Pre, Post and Pregnancy Health

My Notes from the Children’s Health Summit

Kim Schuette CN

We are not fully aware of how critical our nutrition effects the health of our children. Back in the nineties we had a diagnosis of Autism that was 1 in 10,000 now we are getting numbers that range anywhere from 50 to 88, it’s shocking, what do we do to stop this epidemic. We are experiencing unprecedented numbers of Autism, birth defects, autoimmune in children, learning disabilities, allergies, never have we seen so many children with chronic allergies and rising rates of cancer. It’s not just here in America but we are leading the pack.

We have come to a time when couples have to take seriously preparing for conception to have a healthy baby. Careful consideration of proper nutrition coupled with gentle detoxification and appropriate child spacing. We need to eat nutrient dense foods and help the small farmers to help protect their rights to produce these foods.

You need to slow down, Americans lead chaotic lifestyles, the stress that is birthed out of that takes a tremendous toll on our health. I see so many children now that are overscheduled, too many children don’t have free playtime to just be creative and just be. We as adults are doing the same thing and need to take time out so we don’t have cortisol levels that are going through the roof that also effects all the other hormones that are connected in the endocrine system. If your overscheduled your going to put your body into a state of chronic stress our bodies were designed to have long periods of rest and intermittent short periods of stress. If we are in this constant stress pattern our body is constantly having to produce cortisol, you go upstream from cortisol and you have cholesterol.

Infertility rates are on the rise and every couple I have seen with infertility problems have one thing in common and that is they have spent most of their life on a low to no fat diet. It’s a huge part of the problem, there’s recently a study out of Denmark that found 30% of the 19 year old men have sperm counts that are in the sub-fertile range. This is primarily due to diet, a diet that can’t accommodate a busy lifestyle. The low to no fat diets are fueling the infertility rates that we are seeing. Fats to add to your diet are clean animal meats, coconut oil, olive oil, wild seafood, raw pastured dairy products and clean organ meats. Dr. Price in his studies found the children who ate the most wild seafood had the best cranial development.

Lacto fermented vegetables, cultured dairy, fruit and fermented drinks such as kombucha or kvass are very important for the health of the mother. Before she gives birth some of the bacteria moves down in preparation for the birth of the baby so it is inoculated with good bacteria. Every culture across the globe always had fermented foods as part of their diet.

Fat is important when we start talking about conception because all of our sex and adrenal hormones are derived from cholesterol, cholesterol is only available in animal fats and the body makes a certain percentage of it on it’s own but we also need dietary cholesterol to make the fat as well as vitamin A which is very critical for conception. Also keep in mind the human brain is made up of 50-60% cholesterol, without dietary fat we deprive our adrenal glands which are the glands that help us deal with stress. We deprive them of very vital material and our sex glands are going to suffer, your body senses a deficiency in cholesterol because from cholesterol you make pregnenolone and from pregnenolone all of your sex hormones and your adrenal stress handle hormones are made. If there is a short supply of cholesterol and your under tremendous stress your body is going to have to decide between sex and handling stress and it’s going to chose handling stress always, it has to, because otherwise you do not survive. We actually need more fat when we are under stress to keep our hormones in the normal range.

B-12 that we get from animal fats is critical to the nervous system, a couple looking to conceive should eat a lot of foods rich in B-12. Your number one source of B-12 in the diet is liver, I recommend it two times a week for couples, try liver pate’ find a recipe you like.

The time it takes a couple to clean up before conception depends on their toxic load, it’s best to have two years to work with a couple but it could be a minimum one year. We are using very gentle detoxing and mineral rebalancing using hair analyses to asses mineral needs, also cleaning up their home environment and looking at their work environment for what you can do there. Put houseplants in the home to help clean the air, get rid of synthetics especially bed linins, bath towels move to all cotton. If you buy new furniture seek out non toxic products, latex free organic beds, clean up wi-fi and remove amalgams if necessary with a biological dentist. If the mother has mercury fillings every time she chews it releases mercury vapors that go through the body that can cross the placenta and expose the baby. Then we go through a six month program to clean up any mercury left in the tissues.

These toxins in the mothers system can damage the babies nervous system that makes them more likely to have certain defects at birth. They can also damage the gut lining leaving them more defenseless especially if their going to be given vaccinations which pretty much all of the pediatric vaccines now contain some form of aluminum which is a very toxic metal. If the gut has already been damaged during the very early months of development in the womb the baby is going to come out and be inoculated with good bacteria their going to have poor barriers in the gut and be much more vulnerable to damage.

Because there is a fair amount of albumin which is derived from egg whites in many of the vaccines today we believe this is part of the reason we are seeing so many children with egg allergies. There is a lot of leakiness in the gut of these children very early on before they even have a chance to choose junk food or other harmful foods that will deregulate the gut, they are being born with guts that are damaged. We are seeing higher rates of thrush, diaper rash, eczema and acne these are all indicators that there is disorder in the gut. For those children I will always encourage the parents to put them on the GAPS diet, obviously with newborns we encourage breast feeding or if for some reason they can’t we use the homemade milk formula that Nourishing Traditions came up with.

Pasteurized milk must be pasteurized because it’s filthy, it’s not safe for human consumption coming from cows that have been fed in feedlots and pumped with antibiotics because their constantly having mastitis. Cows fed on grains and legumes is not natural and full of pathogens, raw milk is completely different if from cows that are naturally grass fed it’s much cleaner.

For small children whose gut is severely damaged we start them out with bone broth and after a few months we will graduate to raw goats milk. Commercial baby formulas you just have to read the label to know you wouldn’t want to feed that to your precious baby. It’s loaded with sugar and all kind of volatile long chain fatty acids like canola oil, safflower oil and corn oil which have all been genetically modified and sensitive to heat and light so their damaged by the time they go through the process of being converted to powders, actually their damaged by the time they become bottled oils. The formulas are our very last choice especially the soy formulas, under no circumstance do we recommend soy formula. Because it’s completely devoid of cholesterol and in some countries it’s banned, the only way soy formulas are given is if they are medically monitored and in some cases they are given supplemented cholesterol to offset the fact that it has zero percent. Breast milk is 60% cholesterol and best if it’s coming from a well nourished mother. If we do not have to supplement we want to give them a milk that closely reflects the nutrients that we find in breast milk. The two formulas in Nourishing Traditions achieve that very well and are very simple to make.

The three medications that are detrimental to pregnancy and pre pregnancy are number one birth control pills they disrupt the liver and the pituitary glands function as well as the rest of the endocrine system. they deplete the mother of B6 which is so critical in the developing neurological system of the baby. These are a big concern and we have a whole protocol we take moms through that have been on the birth control pill to help rebuild their bodies to become pregnant.

Second is antibiotics they wipe out all beneficial bacteria in the mom and this leaves the mother with very little beneficial bacteria by the time the baby is born to help build the babies defense system. While the baby is in development he/she is in this sterile environment in the placenta and their first inoculation is what they receive during the birthing process. It’s very important the mom has plenty of good bacteria on her skin and in her birth canal to contribute to the baby. For babies that are born C-section we encourage the mothers to immediately get them on an infant designed probiotic. Some will swab the mother’s birth canal and wipe it all over the baby to inoculate them immediately after birth with a C-section. If moms are not consuming good quality fermented foods and drinks everyday while pregnant then they really need to be on a good probiotic I like GutPro, Bio-Kult, Klaire Labs and HMS have a good line of products.

Third is all opiate based medications, I have seen a few mother’s that were given prescriptions of these medications and it’s devastating to see what it does to these children. They are told by the doctor that they are perfectly safe. You have to be careful what your taking in the years leading up to pregnancy and especially during pregnancy, there are natural ways to address pain.

If you follow our diet and your really committed the only supplement you really need is fermented cod liver oil with x-factor butter oil this increases your own immunity while pregnant and also the development of the child, especially the skeletal system and the teeth. Unless your eating plenty of liver every week add a B12, folate acid and iodine. Women who have plenty of iodine in their system tend to have children with higher IQ’s, if your not consuming a lot of wild seafood and wild fish then maybe have kelp powder everyday or an iron supplement. If your a vegetarian I am going to try to convince you to change your diet at least during pregnancy and include bone broth in your diet and for nursing also bring in raw dairy and pastured eggs 4-6 times a week, your main source of vitamin A is from animal foods.

This diet is just as important for the dad as it is for the mom pre-conception and what he donates to insure healthy sperm. I recommend the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price DDS.

For postpartum care we want lot’s of rest, nap when your baby naps, consume nutrient dense foods of bone broth, eggs, butter and liver. Be really kind to yourself and let your friends and family pamper you especially the first week. They say the more you do this the easier menopause will be, it should pass smoothly and should not be torrential night sweats and hot flashes. If you have taken good care of your adrenals and given yourself down time it will be smooth and there is no better time to slow down than when you just birthed a baby, enjoy that time with them.

We think it’s normal to have all these symptoms during menopause but it’s only because we are malnourished, we are a malnourished culture. The pharmaceutical industry has convinced us it’s a disease it’s not a disease it’s a wonderful stage of life that can be hell for some women and some men. It doesn’t have to be that way and shouldn’t, if it is that’s your body telling you something is not right but you can change it with dietary lifestyle changes.

For postpartum depression we want to get you on the nourishing traditions pre-natal, pregnancy and breast feeding diet, if anyone wants that you can email us and we will send it to you. Make sure they are on the fermented cod liver oil and x-factor butter, next we will put them on a food based B-complex vitamin called Cataplex B the standard is three taken three times a day. This is usually all I have to do and is normally a life saver. If more psychiatrists and other doctors would use Cataplex B the sales of Prozac would drop dramatically. Postpartum depression is from not having an adequate diet long enough.

For babies first foods I would recommend feeding them begining at four months and the most ideal food would be egg yolk, soft cooked with a just a pinch of celtic sea salt added. You could also add a little x-factor high vitamin butter and cod liver oil you could mix that in the egg yolk. If the mother is vegetarian you could start grating a little bit of liver into the egg yolk. This is for those on commercial formula, if the baby is breastfed or on raw milk formula you don’t have to do this until six months of age. Breast milk should be enough as long as the mother’s diet is nutrient dense. Get clean liver and freeze it for fourteen days or longer this will kill any pathogens or parasites and you can grate just a tiny bit frozen into the yolk. Around 6 1/2 months you can start introducing other organ meats, avocado, cooked apples or pears and around seven months fish eggs and bone marrow. At nine months high quality whole milk yoghurt, I prefer the mom’s making the yoghurt themselves from raw milk and maybe start the oilier fish around nine to ten months of age. Then at about a year raw berries, whole eggs, beets, potatoes and raw milk. At fifteen months you can start introducing grains of soaked brown rice, soak for about seven hours with a little raw apple cider vinegar and warm water, then you cook it for about an hour and a half.

We want to make sure when we introduce grains that they are properly prepared and not the rice grains in the box that haven’t been properly soaked. When it’s not soaked it contains phytic acid and other anti-nutrients making it less easy to digest and it binds up some key minerals that are the benefits of the grains in the first place. We want to make it easily digestible so they can benefit from it rather than have early exposure to the high gluten products that are part of the reason children have such severe gut allergies now is improperly cooked grains. This isn’t new Hippocrates actually wrote about this, the benefits of the grains he spoke about barley saying it’s solely dependent on the manner in which it’s prepared, properly soaked and properly fermented is how it’s cooked. No ancient culture that included grains in their diet prepared them quickly they all allowed their grains to soak generally for twenty four hours to two weeks, otherwise your not able to digest them properly. Grains as a first food at only four months can damage the GI tract because they can’t digest it. I recommend the book The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare.

The epidemic of illness in children starts with improperly prepared grains being introduced into the diet way too early. We are seeing a lot of degradation of the lining of the gut in these children and the result is a lot of leaky guts. This leaves them completely unguarded and much more vulnerable to pathogenic infections, you have undigested proteins crossing the blood brain barrier creating a lot of havoc in the brain and these kids can’t focus or concentrate. They are also being bombarded with a huge amount of vaccines most of which have not gone through significant clinical trials and causing a lot of damage. I see children all too often developing very well and they come in after having a vaccine and literally the parents have watched the children go from a high functioning two and a half year old to the next morning not being able to talk, not being able to have eye connection. You cannot convince these parents that the vaccine they just had didn’t play a part in their sudden onset of Autism. I don’t believe the vaccine is the sole reason for Autism but they are from what I have observed a huge player, the degradation of the gut is the problem and that is the result of all the refined foods in the diet. Along with the toxic metals these children are being exposed to it’s also the pesticides their bombarded with just days in the womb. It’s everything the parents are consuming, you have high levels of estrogen like compounds in the water and in the animal products produced by feed lots in this country.

There is a myriad of reasons we are seeing so much Autism, Autoimmunity, Asthma and Allergies in these children and it’s because we have departed from being on a traditional diet, that nutrient dense diet that all of our ancestors had access to. We have to get back to eating real food prepared in traditional ways raised by real farmers not commercial industries.

For these kids we put them on the GAPS Diet developed by a neurologist, with this we can see the gut heal and their minds restored. The GAPS Diet is a temporary short term diet it may six months or two years or somewhere in between and some homeopathic drainage remedies to help the body repair more quickly. Also supplements like Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil, fermented skate liver oil and the x-factor butter oil have been very helpful.

I teach workshops and I am getting ready to put them online. I help people all over the country through Skype with consultations and outside the country as well. Our heart is just to educate our clients so well that they need us less and less and they can go out and teach the people in their circles. We want them to be responsible for their health and get out of the vicious cycle of sickness and disease, this has to start in your own kitchen. Give your children a really good start.

Kim Schuette web page Biodynamic Wellness

She mentioned a newsletter with 10 steps to improve you health and a PDF on her page for babies first foods and pre-conception diet.

GAPS Diet –

Gaps has a find a doctor at also a lot more info on this page

She also mentioned this site raw milk institute


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.





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