Heal Tooth Decay

Notes from the Interview: The Children’s and Teen Summit

Ramiel Nagel

Tooth decay is not just bacteria or something topical on the teeth like sugar, there is something systemic going on. It is a myth that tooth decay is caused by carbohydrates getting stuck on our teeth and the bacteria get on this and produces an acid and the acid dissolves the tooth enamel. This is the story everyone believes and dare anyone to question it.

They teach you to brush, floss and get dental cleanings and you still succumb to cavities so why is this happening. Until the mid 1940’s the idea of what caused tooth decay was in open discussion and many dentists had many different opinions. Included in those opinions was the idea that it was not bacteria or acid, the founder of the modern theory of tooth decay W.D. Miller wrote in the late 1800’s that what they noticed is that people would be immune to cavities and something happened and all of a sudden they would develop cavities so the idea of bacteria didn’t make sense to them even back then. Bacteria exist when tooth decay is happening but their not the cause, if they were why do they select only one tooth and not all the teeth? Why does it happen in certain times of peoples lives? Why isn’t it consistent?

The work of Weston A. Price illustrates what’s happening, he traveled around the world in the 1930’s and visited countries that were just introducing modern foods documenting the changes in health of people who went from a traditional diet of food eaten for thousands of years to industrial food. What he found was that when traditional groups came in contact with modern food they developed modern diseases, they developed arthritis, tuberculosis, tooth decay and gum disease. These same people when not consuming modern foods did not have these diseases. The idea is that the diseases of our mouth is caused by the food that we are eating from a systemic perspective because in these traditional groups many of them did not brush their teeth, they didn’t have toothbrushes. Some cleaned their teeth some didn’t but all of them had an immunity to tooth decay. They didn’t have cavities or gum disease if they did it was very rare.

What Price did was take the different diets and had thousands of samples analyzed in labs in the U.S. and found that the traditional diets of people that had no cavities contained a lot more vitamins and minerals those who switched to the modern foods. The people who were getting less vitamins and minerals from the modern food their teeth were starting to degenerate and their bodies started to degenerate. This makes sense to us, if your not getting enough minerals your body will start losing minerals. There were dentist’s that had theories that supported this idea one was proteolysis-chelation theory, that’s when your body doesn’t have enough minerals it starts chelating the minerals you already have. Chelating is taking minerals from the bones that are in storage, if we don’t get enough minerals in our diet our body will take minerals from our bones and organs and distribute them to other systems so that we can function. What’s happening with tooth decay according to Loma Linda University is that our bodies signal our teeth to re-mineralize or de-mineralize according to what were eating. Our body is in control of the process with bacteria as secondary to the process.

The modern industry of dentistry doesn’t want people to know this because it’s very inconvenient to convince people to submit to dental treatments because if you go to the dentist he’s going to drill and fill when your teeth don’t even hurt. They tell you the only way to fix it is drill and do a procedure but what if they told you the reason you have this cavity is you don’t have enough minerals in your diet. The solution is not to drill and fill that has nothing to do with minerals, the solution would be to have more vitamin’s and minerals. There is a collusion of not sharing this information because it would force the industry of dentistry to change the way it functions which not many dentists are interested in.

When you go to a dentist and have a cavity that they drill and fill with a synthetic material that doesn’t last that long, on average 5 – 10 years some last longer. They don’t cure the condition they just give you temporary relief and over time the condition gets worse that is why as people age they get more dental problems and loose more teeth. We are basically going down a vicious cycle, modern dentistry does not do anything for our health neither does fluoridation. Is the system working? No not at all.

Dentistry can be dangerous to your health if you look at the filling material that has been used for the last hundred years. We know that mercury is one of the most toxic substances that we have on the planet and that it goes to our brain and travels through our body. Mercury is a very negative and destructive thing to be putting in peoples mouths. When dentists place mercury fillings the mercury is not bonded to the tooth so the tooth is still a hollow tooth and as a result later down the line it may be a tooth that requires a crown and root canal. So the treatment didn’t save the tooth. Some of the composites are better now but if you look at dentistry over the last hundred years it has been putting really toxic material in peoples mouths and many times it hasn’t even been necessary.

One of the most common symptoms of mercury poisoning is digestive problems and chronic general fatigue, the mercury travels to our brain and organs. It’s likely a cause for Alzheimer’s and contributes to many other kinds of degenerative diseases as well as gum disease.

Modern orthodontics can also cause digestive problems because if it’s not focused on the growth directions of the child what happens is the orthodontics come in and suppresses the growth patterns and that causes TMJ temporal mandibular joint stress. This puts stress on the nervous system which has the effect of making the digestive system less efficient because your messing with the nerves that control your mouth and eating. As a result people can get digestive problems slowly over time from modern orthodontics. I don’t recommend parents get their children braces unless it’s braces that expand the palate such as the Damon Braces System, or they get braces with palate expanders. The idea is you want to make more space in the child’s mouth, that’s why teeth are crooked or don’t fit the mouth isn’t big enough in there and the airway is not big enough. You want to have orthodontics that expand the mouth and airway, conventional braces actually contract the mouth and airway and so does head gear. What you want to look for is growth enhancing orthodontics or growth functional orthodontics that expand the mouth of the child. A really good appliance is called Advanced Lightwire Functional, and there’s different palate expanders. If a child has any bite or breathing problems they should also get cranial sacral therapy which helps release the growth patterns and stop the bite dysfunction.

The biggest difference in people eating traditional foods and those eating modern food as far as nutrition is a lack of fat soluble vitamins, they are the vitamins and minerals stored in fats but it’s not vegetable fats that cured cavities only animal fats. You have to focus on the animal fats to cure cavities. What’s happening in the modern world is that we have been told that the bacteria is causing cavities and animal fats are bad for us we should only be eating vegetable fats. Only recently this is starting to change and people are realizing butter is good for them. The problem is that people were eating animal fats from healthy animals today commercially raised animals are not healthy, you want to get these fats from animals that are healthy and happy. The main fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K with D the most important for teeth and bones. You can get vitamin D from the sun but it’s not the same there are over 900 forms of vitamin D you want one that’s in it’s natural occurring matrix with all it’s cofactors. Vitamin D is not very high in many of our foods, the highest source is fish livers and animal blood, we don’t eat these but they are highly valued in other cultures. You can get cod liver oil that is high in fat soluble vitamins A and D but unfortunately most have been processed for shelf life and flavor. When you take out the taste you also take out the good vitamins, the best one I have found is fermented cod liver oil by Green Pastures. Remember you are doing this for your health, eating only what pleases you does not provide for long term health we need to eat food that nourishes us.

Traditional cultures knew that what the child was fed influenced their growth and development, they believed they should feed their children special foods. Price discovered that traditional cultures knew certain foods were very supportive and valued these foods and these are the foods with the highest sources of fat soluble vitamins, the organ meats. Animal hearts have the highest source of coenzyme Q10. Here we get rid of the foods that have the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

Next was the dairy products from animals that were consuming a natural diet, Price found that they had what he called Activator X, it’s a symphony of vitamins that appear in the dairy products once a year when the new grass grows very quickly this stimulates growth and reproduction. Some cultures would only have weddings around this time so the men and women could consume this nutrient dense milk before they conceive a child because they knew it led to strong and healthy children.

For us in the modern world you can mix the cod liver oil with butter containing the Activator X and you get a synergistic approach. These two fat soluble vitamins together help our bodies metabolize minerals in used minerals, it gives the body the instructions it needs to take the minerals in the diet and deposit them in the bones. Because these vitamins are seasonal dentists used to know that cavities and other diseases were seasonal, they would come and go so if you had a cavity you were having a seasonal deficiency and your whole body was deteriorating. The dentist can see this in your teeth if the dentist tells you that you need some more fat soluble vitamins and cut down on sugars, even too much naturally occurring sugars, because if you eat too much sugar it pulls minerals out of our bones. When you have too much sugar in the diet your body is de-mineralizing  which eventually leads to chronic disease, tooth loss and other problems. In children it leads to poor growth, the child doesn’t grow well or have good bone structure. Children these days are much more susceptible to illness than previous generations and are generally more sick and more drugged than ever because after generations of poor diet they just get weaker and weaker.

Getting clean meat means grass fed only where they are eating their natural diet and not factory farmed fed with grains, antibiotics or hormones. It’s been proven that when they eat grains and GMO corn and soy their organs become toxic and their meat is going to be toxic. This may lead to cancer and other illnesses, it’s why there is so many books written about this and conventional meat. We need to stop supporting this system that’s creating toxic food, people are eating the toxic food and all the money goes into the health care system. Eventually this will crash the system, we can’t afford the overpriced healthcare. It’s worth it to invest in the food, who wants to have cancer when they can prevent it by eating well.

There’s something about pasteurized milk that makes people not feel well and can contribute to allergies. Milk was never made to be pasteurized, the pasteurization of milk was a concept of industry where they were taking toxic milk from the cows that were not fed well and making it drinkable by the pasteurization process, then it became mandatory. When the milk is from animals eating their natural diet of grass it’s very life giving and healing even for those who can’t tolerate milk can usually consume it in it’s raw and natural state from healthy animals.

This was a long time ago in a town in Texas where a dentist noticed that everyone seemed to be immune to cavities, even people who moved to the town that had cavities they sealed over. He found that they were drinking the local milk from the animals that only grazed on native grass. Raw dairy has a high amount of calcium, phosphorous and a tiny amounts of vitamin D and if it’s from the fast growth period it will contain the activator X with all the fat soluble vitamins that help us absorb minerals. This will help cavities heal on their own if you can get this dairy, if not I would suggest organic yoghurt from goat and sheep are healthier even though their pasteurized. When an animal eats a natural diet the vitamins are going to be in the right ratio and absorbable to the body. If the animal is just fed grains and you drink the milk of grain fed animals it’s just not as life giving. You need to have the best quality foods to get your body back in alignment.

The third food group that traditional people valued as important sacred food was special foods from the sea, particularly the organs from sea foods so cod liver oil, fish brains, fish eggs, fish fats and shellfish including the organs. Here in the U.S. we throw this stuff out in the east every part is used including the shells for soup. Fish eggs have the activator X and oysters have the highest source of zinc on the planet and we are all deficient of zinc. If you take birth control pills it alters your zinc to copper ratio and if Mom and Dad’s to be are deficient this is the remedy for that. Oysters are known to also promote fertility so there’s a connection.

Insects are the forth food for high protein and vitamin D in the traditional diet. Many cultures around the world include insects in their diet.

If a person does not want to eat land animals for whatever reason as long as you eat the fish you should be ok. If you eliminate that also it puts you in a precarious position because the soils that raise our vegetables and dairy products are very depleted, the soil must be rich with minerals to grow healthy food. If you want to stay vegetarian you can do it if you take approximately one gram a day of calcium in the form of dairy or eat tons of vegetables. The high vitamin butter oil is very useful because it’s very high in vitamin D, duck eggs and goats milk also have vitamin D.

We have cavities because we don’t have enough fat soluble vitamins and minerals the combination causes our body to degenerate over time, the best mineral supplement on the planet and quite affordable is kelp powder. If you take 1/4 – 1 teaspoon of kelp powder a day your going to give your body an enormous amount of minerals, balance your glandular system and overall going to get a lot better function and digestion. Herbs are also very good in the diet they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. This goes for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

Vitamin D is the most important for bone growth, I don’t recommend synthetic supplements the oils mentioned are best. If your going to supplement you want whole food supplements, your body can send these right where they need to go. When you have a synthetic supplement it works in the body more like a drug. Drugs can be helpful in some situations but for the long run whole food supplements are best. Nature has to transform the minerals in the environment into something we can eat there is no shortcut around it. Synthetic vitamins are made from inorganic substances that aren’t converted through a natural process their converted through a laboratory process as a result many of them may not be healthy.

Protocol for Diet and Wellness

There are two aspects for improving your mineral content first is to remove the anti-nutritional foods, the main thing to remove that’s really unbalancing to the body is processed sugar products. Anything that’s very sweet is going to cause imbalances and pull minerals from the system, anything with high fructose corn syrup HFCS or even anything with cane sugar. We only use sugar on a rare occasion if we want to sweeten something we use berries or a little raw honey or maybe a little maple sugar. Take out and reduce the overly refined sweet foods and put in mineral dense foods primarily A, E and D, 1 -2 tsp a day of cod liver oil or the blend of cod liver and butter oil. That’s going to give you a lot of your fat soluble vitamins and then we increase the minerals intake. It’s a simple protocol that people can do immediately at home. We increase particularly calcium with 3-4 cups of dairy a day with milk or yoghurt from grass fed animals or 4-8oz of cheese. If you don’t do dairy then 4-6 cups of cooked green leafy vegetables.

For protein you want a small portion with each meal, even for an adult 3-4oz per serving of high quality wild fish or grass fed animals. Another thing is broth, if you boil animal or fish bones it can become gelatinous and highly potent for healing the digestive system. It also helps us absorb and digest food that may otherwise be indigestible. Soup is very nourishing helping children with growth and development. With chicken soup I have a farm nearby so I get the feet and heads to make the broth more gelatinous.

Watch out for whole grain products they have a lot of minerals but they also have a lot of toxins making the minerals unavailable to us. All traditional cultures had methodologies of processing the grains to remove the grain toxins. I don’t recommend store bought whole grain foods, in general we avoid whole grains. Quinoa is the exception because it’s not a grain it’s a seed, also amaranth and teft as whole of those are alright. For rice we eat white rice and bread we use unbleached flour it’s flour that has the bran sifted out, cultures across the world sift the bran out. Corn should be nixtamalized that means processed in calcium lime it neutralizes corn toxins as well as impart the corn with calcium, it should be non GMO also. It’s a traditional method of preparation in Mexico where they don’t consume dairy and get their calcium this way. It’s not the same as corn meal or polenta in the store which is not processed properly. I am working on making this available on my web page.

So eat whole foods and reduce processed foods, most processed food has hidden sugar and it’s not there to make you healthy it’s there to make money. With the modern industrialization of food came the modern system of disease, in order to get out of the system of disease and pull ourselves back from the disease belief system we need to change the way were eating and living, eating foods that are less processed and not prepared by industry so much. The hidden sugars and MSG imbalances your body chemistry and need to be avoided if you want to have healthy children.

We have been raised in a culture that has supported disownment of our own responsibility to authorities. Government in the U.S. has become this gigantic monster that has sucked the responsibility so far away that were almost not responsible anymore we need to bring it back to the state, county and local level. When you go to the doctor or dentists office the system is based on the idea that the individual is not responsible for disease. The individual is a victim to disease and the health practitioner or dentist is going to cure you or take care of this problem you have been a victim to without you having to do anything, you just lay back and not change a thing.

It’s important to know these industries developed not because the industry is a certain way and made people want to be responsible the industry developed because that’s what people asked for. When the germ theory of disease  was brought to the public that germs are responsible for illness the majority of people loved this idea. When you let go of that responsibility then anyone can come in and tell you what to do. Instead of us deciding what to eat the television tells you what to eat. Instead of deciding what’s healthy for our children the school, government and doctor tells you what’s healthy for your children and this isn’t how it’s been.

Being responsible means your willing to pay the price for your decisions whatever it is so if your eating a lot of sugar and junk food and now you have cavities are you willing to look at that? If your child has a bunch of allergies and behavioral problems are you willing to consider that you have done something, maybe not consciously, to contribute to it. It’s a sobering moment to say oh gosh it was my fault that my child has bad teeth, I didn’t know because it was what I was eating because I live in a culture that doesn’t know how to give the parents the individual responsibility.

With children and food you need to set boundaries instead of letting them eat whatever they want, they also need space and freedom. Educate them on good choices and remember children copy parents so lead by example.

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M. Scherker medical researcher.



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