The Breakthrough Experience

Notes from The Pain Relief Project

Dr. John Demartini DC

Pain even acute pain can be effected by the psychology of the individual. People under high stress their perception of pain would fluctuate depending on their perceptions and attitudes, we know now that many pains we see are classified as glial oriented pain, astrocytes of the glial pain, microglia and satellite sites that are involved respond to our values. If we perceive with our intentions that we are not getting what we want or we are getting what we want we alter our sensitivity to pain. Chronic pain has a lot to do with our attitude and intentions and whether or not we are hopeful or hopeless. I have seen people with chronic pain that had unconscious motives to sustain it and I was always fascinated at how they could sustain it without any organic criteria. Acute pain from an injury even that has a psychology.

Some have pain because their not eating well and their posture is off, stressing muscles. There is physical, psychological, physiological, biochemical, nutritional and traumatic compounds to pain. A lot of it depends on what their values and purpose in life is. We get sick for a purpose, all of our symptoms are feedback mechanisms so I ask people who are in chronic pain what benefits are you getting out of it. They don’t like the question but they usually uncover things after they get further in. I am amazed at how many people I uncover that are suffering for years and sometimes decades because of an unconscious motive driving it. I find that once this is uncovered there is a large drop in pain. Our physiology is expressing our psychology, we definitely have a correlation between our unconscious motives and our chronic pain in our patterns.

Glial cells – your nervous system has a peripheral nervous system and nerves coming out from the sensory receptors that allow you to see, smell, taste, hear and feel. They transport from the periphery out to the edge of the body and out to the center of the body where the nervous spinal cord is to the brain. Then you have inter neurons, century neurons and motor neurons that go out to the periphery and back to the muscles. The glial cells are supportive cells (glue) that kind of hold the brain together, they do specialized functions. What they basically do is nulinate the nerves to speed up conduction and protect the nerves, others function to bring nutrition to the nerves to function better and to stimulate growth on the receiving ends of the nerve dentrites. You also have neurogenic things to stimulate growth of nerves and apoptotic which is the destruction of nerves that are no longer needed.

Glial are neuroplastically remodeling the brain to maximize your highest intensions in life so agleal are running the system and outnumber the brain cells about 9 or 10-1 in some cases. There is a whole new field of agleal neurology or pathology that are responsible for all the neuroplastic changes in our brains. Glial pain is a chronic pain if you have a reason for the pain you keep it, if you don’t have a reason for the pain it goes away. Unquestionably you can remodel your brain to make pain or become used to being in pain, hang onto it. I have with many patients reduced the level of their pain by changing their perception of it.

It’s important to readjust our attitudes and perceptions, once you find the problem it resets and changes your sensitization. Everyone has intrinsic values that dictate your thoughts and actions and the glial cells are responsive to your value. When you perceive something in your environment that has to do with your values they come into action to myelinate the brain and help strengthen the nerves to help you fulfill your life. So your values are dictating your glial cells sensitivity and chronic pain levels, it runs the show values dictate destiny. Doing something against your values can create pain, unfulfillment and illness. Our pain thresholds are according to our fulfillment and congruency with our highest values. Our brain is the master of our body run by these glial cells, all the symptoms of the body are feedback mechanisms to try to get us to live by our highest value and when we do we have fulfillment and wellness. Our values are there from the very first cell in the embryo, all through life anything that effects our survival, supports or challenges, will alter our value systems.

I have developed the Demartini Method which is a series of specific questions that help bring out the underlying problem so your no longer a victim of history but a master of destiny with reflective awareness. This also helps with fears, phobias and post traumatic stress, anything emotional. I have been teaching this for 25 years in 60 countries and find it works for everyone. It’s all perceptions if you see life in the way you wind up stagnant, see it as on the way it builds momentum. You have to work on physical, nutritional and psychological together to get the greatest results in life. True gratitude is when you can see the true balance of life and be grateful for the challenges as well as when things are easy and supportive.

Epigenetics – If you have a perception that is more supportive than challenging to your highest values you tend to activate a neural pathway that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which tends to acidulate the genes and cause anabolic physiology. If you have something that challenges your values the sympathetic nervous system is activated and you tend to methylate the genes and shut down the genetic system, you can literally change your cell physiology by your perceptions. This is known and nothing new, that’s how powerful your mind is.

I am currently in Johannesburg teaching 14,000 teachers and 1,000 principles my work on transcending learning disability labels. Helping children become engaged and helping them wake up to their genius. One township in Alexandria went from 27% pass rate to 97% in one year, unheard of which is why they gave me so many teachers to teach this to. Now other countries are opening up and giving me the same opportunity. Houston Texas has also given me their school districts I am just starting to work with them, also England, Australia and Canada.

First determine your values, you can go on my web page and on the left go to value determination. On a daily basis prioritize your day and find the meaning of your symptoms.

Dr. Demartini web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on the site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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