Healthy Energy, Metabolism and Weight Loss

My Notes From the Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. Raphael Kellman

We have always misunderstood the roll of bacteria, always thinking they were the bad guys that needed to be eradicated now we know we can’t survive without them. We are only learning now how significant they are to our health. The gut is a powerful ecosystem that is connected to all our other systems in the body. I started to see in my patients that without going on any kind of diet they were losing weight just by healing their microbiome in the gut. Changing the gut bacteria can help weight loss, people who are overweight tend to have a certain microbiome profile different from skinny people.

The gut is the center of intelligence for the body, the inner echo system is a mirror image of what we are seeing on the outside world. many of the epidemics that we are experiencing today if not all of them have to some degree their roots in an altered microbiome. People with addictions to drugs and alcohol have terribly imbalanced microbiomes, correcting this plays a roll in recovery. To reduce cravings for addiction, glucose and unhealthy foods you have to work on the gut to improve brain function. Making improvements to the gastrointestinal health made recovery easier by diminishing cravings. When receptors in the gut are damaged you get cravings for all these.

Genes wait for information for what to do and food is information. Your genes are like hardware that needs the software, bacteria, to tell them what to do turning them on and off. Lack of relaxation and repair the body will enter into a state of decay leading to all diseases of autoimmunity, obesity, vascular and cancer. Healthy foods turn on the right genes and are anti-inflammatory and balancing. We should start thinking not what I want but what I need, when we take care of our microbiome it takes care of us.

I have had thousands of patients that found they love the food needed to feed the microbiome that will reverse disease. I prescribe a microbiome diet that is delicious and not deprivation. It’s all detailed in my book The Microbiome Diet.

The foods to eliminate are sugar, refined carbohydrates, excessive carbs, excessive saturated fat and excessive animal protein. A lot of problems today with violence and war is very much related to the health of our microbiome, bad foods are short circuiting our systems. Other bad foods are GMO’s, toxins, remove gluten, soy, corn, and dairy, remove these and add the foods that the microbiome needs to keep you healthy. Lakanto is a good sugar substitute and add inulin to fermented vegetables to super charge them. No HFCS, eliminate bad fats, no grains, rice and quinoa only in moderation, eat fermented foods with grains and fermented dairy is ok.

You would never imagine an apple seed could grow into a forty foot tree that produces more apples year after year. We can help it grow better in one of two ways by surgically manipulating the seed itself or nourishing the soil it’s going to grow in by removing toxins and adding the things it needs for a healthy tree including plenty of water and sunshine. Part of what it needs for a healthy soil is the bacteria that assist the ecology of the soil and we have found that there is also an ecology of viruses some good and some bad. Twenty years from now we are going to discover there is another ecosystem below that, science is constantly changing and evolving. There is a need for modern medicine but the best road to optimal health you need to improve the environment, improve the ecology to have what it needs.

Good foods for friendly bacteria are artichokes, leeks, asparagus, jicama, onions, garlic, radishes, kiwi, Jerusalem artichokes and more. They turn on all the right genes, taste good, fill us, decrease our satiety, reduce cravings for glucose and sugars, they speak to our genes in a healthy way. These are the foods we should be eating, these foods have a lot of fiber and fiber can be digested by the bacteria helping the friendly bacteria to proliferate. Fermented foods should be eaten at least once a day, preferably with each meal you have sauerkraut, kimchi or coconut kefir drink, you only need a few tablespoons with each meal. These are live cultured foods you need, most in the grocery store are dead from pasteurization.

On the thyroid 20% of the T3 is produced in the gut so when the gut is not producing well you become deficient in T3 by up to 20%. This is a direct link to thyroid problems, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. Toxic exposure is one of the biggest causes of a dysfunctional microbiome effecting the gut, brain and immune system. There is local reduction of T3 found in any inflamed brain, in autopsy of Alzheimer’s patients they found the T4 and T3 in the blood were normal but the T3 in the brain were very low. The brain was not producing enough T3 and the metabolic activity in the coronal function was disturbed to a large degree because of functional deficit of the T3 the active thyroid hormone. This may be what’s happening to Autistic children and many with developmental disorders.

When there is inflammation in the brain, low T3 in the brain even if your not seeing it on routine blood testing. This starts with gastrointestinal inflammation, this is true for elderly all the way to children. Most people with developmental disorders and neurodegenerative disorders have poor gastrointestinal function and altered microbiome function. That’s the deeper trigger of the inflammatory cascade, mitochondrial function and thyroid function are linked.

Dr. Kellman practices in NYC and has two web pages here and here


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher


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