A Danger We Can’t See, Electromagnetic Fields

My Notes From the Children’s and Teen Health Summit

Ann Louise Gittleman PhD, CNS

Manmade frequencies are causing a lot of health problems that are not recognized. Electromagnetic pollution is surrounding all of us and we started finding in some patients that the diet changes and detox were not helping them and found that EMF’s were the underlying cause and this one doesn’t go away.

We can’t see these energy fields but they are effecting us in very strange ways, the extremely low frequencies are having biological effects on us. The EMF’s that are highly biologically active are making our cells react and shut down causing your DNA to become tainted, it breaks and then can’t even reproduce itself. Scientists have found the exposure to EMF’s from wireless have the ability to change cell membrane function and we found major changes in calcium metabolism where you start to lose calcium from the cells. All of this starts to scramble the communication between your cells. They are producing what we call heat shock proteins, as if heating were occurring when it’s not. All of this breaks DNA and creates blood/brain barrier leaks, increases free radicals and cellular stress, premature aging, sometimes learning impairment, headaches, fatigue, sleeping disorders and melatonin impairment. Studies have found that even low levels of the EMF’s can depress the bodies production of melatonin which is a very important hormone that helps us sleep and protects us from disease. It was noted that they found night workers had higher rates of breast cancer than day workers.

We now know that melatonin can increase the bodies effectiveness of it’s own killer cells to fight off foreign invaders so it’s very important that we have enough melatonin because it bolsters the entire immune system. It increases the antioxidant activity of glutathione which is the most important antioxidant in the system that is specifically anti-inflammatory, it helps to repair the cells. All of this is very crucial because we are seeing such a growing proliferation of all these immunosuppressant diseases that may be connected to this melatonin suppression.

This circles back to children and teens who aren’t sleeping the way they should, they have all kinds of electronic equipment in their room and it’s not just the blue lights that are emanating from the electronic equipment but it’s also the energy. The biological effect of some of the energy waves that are coming through the non ionizing and electromagnetic radiation that most parents are completely unaware of.

The American and Canadian Academy of Pediatrics has stated that children from zero to two years old should not have any exposure to technology. From 3-5 years it should be restricted to one hour a day, 6-18 years it should be restricted to two hours a day. This is almost impossible given the fact that many schools are now going wireless. All these EMF’s are causing the children to face life threatening and immunosuppressing diseases.

When you start reading the literature that no one is talking about because of cell phone and telecommunication industries in this century. Studies from London have shown that children are five times more likely to come down with brain cancer if they use mobile phones, this risk in fact may be underestimated because the studies that were used don’t show the risk of phone use over many years. There is a major risk to children who are using cordless phones with brain cancers, ADD and ADHD as well as Autism that may be connected to the use of all this technology including the ultrasounds during pregnancy. Harvard just published some research that is connecting the rise in Autism to the proliferation of all these electromagnetic fields that are truly part and parcel of our 21st century environment.

There is a decrease in sperm in men if they keep their cell phone in their front pocket, also don’t keep your laptop on your lap, you are irradiating that part of your body.

Children are effected profoundly because they are not just little adults they are underdeveloped human beings. The real problem that comes into play is that their brains and nervous systems are underdeveloped and because the brain and the skull and that area is so permeable and it’s so fluid with ions and water that those become conducting elements to the electromagnetic energies, they become much more subject to adverse effects. We are seeing that to a great degree in ADD, ADHD and behavioral symptoms, it’s almost as if our kids have been exposed to digital dementia.

We have studies that show a cell phone call that lasts about two minutes can cause brain hyperactivity and that over response can last over an hour in children. Because children are growing so rapidly and their cells are dividing at break neck speeds the more cells that divide the greater the risk for damage at certain critical junctures and because we have seen that EMF”s also cause breaks in the blood/brain barrier. Children are simply more permeable and that’s because of their higher concentration of ions in the fluid in their brain cells. Any kind of breach in the blood/brain barrier causes all kinds of toxins as well as oxidative stress to damage nerve tissue and has adverse effects on brain hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

The idea here is that it’s not just children being exposed their exposed before they are born because they can be exposed through what the mother absorbs through her cell phone use or exposure through high EMF’s at home or on the job. It’s very important that your careful especially during pregnancy, there was a 2008 study that showed using 13,000 children that women who use a cell phone two or three times a day while their pregnant are more likely to have kids with behavioral problems and difficulty controlling their emotions. So in the same way you protect your baby from toxic exposures during pregnancy your not going to want to take x-rays during pregnancy or use nail polish or polish remover. It’s also important to protect your baby from electromagnetic pollution that can impact the childs nervous system long before birth. You need to curtail heavy cell phone use during pregnancy, it has been related to a risk of miscarriages and birth defects. All of this comes into play and making sure your kids are not playing with your smart phone just as a little entertainment piece, it’s very difficult to say this is almost sacrilegious with how prolific technology is today. Kids today are on all these devises all day creating difficulty in brain function in terms of nervous system function. If you look at a childs brain on EMF’s as I have you could see how the rates of Autism and learning disabilities have soared in the last twenty years, it’s something like 1 in 50 right now. This mirrors the proliferation of the electromagnetic field which is about 100 million times more than what our grandparents were surrounded with.

Digital dementia is the over exposure to technology and starts to effect the way the child interacts with the environment and other human beings and becomes really addicted to the internet, cell phone and technology to the effect of social skills becoming lacking.

Many other countries do not allow children to use cell phones because of all this research, they have seen it’s not just the brain cancer risk but that their more physiologically sensitive to the energy and it effects the way they relate with other human beings. The cells become interrupted, the cellular communication between your cells becomes interrupted and get overwhelmed by all kinds of messages inside and outside the body. Without enough calcium, remember this creates calcium leaks within the cell membranes, and all the neurotransmitters become scrambled and then chemicals start pouring in from your ruptured cells that damage your cellular DNA. Then they start to disrupt normal cell division creating oxidative stress that further damages DNA and many other physical processes, all of this has a domino effect.

Texting is better than using a little microwave oven, which is what a cell phone is, right around your brain near your head. I had been living on a cell phone and developed a salivary gland benign tumor that had to be removed and now I am a reformed cell phone addict. There is quite a lot of research on this showing extreme use of the cell phone on one side of the head created a near epidemic of these benign as well as malignant carotid gland tumors.

When you start looking at some of the symptoms of electro hypersensitivity with what our kids have, whether it be numbness in the fingers, feeling of warm or facial flushing, headaches, dizziness, nauseousness, deafness, blurred vision or blistering skin. Severely effected people cannot use a cell phone at all because they become heated so prolifically, it will heat up the ear and certain side of the head. Many of us are allergic and not realizing where the sores are coming from and can even be allergic to the energy efficient light bulbs which also gives out a form of radiation. These symptoms we are experiencing are very identical to radio wave sickness that we identified as far back as the 1970s. There are neurological implications and implications also for the cardiac and respiratory systems and even the digestive system in terms of enlarged thyroid, abdominal pain, the eyes, dehydration and nose bleeds are very much connected to EMFs as well.

It’s all really scary and if your traveling in a car with your child and they are playing with your cell phone or making calls that’s not the best place to make calls because your in a vehicle that’s metallic and all of that starts to concentrate some of the radioactive or the non ionizing radiation waves and if your in an airplane it’s the same thing. The waves just start bouncing off the metal and concentrate that exposure of the radiation that is biologically active. That’s why we get tired on airplanes nowadays I don’t think it’s just jetlag it’s EMF exposure. So it takes twice as long to get over an airplane flight than it did ten to twenty years ago.

What’s disconcerting is other countries are much further ahead of this than we are, their much more aware about all of these issues particularly when it comes to children and protecting them. We are moving toward the realization that we are hypersensitive to the electromagnetic world around us and that there is a variety of symptoms connected to it that can effect the heart rate, the eyes, ears, brain, skin just about every area of the body is effected so you don’t really know what’s going on. You see the proliferation of brain tumors that were not talking about, the way that we did.

Those that work on wall street that are forever surrounded by computers and phones you know there is an overexposure, that’s a problem with no safe havens. Then again there might have been a problem years ago with lead and asbestos, tanning beds or cigarettes you could simple remove yourself from the environment and you weren’t exposed, what’s happening now is that you’ve got the exposure 24/7 and if you have your wireless router that’s plugged in and not disabled at night or if your living in a home that has a smart meter. You have all of those exposures making it more important than ever to really support yourself with antioxidants and melatonin or with earthing.

Earthing protects your system from these low frequency electromagnetic fields by neutralizing positive charges with the negative electrons from the earth. It’s interesting that earthing has taken off is quite a phenomenon. There is a healing response in the body when the person becomes grounded. Whether that means standing or sitting on the earth or grounded using electrodes that are placed on the soles of the feet or certain types of sheets you can sleep with. It’s able to help pain, speed wound healing, decrease inflammation and it takes only twenty minutes a day for a person to get that healing response when they start to be grounded. This is a big deal and rather than focus on EMF’s we have to be positive and work on protecting with oxidant rich electrons that is believed we are majorly deficient in and they neutralize all the toxic elements that your getting when your exposed.

What you can do at night is in your bedroom as well as your children’s bedroom, that you remove all electronic equipment and you never sleep with your cell phone. Your cell phone should not be your alarm clock you don’t want any of these digitized gadgets near your head. You want to make sure your as far away as possible and no frequency of use and the duration of time is as less as possible. It’s really the prolific use and constant barraging of the system that’s the problem. You don’t have a chance to rest, rejuvenate and regenerate which is what you need to do when you sleep at night which is why I use grounded sheets.

With cordless phones some of the research has found that with cell phones some individuals in terms of problems with their heart can be very deleterious to arrhythmia and heart rate variability and thickness of the blood. The problems people are having in terms of very consistent beating of the heart may in fact be more deleterious to the people effected with cordless phones than cell phones because it’s like having a mini cell phone tower in your hand. Many of our senior citizens simply should not have a cordless phone and should be on a corded phone. You have to be careful though some corded phones that look like they are landlines but their deck phones and you have to make sure that their not cordless phones in disguise.

None of this is going away you have to learn how to shield yourself, you have to learn how to put smart guards on your smart meters. Learn how to use the earthing equipment or earthing sheets in terms of sleep, you have to reduce your exposure wherever you can. When you do have to use the cell phone for talking you really should be using the speaker phone to keep it away from your body and your skull, texting is safer. When that’s not possible there is a plastic ear tube, ear piece that reduces the radiation to the brain and all of that is available in our EMF protective stores.  Also make sure your cordless phone is not a deck phone which is a digitally enhanced communication technology DECT, use a headset whenever possible, they don’t provide the best protection but certainly provide some with the air tube headset with an additional extension cord. Don’t allow the kids to use the cell phone as much as possible, if your pregnant don’t carry one around with you and never put that cell phone in your bra. We are seeing all kinds of tumors that are in the shape of a cell phone that are emanating from that kind of usage. Don’t use a cell phone while your driving because your really exposing yourself to much higher levels of this non ionizing radiation because your constantly having to make an ongoing reconnection to the towers and your in a metal environment with it reflecting back to you.

Always keep your cell phone charged if your going to use it because when the signal is not strong the phone emits a lot more radiation. You should turn off your mobile phone devices when their not in use or switch to airplane mode and also turn off your Bluetooth and wi-fi when not in use. I would not frequently use a tablet or a laptop if possible because wherever these are placed is where your body is going to become irradiated.

For those who still have a microwave oven you really shouldn’t stay in the same room when your microwaving something, we have measured microwave ovens and they all leak. This can effect the eye’s and ear’s, there is also the nutritional reasons not to use a microwave because they destroy the enzymes in the food. When you talk about nutrition it’s important to make sure you have enough vitamin C in the diet and a lot of magnesium because of the way in which calcium is lost from the cell membrane. You want to have enough magnesium to help the calcium stay in the right place. You also want to make sure you have enough selenium, potassium, sulfur, manganese, chromium and if your not sleeping well at night take a little melatonin, maybe 1-3ml will be very helpful because electro pollution seriously reduces the bodies production of melatonin. That’s exceedingly important in protecting your system against cancer. I am also a big believer in vitamin D and making sure you have enough of other antioxidants in the diet that will help to protect against the positive free radicals that your getting from all different sources in terms of the EMF toxins in the environment and the chemicals. This is one more element in terms of your environment that needs to be protected against.

When you have people come into the house that check for mold and mildew you should also do an EMF sweep of your house to see if there are any fields that are coming from unexpected sources. You can use protective shielding devices or moving around your furniture so that your not as close to some of these. The refrigerator has a very large magnetic field because of the motor, you want to be careful you don’t have a couch or a bed on the other side of the wall, the wall is not a barrier for EMF’s. I have a client that gives a breakdown of the measurements of the fields that we find with our most common devices. You would be very surprised that hairdryers particularly the larger ones, provide a very large magnetic field as do electric shavers, coffee makers, food processors, garbage disposals and sometimes electric slow cookers. But that refrigerator motor is one of the highest finding that a safe distance is 6-8 feet. Whenever your not using any of these appliances you want to unplug them, your not just getting these fields from your wireless devices but also the electricity itself and the electrical appliances. Especially in the bedroom at night when your sleeping everything in the room should be unplugged or disconnected.

This is all highly researched and we are not hearing about all the independent studies because the cell phone industry is not investing in any of them. Those independent studies of scientists that are all published prove the biological effects of some of these frequencies and how deleterious it is to the system.

You have to do the right thing for you and your children and your home and this includes having the right diet of healthy foods, your not going to have a lot of junk food in the house. You want to have the right kinds of fats that will fortify the cell membrane so the body can be fortified against these things. That’s where the right kind of oils come into play, saturated fats like coconut oil, high omega 3 fats found in fish oil and flax oil. All that’s important because the right kind of fat can also hold calcium in suspension and we want that so your not effected by the calcium leaking that goes on in the cell membrane when it starts to rupture.

The EMF 24/7 exposure is something nobody wants to talk about, everyone wants to ignore. When your seeing rates of Autism soar and everybody thinks it’s the vaccines, no it’s the molds, no it’s the allergies but what really people are exposed to 24/7 is the technology. They have to be convinced there is a biological deleterious effect and there is nothing that we are doing in terms of the government to protect you it’s every man, woman, child and unborn child on his own. It’s very important to fight wi-fi in schools and communities and even at home as best you can. Teach the kids to keep the phone away from the body while it’s turned on. With call and text there is a burst of frequency that penetrates the body, you want your phones in your purse or backpack not on your body.

We are antennas because we are so much water and minerals that are conductive substances in our system. this is why earthing can be so regenerative that you want to do on a daily basis or if you can’t get some of the protective devices to use. In a double blind placebo controlled study we now have science behind the mechanism for earthing. These studies prove why earthing is working and needed because in the 1960s we stopped wearing leather soled shoes and we are now wearing plastics and rubber soles which are not conductive the way leather was, in effect becoming disconnected to the earth. When you become reconnected your whole body system works much better, the heart starts to beat better, the thyroid functions better, just look at all the thyroid problems we are having the electromagnetics in the environment are definitely having an effect. When you start to earth everything starts to normalize including your melatonin level as well as cortisol levels so your body isn’t under as much constant stress and strain of the stress proteins that are effected when your exposed to EMF’s it’s very protective.

Clint Ober has a book on earthing and all this information is in my book Zapped in more detail. If your interested in the research and all the studies you can go to bioinitiativereport.org. In 2011 the World Health Organization International Agency for research on Cancer warned the world of risks from the radiation emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and classed them as a Class 2B carcinogen. This is the emerging health problem of this century and imperative that we all become educated because human health stakes are significant. Some peole consider this the greatest biological experiment of mankind.

There are many prestigious organizations the AAEM, the AA of Pediatrics have all come out with mission statements and declarations about how so much of this is an important health issue and it can cause acute and chronic health problems. It’s being looked at with more and more concern by health care practitioners everywhere, this is the emerging health problem of our time. The human brain is especially susceptible to the environmental insults that are coming from all these EMF’s that’s why I think we have an epidemic among children of decreased motor function, hyperactivity, diminished cognition, that’s where all this digital dementia is coming from. In terms of the underdeveloped personal skills, disjointed experiences and even brain damage it is considered a new condition naming it digital dementia in children.

We have a lot of people that don’t know the science and think this is impossible, just go online and watch Martin Blank’s you tube video where he talks about how cell phones do damage, he also wrote a book called Overpowered. This shows the DNA and how it’s damaged and it can’t repair itself. A lot of this was known way back in the 1970’s and nothing was done about it, there is a lot of money involved and the communications industry which is a trillion dollar industry and simply doesn’t want all this found out. We really have to take matters into our own hands without being paranoid or negative. Putting your head in the sand it’s not going to go away, we must be protective about this.

This is a second video of Martin Blank speaking at the wireless safety summit in Washington DC.

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There are many products out there to help with reducing or nullifying the effects of the electromagnetic pollution.


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