a lot of people are low in hydrochloric acid and were stopping it instead of promoting it like we should. We have a deficiency of HCL and a deficiency of digestive enzymes, we are not digesting the way we should. We are over indulging in fats and were not digesting them either and our systems have become very clogged.

A new one we are finding is the human rope worm wreaking havoc and contributing to anemia and possibly Autism along with allergies, IBS and skin conditions. There is also an epidemic of giardia which match the signs and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and lead to gluten sensitivity as well as casein sensitivity. When people remove all this there is a dramatic change. Giardia symptoms are masquerading as other conditions including gas, terrible bloat, diarrhea, foul smelling gas, nausea, greasy stool and that can create symptoms mimicking gall bladder disease. H-pylori is the one found most in the world but there are many others.

Non functional medicine doctors don’t test for parasites with these symptoms leading to a lot misdiagnoses.

Blastocystis is common in Autism, some get these parasites passed on in the womb and it’s highly advised to do a parasite cleanse before pregnancy. We think nothing of deworming our dogs. The entire family should do the cleanse at the same time in spring and probably again in the fall. Test around the full moon when they become more active four days before, during and after a full moon, this is also a good time to do the cleanse. It’s a two to three month protocol of two weeks on, five days rest and two weeks on to get the parasites and the eggs.

The entire protocol is at gut flush (linked above) For smaller parasites and for larger parasites Para-Key Formula 2 capsules 3 times a day then you do Vermifuge. For the first two weeks of the program do not take probiotics and limit antioxidants, B vitamins or a lot of sugar so were not feeding the parasites. You do want to eat pumpkin seeds, pomegranate juice and anti-parasitic herbs in cooking of thyme, oregano and sage do this in conjunction with the Para-Key and Vermi-Plus. It takes about two to three months to get all the different stages of all the parasites out of your system. Doing it right people have an enormous amount of success, it also gets rid of yeast and fungi. It’s also important to increase energy nutrient absorption and overall intestinal health.

2 to 3 months to change you life.

With parasites your housing another organism that’s pooping and creating waste that your body needs to eliminate along with yours. They go through your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. It’s important to get rid of this because it’s an underlying root cause of ill health and many of the maladies we are finding in this day and age. It may also be a key factor in why so many people are overweight. A few studies found that many times we see parasites in animals it can mirror metabolic syndrome in adults. Many of the undetected food intolerances that can cause inflammation and bloating that compromises your ability to burn fuel may be related to some other organism that your housing. It’s not just about counting calories and clean eating it’s about really cleaning out your system. At this time bacteria and viruses can be released so we want to take immuno-enhancing herbs and enemas, coffee enemas or some kind of hydrocolonic therapy to help flush this out quickly.

With diet there is no probiotics in the beginning, after a while we add some fermented foods. Eliminate the common allergen triggers, GMO’s, non irradiated foods, corn, soy, dairy, wheat and even no grains for a little while. You should also eliminate fruits for the first two weeks of the program. Parasites love sugar and milk sugar and anything that’s easily digested as well as processed foods. They don’t do well with foods high in zinc and vitamin A increase those.

Should you get tested we don’t always find anything in testing for many of these, but they do offer a test for those that must see it to believe it. This test costs $280 and $385 for an expanded panel. This is an important test for unresolved health problems.

Yeast is a fermenting organism it creates gas and bloating and hinders the growth of beneficial bacteria. We don’t have enough bioavailable copper that acts as a natural antifungal and too much non-bioavailable. Do a blood test or tissue mineral analyses to check your copper levels. This is also important for Autistic children. Copper rich foods are almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, sesame seeds, pecans, peanuts and legumes.

I find most with Autism have blood type A and usually lack HCL and do better on a vegetarian diet and are more predisposed for yeast and fungus. These tests are important for children with Autism and people with all autoimmune that can’t get to the bottom of what’s going on in our systems including an expanded GI panel.

I have been doing this with my current products for twenty years.

Ann Louise Gittleman web page

Also her page fat flush


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher


4 thoughts on “Parasites and Toxicity

  1. Parasites love sugar and milk sugar and anything that’s easily digested as well as processed foods. “They don’t do well with foods high in zinc and vitamin A increase those.” increase the sugar?? I know carrots are high in vit A.. but since there is sugar in it should I be avoiding it?


  2. Sorry, I just reread the blog. And see that taking “immuno-enhancing herbs and enemas, coffee enemas or some kind of hydrocolonic therapy to help flush this out quickly.”

    When needed, I have given my three children enemas for constipation and fevers.

    What is type of enemas do I give them for parasites?


    • Very good blog. Learned lots reading this. Thank you for posting it.
      Being a divorced mom with three children makes it hard to monitor and cleanse.
      Should I do a cleanse twice a year for all in the family? And do cleanse during full moons?

      Cleanse includes enemas for all?



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