Thyroid and Hashimoto’s

Notes From the Autoimmune Summit
This is not a transcript but notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that are practicing functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems. The doctors speak about what is working clinically in their practice to heal their patients. They all have a lot more information on their web pages that I will link below.

Dr. Datis Kharrazian DC, DABCN, CNS

Thyroid and hypothyroid is really an autoimmune disease. We want to avoid gluten, some rice and corn, processed soy, raw tuna is bad eat cooked only and we have to stabilize blood sugar levels. Latex is devastating to Hashimoto’s, in a restaurant the server could be wearing gloves that contaminates the food. There is currently underway a massive antibody study with chemicals, also a new type 1 diabetes diet with the antibody study.

Gluten sensitive cross reacts with corn starch. With thyroid problems test for leaky gut, there is a connection between the thyroid, hashimoto’s and the brain with neurodegenerative symptoms related to the brain. Gluten causes molecular mimicry causing your immune system to mistake you for the gluten and attack.

We do two different thyroid antibody tests, the full panel antibody test diagnoses everything years before modern medicine does, He finds 80% of his patients have an underlying autoimmune disease. Leaky gut must be addressed before doing a heavy metal detox.

The thyroid is highly reactive to BPA endocrine disruptors creating autoimmune responses, the highest source is the tall coffee lids like the one’s found at starbucks. As it gets heated in an acidic environment like coffee the more acidic the more it releases BPA. This also goes for soda in BPA containers and thyroid/hashimotos must reduce BPA exposure and levels.

We use glutathione for BPA, l-cysteine, milk thistle, infrared sauna, chelation is not good neurons cannot regenerate. Clean up the diet, repair the gut, remove toxins, fire retardants, BPA and latex, BPA free is not good enough use glass or stainless steel. You must take control of your health. Number one for recovery is love and family/community support also a pet. Check forums and look for like minded positive forums that are helping to heal and stay away from the bad drug and sick forums.

Step back and look at your life, get happy and don’t play the victim educate yourself, become smarter than the doctor.

Dr. Kharrazian web page

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Cortizol modulates the immune system we use rodiola to normalize cortisol levels it’s the best adaptagen, and omega 3. Cortizol is derived from cholesterol. I like the heart map app for the I phone to measure heart rate.

Thyroid problems are normal after giving birth contributing to postpartum depression, need to do a thyroid test. Functional medicine doctors run better tests for correct levels to repair. We check cortisol, testosterone and thyroid numbers to balance with blood for nutrient and toxic levels, saliva for adrenals and urine for metabolics.

Diindolylmethane DIM equals 25 pounds of broccoli used for estrogen levels, perimenopause is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. We do vitamin C, chasteberry and progesterone cream, also used for traumatic brain therapy. I use only bioidentical methods and prefer creams over pills, patches are ok too. No birth control pills there is too many problems with them I prefer the copper IUD without hormones, we can test to make sure copper won’t be a problem and the IUD lasts for ten years.

There is a fertility app for helping with getting pregnant, or not. You can do the hormone book quiz that is free on my web page.

Dr. Sara Gottfried web page

Her you tube channel with lot’s of info here

Izabella Wentz, PharmD – Notes from the Healthy Gut Summit

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune thyroid condition that is very common, last year thyroid medication was the number one prescribed medication in the U.S. It may be that 90-95% of people taking thyroid medications have Hashimoto’s that is not diagnosed. With Hashimoto’s the immune system is treating the thyroid as a foreign invader much like a bacteria or virus. It’s the most common cause of hypothyroidism and can effect as many as 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 women depending which numbers you look at. Common symptoms are inability to lose weight, fatigue, hair loss, cold intolerance, brain fog, anxiety and depression. In the early stages you can feel like your having panic attacks or your going crazy, what it is is the immune system as it’s attacking the thyroid tissue a whole bunch of thyroid hormone gets rushed into the blood stream and this makes us feel jittery and can cause palpitations and really bad anxiety. People are being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder and anxiety disorder. I have even seen people hospitalized all from undiagnosed Hashimoto’s.

Hypothyroid is when you can’t make enough thyroid hormone and an underactive thyroid is an iodine deficiency. Adding iodine can increase the risk for Hashimoto’s, high iodine has been found to be an environmental trigger. Having too much or too little can cause thyroid problems. Sea salt does not contain the iodine you need a better source would be seaweed. First thing is to have your levels tested with a urinary test to see what your levels are before you add iodine. ZRT lab has a test kit you can do at home here. Do not assume you have Hashimoto’s from the test further testing by a doctor is needed. Next would be a TSH test and can still be misdiagnosed, with this test if your number is below 2.5 you should not have a thyroid disorder. Another test is TPO antibodies and TG antibodies these determine markers, if your thyroid is under attack by your immune system it will be elevated in people with Hashimoto’s. All this is detailed in my book. Get the test results from your doctor and don’t be afraid to be an advocate for your own health.

There is a gut thyroid connection they found 15-20% of the people who went gluten free because of celiac disease also had thyroid antibodies and an underactive thyroid, were able to completely reverse their thyroid condition and get rid of their thyroid antibodies.

Intestinal permeability is at the center of every autoimmune including Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s and Graves disease. They found it wasn’t the genes, you had to have some kind of trigger to cause the gene to express itself. You need the genetic vulnerability, an environmental trigger and intestinal permeability and you get an autoimmune disease. To heal you need to remove triggers and repair the gut lining. Not everyone who has gluten sensitivity has the gene, gluten is hard to digest for most people and seems to cause intestinal permeability in most people. Most of the gluten free products in the grocery store are junk food that can cause a blood sugar imbalance.

Doctors prescribe synthroid medication because it’s supposed to convert T4 to T3 but that doesn’t happen in some people. This could be because of a nutrient deficiency, stress, problems with their liver or gut issues. If you don’t have good gut flora your not going to be extracting nutrients and converting your thyroid hormone. Zinc and selenium are the two biggest deficiencies for not being able to do the conversion from T4 to T3.

Stress is recognized as an environmental trigger for all autoimmune disease including Hashimoto’s, a lot diagnosis happens after a period of very high stress. Stress also effects our adrenals in that it causes our thyroid to stop converting the T4 into the more active T3 causing us to produce reverse T3. Reverse T3 looks like T3 and fits the same receptors but instead of activating them it shuts them down. T4 is your slow down, hibernation hormone and T3 is your let’s get going, loose weight, grow hair and lot’s of energy hormone. When were stressed out our adrenals get compromised, our body has a feedback loop to help keep things in balance. When we are under stress our body senses that and tells the thyroid to slow down. People can have a lot of thyroid problems they can have cold hands and feet, memory issues, hair loss and this can be a result of stress, adrenals and the body converting too much T4 into the reverse T3. The yeast infection candida produces acetaldehyde which also prevents the conversion of T4 to T3.

People with thyroid or Hashimoto’s generally have low or no stomach acid and the symptoms for low stomach acid and acid reflux are the same. People are getting diagnosed with acid reflux and prescribed acid suppressing medications causing further nutrient depletions. We need stomach acid to get nutrients from our food to get the B vitamins, iron and all the nutrients needed for proper thyroid function. It’s also needed to detoxify our food that may contain particles of bacteria and parasites that the acid kills off and that way were less likely to get an infection. When people with Hashimoto’s have found that taking the supplements betaine and pepsin instead of acid blockers a lot of their symptoms get much better. They can convert their thyroid medications better and have a reduction in their fatigue. Taking digestive enzymes with food also improves a lot of symptoms.

In curing my own Hashimoto’s I personally found The Body Ecology Diet worked best. Everyone has different needs and needs to adjust their diet to your body, do food sensitivity testing if needed. We should really be adapting our diet to our body instead of the body to the diet, what does your body need.

Medications suppress what our body is trying to tell us.

Diet should be free of processed foods, gluten, dairy, soy and full of probiotics and nutrients. People who are overweight have nutrient deficiencies because of the processed food lacking any nutrients. Our body keeps asking for more and more food because we are not getting the nutrients we need , what our body is really asking for is nutrients. Hashimoto’s are prone to blood sugar imbalances that make you feel anxious and an increased attack on the thyroid, so we want to stabilize blood sugar by eating good fats with you meal. Try adding avocado to your smoothie and drinking coconut water, but be selective some have a lot of sugar I like Tula’s coconut yoghurt.

Make sure you have a good fat with a good protein at meals limiting your carbohydrates that cause blood sugar spikes that effect your thyroid and adrenals. Hashimoto’s patients also usually have multiple food sensitivities so try an elimination diet starting with removing wheat, corn, soy, dairy, gluten and sometimes the nightshade vegetables and sometimes even nuts and seeds. It’s important for everyone to figure out what their sensitive to by getting off these foods for three weeks at a time and eat a really clean diet of vegetables and meat for three weeks and then reintroduce those foods back in one at a time. This way you can tell what foods you are sensitive to and what they may be effecting. Keep a journal and wait at least three days between each food you reintroduce. Food allergies are not the same as food sensitivities they are completely different tests.

We also test for nutrient deficiencies, infections and for iron, you want the Ferritin Iron Test it’s more sensitive. You want the numbers to be 90-110 for optimal thyroid function.

Eat clean organ meats that are grass fed and free range chickens, digestive enzymes and drinking lemon water with food helps us extract the iron from the food for our thyroid. You also need stomach acid to extract iron from food, raw apple cider vinegar and water does the same thing. People who try their best and are still not feeling as well as they should may have gut infections, parasites, yeast overgrowth or an imbalance of good/bad gut bacteria any of these can prevent you from getting well.

Dr. Wentz web page

This next link is for a free chapter of her book, a thyroid diet qiuck start guide and ten nutrient dense gluten free recipes here



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems you may be experiencing.

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