Hormone Health and your Liver

My Notes From The Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. Sara Gottfried

The liver is key to hormone health and easily overwhelmed especially by endocrine disruptors and environmental toxins. Endocrine disruptors are zenoestrogens we get exposed to that are plastics and pesticides. They disrupt your endocrine system and the endocrine receptors, also your gut microbiome and your liver. This is creating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, we now know that if you test and your ALT is above 20 for women and 30 for men that’s non-alcoholic fatty liver going on. A study showed 30% of women in the U.S. has this problem and 50% in Texas where they have more exposure to organic pollutants and endocrine disruptors, this is a major issue.

Consuming too much HFCS makes your liver deposit fat. Three ways of harming the liver is alcohol, sugar/HFCS, and endocrine disruption. Unfortunately a lot of people who have non-alcoholic fatty liver have no symptoms or very vague symptoms where they just feel low in energy, feeling blah. What’s it’s doing is aging your liver prematurely and since your liver is the boss of how hormones move through the body this is a major problem.

I use a comprehensive metabolic panel, a blood test to look at enzymes ALT or AST the liver enzymes. This is not taught in mainstream medical school, I had to learn this becoming an expert on hormones a mainstream doctor would consider these numbers normal.

Endocrine disruptors also play a roll in making PMS more rocky for both women and men. We have to look at all the reasons you might be estrogen dominant and one is your liver may be overloaded. Endocrine disruptors include skin products, hair dye, we breath these in, make up, BPA there is data linking every disease to BPA, also effecting your thyroid and androgen receptors for testosterone. This is effecting you, your children and your grandchildren because it’s effecting your epigenetics, what you hand down.

Phthalates which is anything that has a fragrance to it lotions, deodorant, anything on the skin. They are linked to miscarriages in women, endometriosis, poor egg quality and lower sperm count. Worst sources of BPA are the plastic coating on register receipts, this is currently the number one source have them put it in the bag, email or refuse. BPA is also found in the lining of cans, plastic bottles including BPA free, use glass and GMO’s.

By these disrupting the endocrine system it is greatly contributing to the obesity problem, disrupting your microbiome causing you to store more fat. In studies on mice GMO’s made the females make more testosterone becoming more male and the males made more estrogen becoming more female. This also effects sulfur metabolism which is serotonin and your happy hormones.

Probiotics have been found to reduce absorption and lower blood levels of BPA, this is data from animals it has not been replicated in humans but we have so much evidence about the benefits of probiotics that’s a good one.  Don’t trust BPA alternatives they just substituted a different chemical, store food in glass. Try not to buy food in plastic, get fresh vegetables and wrap meat in paper. For cookware use cast iron, enamel, all clad or multi clad stainless steel, no Teflon that’s an endocrine disruptor and use organic personal care products.

Many of us also have micronutrient deficiencies that’s how it is effecting your liver in terms of the endocrine disruptors. Eat fresh foods, fermented foods, sea vegetables, in studies probiotics especially in fermented foods helps turn the boat around with non-alcoholic fatty liver. Also add coconut kefir and fermented coconut water, food is medicine. Fermented coconut water works really well for Autistic children, it’s also found to help detox mercury and improves menstrual cycles, skin better, eyesight better, proving it’s a great liver cleanser.

Natural liver tonics include beet kvass, kombucha but not if you have a yeast issue then you want to avoid this and beer, wine and bread. Nettle tea is a good liver tonic and also helps with peri-menopausal bloating and fluid retention, get into fermentation.

Modern medicine is way behind the science.

My step by step program is create energy, cleanse toxins, conquer infections and correct digestion. It’s a 28 day program addressing the hormonal underpinnings related to lack of energy we measure cortisol, thyroid and estrogen to see what kind of foods you can eat to amplify balance. What kind of movement is important like a shoulder stand for your thyroid, it squishes out the old blood, refreshes and energizes your thyroid. In surveys people double their energy during the course of the program.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licenses physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher


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