The Healing power of Cannabidiol CBD

Notes from the Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. John Hicks – Pediatrician

I started because I work with a lot of Autistic children and there was an explosion of seizures, medications have so many significant side effects I went looking for a better way. Cannabidiol is from the marijuana plant, the CBD does not contain THC so there are no psychotropic effects. Back in the 1960’s researchers in Israel started to identify that we had receptors for it, CBD1 is the one that reacts to the THC and is throughout the body but heaviest in the brain. Then there are CBD2 receptors where cannabidiol was believed to only be in the immune system, we have now found they are also in the brain. It’s the system that keeps us in balance, well and healthy reacting to changes in the environment either internal or external.

We have not been allowed to do research here in America because it’s classified as a class 1 drug which means no medical value so the only research allowed is to prove it’s harmful not helpful. Now they are trying to make compounds that mimic the effects of CBD. One of the things it does in the gut is reduce inflammation by decreasing the cytokines that are creating inflammation. The gut is your second brain when you have gut issues you have problems throughout the body, inflammation anywhere triggers inflammation throughout the whole body.

When the bacteria lypopolysaccharide gets out of control it interacts with the endocannabinoid system increasing leaky gut. Now skewing the endocannabinoid system into inflammatory production of endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors. Depending where these receptors are you create different things.

In fat tissue you increase the CB1 receptors this is one of the big things, now their seeing the imbalance of the microbiome in obesity, chronic inflammation, type 2 diabetes and on it’s all related to the gut. CB1 can increase inflammation when you look at adipose tissue, fat tissue, with the increase in CB1 receptors there is also an increase in anandamide or AEA which is our natural compound that stimulates the CB1 receptors. What their finding is there is upregulation when you have dysbiosis of the endocannabinoid system depending on where the inflammation is you will have the different receptors that are increasing. In the fat tissue it’s the CB1 receptors that increase, in your brain with inflammation it’s the CB2 receptors.

Our body is asking for help and these endocannabinoids are trying to make a difference but when it gets out of balance it can get carried away. That’s when you start using probiotics, prebiotics and reinitiate balance in the gut with fermented foods you start to decrease the priming of the endocannabinoid system and decrease inflammation.

The government patent on cannabidiol lists it as an antioxidant saying it’s more powerful than melatonin and vitamin C and more, also listing the diseases it’s used for including as a preventative treatment.

It’s another system that needs to be in balance.

Cannabidiol is safe for children, stabilizing seizures. With the latest research of approximately 20,000 new reports written a year on top of the over 200,000 reports we know more about how CBD works than a lot of drugs on the market. CBD is great for the brain and the gut/brain (enteric system) helping to decrease inflammation. CBD and brain cancer has tons of research, now it’s interesting that they found that with each cancer cell it works differently by working through other receptors. The cannabinoid system will actually go outside to help by disrupting the cancer cells causing them to kill themselves while protecting the mitochondria of normal cells.

CBD as a supplement is completely approved and available for anyone HemoMeds PX they have it as an oil, spray or salves. It is concentrated with a high level of CBD for supplement or treatment. As an external use it’s protective of your cells and good for your skin, that’s going to decrease aging because it’s supporting the tissues strength and elasticity. There are 65 cannabinoids and each one has a different spectrum of activity, some fight cancer, some that are antioxidants, some are neuroprotective. It’s interesting that this plant that was put here for us that we decided it was a bad plant. For a lot of years we missed out on a lot of benefits. The neuroprotection of it decreases dementia, helps with Alzheimer’s because it helps the cells that get effected by the plaque get off the plaques and destroy them literally stopping it in it’s tracts. You can use it with Parkinson’s because it stabilizes those neurons and prevents the loss of the dopamine. You go down the list of research and it’s really just amazing. Some of the studies have shown that the oligodendrocytes a type of neuron that works to build myelin, it saves and protects those sites. It protects the stem cells that protects them and it stimulates the production of myelin helping with damage in Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.

CBD also increases bone formation showing the power of the endocannabinoid system and it effects every system throughout the body and we can support that system. The last time we got any external cannabinoids given to us was in breast milk, stimulating appetite in the newborn. CBD works to help cells that are under stress, it can stabilize it and help it regenerate or if it’s an abnormal cell it will help it cause apoptosis, killing itself. CBD also works on eating disorders by working on the limbic system and the hypothalamus and pituitary. In Europe they developed a blocker for the CB1 receptor for this and even though they lost weight very quickly they also got very depressed because it blocked all CB1 receptors effecting the limbic system that has to do with emotion. CBD does modulate appetite but the main problem for weight is what’s going on with the microbiome. CBD stimulates the microflora in the microbiome or reduce the amount of cannabinoid receptors, as it does that it will also increase or decrease the amount of the endocannabinoids that are produced in the body. With obesity and fat tissue they found not only did the CB1 receptors but anandamide  the stimulant to that increases both in the gut, adipose tissue and liver stimulating more fat production. It’s a vicious cycle reinforcing the inflammation and imbalance in the microflora. If your dealing with bad microflora you increase the CB1 receptor. This is a message that the microbiome is out of balance and this is where CBD kicks in by partially blocking the CB1 receptors to reduce the inflammation preventing further damage.

He referenced this article from 2012 P. D. Cann – Crosstalk between the gut microbiota and the cannabinoid system: impact on the gut barrier function and adipose tissue.

CBD is antibacterial and kills MRSA, there is a selectivity of pathogenic organisms that it will wipe out. It helps with healing the gut and leaky gut, you still need to balance your gut bacteria with pro and prebiotics and cultured vegetables.

For using CBD start with a small dose, 3-4 sprays at bedtime as it will calm the brain down and it decreases anxiety allowing your body to go to sleep easily. You can increase gradually if needed. We see a lot of kids with anxiety that I treat with it for some kids the calming effect lasts all day, they also start with 3-4 sprays. It’s non addictive and you don’t build a tolerance, once you get to the level that works for you your not going to build a tolerance and need more and more it’s going to stay that dose. Decreasing stress and anxiety helps the gut because stress wreaks havoc on gut health, cortisol released  during stress kills the good bacteria in your gut. The CBD effects the entire endocrine system for this calming effect and helps with DHEA.

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding only because not enough research has been done on it. I have found it to be helpful for children with cerebral palsy because it reduces spacicity.

It’s working to help with sleep, anxiety, depression, PTSD, part of the problem with these is a malfunction in the cannabinoid system that allows PTSD to form, it helps with trauma to stop reliving the trauma.

Anyone can order it from the pump you do under the tongue and hold it there for a minute. For the kid’s start with the pump or the tube gel with a dose the size of a piece of rice and work up from there if you need it. You don’t need a lot of this just small doses to see benefits. It modulates sensory imput and the attachments we put to that thought, idea or event. If you could down regulate that you could take the edge off and there could be a lot more happy people.

Donna the moderator says ” So many babies today are born into the world screaming because they can’t even digest their mother’s milk because they don’t have the right gut flora. A lot of children today are starting out with a rough time.” Dr. Hicks “We need to work on the mother’s diet and her having fermented foods in the diet and lacto fermented foods for the baby.”

Donna Gates the moderator specializes in working with Autistic children and their families also comments “All parents dealing with autistic children should be on CBD to help with the stress.” In putting this summit together she was intrigued with the CBD and tried it herself before giving this interview. She commented that she noticed she was sleeping better, this is a woman who is very healthy and didn’t really expect much. She also said it had a calming effect. She has been working with children for decades and is in her sixties now focusing on bringing back Autistic children as much as possible.

Dr. John Hicks web page


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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