Stop Chasing Pain

My Notes From The Pain Relief Project

Perry Nickelston DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA

Stop chasing pain, where you think it is it ain’t.

Pain is an area such as your knee and because there was no obvious injury you must look elsewhere for the source of  pain. The knee is compensating for dysfunction in another area of being overused, it’s painful because of being used too much.

Your body is interconnected so a problem in your big toe can cause pain in your neck. If the toe bends the way it should, you should have a proper gate when walking. Without range of motion in the big toe you will not walk as efficiently and shorten your stride. This throws everything off making you use your upper body more than you should leading to problems in your knee, shoulder and neck.

The fascial system is basically the connective tissue system of your body, like a giant spider web wrapped around every part of your body from your skin to your internal organs to your spine, the fascial is the net that holds everything together. They are only first learning how important this system is, finding this system is very powerful with a lot of input and output into your nervous system. Fascial can lose it’s elasticity, it’s supposed to be very hydrated, in studies under a microscope you can see the beads of what are supposed to be there. It can dehydrate through lack of movement when your sedentary it begins to solidify that’s when you feel very tight when you stand up and you begin to move after sitting for a long time, that’s the fascial system binding down it can get knots in it and scar up and this can cause pain right where the bending is but it can also cause pain somewhere else.

The fascial system I think of as a transmission of force inside the body. This system goes from your toes up through your body and ends at just before your eyebrows. Every time you take a step you transmit force up through that line. You can have a fascial that’s locked down and doesn’t bind well, let’s say in your calf which is very common most people have tight calves. Then that force can’t get transmitted beyond the calf up your torso efficiently transmitting more force into the bottom of your heal and complain you have heal pain or Achilles tendonitis which is overuse of the tendon in the back of the calf or planter fasciitis. One of the reasons you can get this is your big toe doesn’t move.

Therapies to release fascia that help are deep tissue laser therapy of healing light into the tissues to help stimulate blood flow and circulation to break up some of that binding that is there in the fascial all the way down to the bone and loosens it up. This is followed by stretching by hand and then movement patterns to get the fascial moving and I teach self release techniques for at home. Getting you to move better that pain may be from not moving enough. There are different classes of lasers, some you don’t feel the laser only the results. The high intencity one you do feel a sensation of warmth, they are designed to interact with the chemically damaged cells of your body. Anytime you have pain in the body you have chemically damaged cells in your body that excites the nervous system and your brain recognized that and you have pain. The light accelerates the healing process drastically, every living organism reacts to light stimulation. The average is 4-6 treatments, treating anything and everything it doesn’t matter what the injury is all tissues react to light. I use a 25 watt Life Force Laser class 4 High Intensity Laser, delivering very differently from the class 3 cold lasers, you have to use and control it differently.

We have learned more about the brain in the last 5 years than the last 500 years.

When you have an internal issue pain is the last thing you feel not the first, your body has tried to compensate, adapt and survive to protect you and to fix you that’s it’s job. When it can’t do it anymore without help the easiest way for it to communicate is to send you pain. Unfortunately we have this relationship with pain that it’s a sign of weakness or maybe it will go away or it’s not that bad and your body goes back to the drawing board. It will look for another compensation to try to fix it some other way for a short period of time and then it will come back again, eventually it will run out of options and that’s when severe pain hits. At this point there may be too much damage and permanent disability sets in. Perfect case scenario is working with people before any of this happens.

I also do a movement screening. Kids today especially need chiropractic that are sedentary and the brain doesn’t learn from sitting it learns from moving and interaction. Kids today don’t play outside like they used to setting the stage for problems later, lack of movement is a slow death of the human body. I am finding today that children and teenagers do not have the range of motion they should because of this.

A study done in Brazil on 50-81 year olds on their ability to do a squat and depending on how many times you have to use your hand, elbow or knee to get stability and coming back up the same way. You had a 6.5 times greater chance of dying in the next six years than if you could come back up without doing that. Based on a score of ten for every point you could go up after corrections there was a 21% jump in the likelihood you are going to live longer. It’s an epidemic with people falling and usually die shortly after that.

Vibram shoes are minimalist shoes like being barefoot their great, transition gradually. Today flat feet are prevalent creating weak muscles in the bottom of the feet sending many more times your body weight up into your joints wearing your body down. Walk at home barefoot a lot to start and it changes how you move helping with back pain by strengthening the muscles in the bottom of the foot. Do the Jando short foot exercise then move to walking outside barefoot, 5-10 minutes fires up your whole nervous system and you will start walking with a more natural arch increasing your heart rate and metabolic rate.

Learn to breath better and more efficiently it’s not the same as respiration, conscious breathing is from the abdomen. This is a link to stabilizing pain, shallow breathing results in poor oxygen supply for recovery and regeneration. Spend more time barefoot. Move, crawling is good forward and then backward on your hands and knees. One of the best rehabilitations moves to do because it takes a lot of stability to do it, don’t hold your breath while your doing it.

Perry Nickelston web page stop chasing pain

and the Pain Laser Center in New Jersey


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician, It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing .

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