How Biofilm Hampers Healing

Notes from the Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. Stephen Olmstead – Board Certified Cardiovascular and Internal Medicine

Biofilm is anywhere you find microbial organisms, fungi, bacteria archaea, it’s the environment they make for themselves to live in. It’s like slime you would see in a pond. They make polysaccharides and proteins. The gut has tremendous propulsive forces that would cause these to be swept right through the gut without biofilm to hold them in place. It also protects them from other organisms. They communicate through quorum sensing and turn genes on and off, they can feel the nutritional and stress status of the host. The good bacteria we need, bifido bacteria declines during stress and the biofilm can perceive this and makes them die off. Then pathogens now perceive the host is stressed and activate genes that make toxins. Someone who is not stressed and consumes something like e-coli will make it through fine but stressed it makes toxins and you get sick.

When you have any medical devise implanted an infection can surround the devise, including breast implants, and encapsulate itself with biofilm for protection and become impossible to kill with antibiotics and the devise must be taken out to cure the infection, including contact lenses. You will have normal symptoms of an infection so you would know and catheters are also prone to colonization of biofilm.

Unexplained systemic symptoms after checking it’s not anything like Lupus can be yeast syndrome. Symptoms can be fatigue, low grade fever or GI distress and they respond to diet and antifungals. Restrict sugars that feed the yeast, small colonies are normal with candida it’s when there is an overgrowth that’s the problem. They create a body wide inflammatory response making some people very sick, it’s the biofilm that makes it difficult to heal. Eating fermented foods helps with this.

Evidence shows that chronic recurring sinusitis and otitis media (middle ear infection) are biofilm problems. We need to use something that breaks up the biofilm along with something that kills the yeast. We use Serratia Peptidase to break up the biofilm it works against strep, staff, fungi and candida an oral dose will go wherever it is needed in the body. It can be used in high doses to kill sinusitis and otitis, antibiotics don’t work because it’s not a bacteria. Klaire Labs carries it for sale the dose would be 4 tabs 2 times a day, this seems to target only the biofilm around any infections leaving the good biofilm around things like bifidobacteria alone. Chronic gum disease and dental cavities are all biofilm diseases.

Protocol – we use the correct enzymes to break up the biofilm along with antimicrobials and antifungals of oil of oregano or berberine, then we add pro and prebiotics to increase healthy microorganisms.

Candida Protocol – is a three month course from Dr. Elmer Cranton. Start with small amounts that you increase every week to minimize die off symptoms using an enzyme formula that includes the chelating agent Disodium and EDTA. After one month you would switch from the enzyme preparation to the EDTA preparation. Take those fasting and together with 2-3 antifungals Nystatin, Diflucan or oral Anfotericine B from a compounding pharmacy. You take these on an empty stomach and then with food you take the pro and prebiotics, low dose and slowly raise those also. Candida takes a longer therapy than other pathogens.

Breaking up the biofilm first with all types of infections allows the selected medicine to more easily get to the pathogen to kill it quicker. Two to four weeks are usually enough for most pathogens, it’s working well with SIBO. For probiotics we need a high potency, multi species formula containing different strains of lacto and bifido bacterias, these are more effective than single species formulas.

When you pick a fresh plum the white on the outside of the skin is a healthy biofilm that you don’t need to wash off it’s healthy to eat, the reason we wash fruit is to try to wash off the pesticide residues. There are so many things we should be getting and we don’t because our diet is so processed and sterilized. Fermented foods are good for helping to protect us from parasites, eat a diet that contains a lot of plants and fermented foods. When you study people eating a traditional diet like in Africa you find that 100% of them have lactobacillus in their gut but here in America only 25% of people have it. We get it from eating unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables that must be replenished regularly.

For a healthy gut you need a healthy diet, bifido bacteria are incredibly important so whatever you can do to increase that population makes you more healthy. They have found that in healthy people that live to 100 and over have in their gut biome 40-60% bifido, this was a Chinese study so they did not get it from dairy but from plants. Finally address candida biofilm.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.


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