IBS, SIBO, IBD, UC and Crohn’s

Notes From the Autoimmune Summit
This is not a transcript but notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are Doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that are practicing functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. These doctors explain what is working clinically to heal their patients and also have a lot of information on their web sites that are linked below.

Dr. Allison Siebecker ND

Irritable bowel syndrome IBS could really be small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO, symptoms for both can be bloating, gassy, constipation, diarrhea or both and pain. SIBO can also cause acid reflux, excessive belching and farting, nausea, fatigue and brain fog.

SIBO as a cause for IBS is from motility slowing down and bacteria backs up from the large intestine. Normal bacteria just in the wrong place disrupting the digestion and absorption turning them into competitors for nutrients instead of helpers. A few symptoms are anemia and/or fat in stools, neurological and it can be misdiagnosed as a gall bladder problem. Inflammatory damage can cause leaky gut breaking down our enzymes causing multiple nutrient deficiencies effecting mucus secretion. There is a  hydrogen and methane breath test for SIBO that you can get a kit to mail in or a lactulose breath test is best, you need a doctor prescription for it. A reading of 3 and above is positive. Bacteria causes hydrogen and methane, methane causes constipation and hydrogen causes diarrhea.

The causes of slowed mobility are not enough bile or digestive enzymes, too many rounds of antibiotics, bacterial imbalance in the gut, an obstruction, surgery, medications especially pain killers, food poisoning or traveling to another country. Food poisoning can cause an autoimmune response.

Hydrogen and methane must be treated differently we use diet, herbal antibiotics, antimicrobials, antibiotics if necessary. The herbal formulas contain goldenseal, berberine, oregano, neem, and allicin. To start do the elemental diet of nutrient drinks only for two weeks and then prokinetic after treatment to stimulate motor mobility. Then we retest to make sure it’s gone after treatment is over.

Diet for SIBO is individualized, it may be the low fodmap diet, GAPS or SCD. SIBO feeds on carbohydrates and fiber and we basically remove the foods that feed this bacteria. The Cedars-Sinai diet is good for prevention and recurrence, there is a free webinar on her web page that dissects all the diets.

I recommend going to her site there is an amazing amount of information there.

Dr. Siebecker web page siboinfo.com

Dr. Alejandro Junger

A healthy gut has bacteria that detoxes chemicals out of your body, the liver makes them water soluble with enzymes for excretion. Besides the normal toxins some foods are toxic to some people and not to others, each person has a different food as a toxic trigger. You are also effected by toxic thoughts, emotions and relationships. Supporting the liver is very important to assist toxic overload with protein, B vitamins, minerals, and magnesium. Everyone needs to detox especially if you live in the city.

Eating breakfast, lunch and diner is not natural we used to fast a lot, now we never give our digestive system a break. Fasting is very important even 7pm to 7am is good, 12 hours more is good too occasionally but build up to it. We should all detox periodically, if you have never done a detox/cleanse go slow and if you are very toxic it should be done with supervision.

Diner should be the lighter meal of the day with breakfast heavier. The elimination diet is used to find food triggers.

One of the problems causing SIBO is eating and then lying down causing stagnation in the digestive system.

He uses Genova Labs to test GI effects for bacteria, proteins, yeast, parasites and how your processing fats and carbs. We use aloe, marshmallow root, B vitamins, licorice root and l-glutamine. Remove toxins, bacteria, yeast and toxic situations and restore nutrients. Reinoculate the gut with good flora and repair it with herbs and medicine. Manage your stress and relax.

The organisms use a biofilm to protect themselves and this issue must be addressed to heal the gut, innerface is the product he uses.

Remove dairy, sugar and alcohol, drink more water, infrared saunas are good also breathing exercises and don’t eat at night.

Dr. Junger web page

Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND

Crohn’s thickens the bowel making the pathway thinner causing constipation, ulcerative colitis will be bloody and loose. Stress and coping badly can trigger attacks.

We check for parasites, fungus and bacterial overgrowth with stool and breath tests. Measuring calprotectin will tell you which bowel disease you have and determine if a colonoscopy is necessary. Neutrophil are the white blood cells associated with acute infections if you show more than five lobes it’s indicative of a folic acid deficiency. This is the earliest marker for folic acid in nucleus and has everything to do with preventing colon cancer, 1ml a day decreases chance of colon cancer by 87%. Pharma’s main drug causes folic acid deficiency, you want methyl-folate. With crohns, IBD, IBS and celiac you can have more than one at the same time and modern medicine gets the diagnosis wrong a lot and treats the wrong diseases with the wrong drugs.

SIBO is when normal bugs overgrow and make gas, humans cannot make gas, pain is from the expansion of gas along with bloating, constipation and diarrhea, we use a breath test for this.
IBD and emotions, if diner is stressful with yelling and arguing you turn on the fight or flight and turn off digestion leading to these diseases. Meals must be calm. EFT tapping helps, it changes the way you process information from stress to calm. EFTuniverse.com  Another thing we can do when necessary is low dose naltrexone, this blocks endorphin receptors and is taken at bedtime to balance the immune system. There are a few things we use to bring down inflammation and modulate the immune system turmeric/curcumin, boswellia and a specific carb diet to also help with inflammation.
Crohns take 3500ml of turmeric daily.
Ulcerative Colitis take boswellia 1400-1500ml a day.
Ulcerative Proctitis where UC is just in the rectum – hydrocortisone or rowasa is given as a suppository or we can do a fecal transplant. This is also used for IBD and UC.

Dr. Eric Yarnell is a master herbalist and has many formulas for all these conditions,  here and
NCNM Clinic was a recommended resource. Dr. Sandberg did mention that Dr. Yarnell is where he goes to get his herbal formulas and recommended him.

Dr. Sandberg-Lewis web page  SIBO center for digestive health.

 Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta ND – Interview from the Digestion Sessions

To insure your getting the nutrients from your food and your bodies ability to break everything down you need digestive enzymes. Including raw foods in your diet are the best source containing live enzymes, cooking your food kills them. Pineapple has a very powerful digestive enzyme and is anti-inflammatory. Best to get the cleanest animal foods you can afford. Good foods for promoting bile and flow are lemon, fresh ginger, bitter foods, artichoke, sun choke, swiss chard, black tea, kiwi and coffee. Some cannot metabolize coffee.

How you should eat with infections confirmed by stool, breath or blood is a more restrictive diet so you don’t feed the bugs. Google the high and low fodmap foods, eliminate sugar, caffeine and fermented foods. Things that fight the bugs are all kinds of coconut, also good for fighting cold and flu season, garlic, aeromatic herbs, #1 is oregano oil, rosemary, turmeric, ginger, cloves and cayenne are all antimicrobial. Used both in cooking and supplements. When the bugs start to die off you may experience flu like symptoms that can last a few days, hydrate a lot during this time and a dry sauna is good.

After you have taken care of any infections you want to feed the good guys and for this are fermented foods, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, raw apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and dairy if tolerated. Pre-biotics is fiber they include sweet potato, pumpkin, winter gourds, turnips, cantaloupe, honeydews, honey, bee pollen, green tea, summer squash, zucchini, artichokes and sun chokes. With SIBO do low fodmap foods for quick digestion.

For healing the gut lining we want flavonoids which equals anthocyanidins which are the red, black, blue and purple foods such as blueberries, blackberries and grapes. The next group we want is quercetin the onions and they help with allergies. Then the next group is the lemons, limes and grapefruit. To quell inflammation turmeric/curcumin, parsley, cilantro, walnuts, pecans, almonds, fresh ginger squeezing out the juice in green tea, greens and orange foods. Slippery foods are good for soothing the intestinal lining these are okra, leeks, green tip bananas, onions, mushrooms, slippery elm, liquorish, bone broth and clean gelatin great lakes is a good brand, no jello.

Bacon is good if it’s nitrate free, eat it with dark leafy greens.
NO Listerine it’s causing H-pylori, cavities and halitosis.
Watch your mindset stress can cause gastrointestinal problems.
Practice gratitude to generate more positivity.
Take responsibility, change from “things happen to” our thinking creates biochemical reality in our bodies with negative thinking causing damage, happy thinking causes good reactions.

Her book has a four week meal plan

Dr. Jillian Teta web page and here




Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher



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