Autoimmune Summit Part 3

Notes from the Autoimmune Summit
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that are practicing functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. These doctors discuss what is working clinically in their practice to heal their patients. They have a lot more information on their web pages that are linked below.

David Brady DC, ND

We are to clean and unable to cope with new exposures like we used to.

Viruses can cause Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer, you don’t even know you have it unless tested for it. He does a complete autoimmune panel with a blood test. Children who are susceptible will develop type 1 Diabetes from cow’s milk, antibody tests work for this as a preventative to see what you have susceptibilities to.

For infections he uses black walnut, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract and grape seed extract. John Hopkins tested and verified these herbs work better than drugs. We are learning which virus is causing which autoimmune disease and the actual cause, what happens. Monolaurin and water clustered silver is working good for Lyme and more, also maitake and shiitake mushrooms.

Be your own health advocate and educate yourself, get to a functional medicine doctor if you can.
Don’t take NSAID’s, protect and heal your gut.
Eat whole foods to help avoid leaky gut.
Reduce stress
Get vitamin D, from the sun is best.
Probiotics, rotate them for full population
Let kids get dirty and pets help with exposure
Avoid gluten and dairy, if you have an autoimmune disease your children need to get off these at least.

He has a lot of information on his site including a full transcript and recording of this interview. He also carries a line of probiotics and supplements.

** check out the monolaurin it seems to be amazing stuff killing everything from the flu bug to Lyme.

David Brady web site

Sarah Ballantyne PhD

Heal the gut to cure autoimmune, gut bacteria is a problem with 100% of people with autoimmune diseases.

A subclass of lecithin’s interact with gut barrier and get through damaged cells, they trick the cells to let them through. These are prolamines, glutamate, soy lecithin and peanut lecithin, they are poorly digested and stimulate the immune system. Also found in all autoimmune diseases are nutritional deficiencies, too deficient to do it’s job.

Avoid wheat, soy, gluten and peanuts. Rice and beans should be prepared properly by soaking overnight, some with autoimmune are ok with these some are not. The nightshade vegetables are also immune stimulants along with dairy and eggs, the whites are worse than the yellow. Also avoid all grains and legumes, nuts seeds and alcohol. E-coli loves wheat germ, gluten and alcohol.

Yes to organic organ meats, fresh wild caught sea food and organic red meat, and lot’s of vegetables.

Cut out toxins

Focus on what you can eat and nutrient density with more vegetables. Manage your stress and get good sleep. Being active helps regulate hormones, don’t overdo it.

Sarah Ballantyne web page the paleo mom

Dr. Leo Galland

There are over 200 autoimmune diseases that are activated by triggers both environmental such as mold, chemicals, heavy metals and emotional stress especially an event.

He has found that a lot of crohn’s, colitis and IBS patients to have yeast as the trigger. Nutritionally crohn’s and colitis are very different, crohn’s needs a specific carbohydrate diet of no grains, sucrose or lactose works for 90%. Vegetable oil and margarine can significantly increase chance of crohn’s and colitis by causing inflammation along with high sugar intake and high animal protein. Treat colitis with a diet that includes high fiber, fish and vegetables that are protective. Ulcerated Colitis is not as effected by gluten like the others. Crohn’s needs a more paleo, the specific carb diet with no dairy including whey protein, yoghurt, and all yeasts – bakers and brewers etc. We treat yeast with antifungals that are common in both.

An infection is almost always involved. A few people we find don’t really have crohn’s but a parasite mimicking crohn’s, and we have great results with antifungals for this especially with IBS. Worm therapy that alters the microbiome is the medicine of the future but we need more studies.

Probiotics are very tricky with these illnesses, we do use curcumin, boswellia (Myrrh Indian Frankincense), aloe concentrate, EGCG from green tea, andrographis and Artemisia that has been tested in crohn’s and helps them get off prednisone and steroids. Start with diet, probiotics, fish oil with ulcerative colitis. Vitamin D essential, big difference in crohn’s using up to 5,000 IU a day or more and short term DHEA.

Prevent these with whole nutrient dense food, avoid toxins and maintain a healthy gut flora.

Reverse these with attention to the gut balancing the flora. A gluten, sugar and casein free diet. Healthy fats, omegas balance the six and three’s.

Dr. Galland web page

Dr. Frank Lipman

Mixes modern medicine with Chinese medicine.

Detox is an entry point to a healthy lifestyle.

He tries to get patients to feel better as quickly as possible by treating the gut first and getting it in balance. We check for bacteria, fungul’s, yeast, parasites and infections. Our bodies have a natural detox system that needs assistance because of the toxic levels.

We also do an elimination diet, correct nutrient levels, support liver function and add fiber. Herbs that are good are berberine, and grapefruit seed extract. For some probiotics depending on gas otherwise we may hold off and introduce later and we add oral glutathione.

Acupuncture is a way of improving function, relaxing pain and balancing hormones.

Eliminate gluten and minimize toxins. We use tonics from Chinese medicine for adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, and stress meditation, yoga and mindfulness for stress. It’s very important to manage stress other ideas are listening to music, hanging with friends, have a pet and deep breathing exercises.

Electromagnetic frequencies EMF and fluorescent lights have us all out of sink, we need to get back to natural cycles and earthing or grounding helps with this people find it helps regulate and sooth. Also movement even walking helps but don’t overdo it.

His protocol
2) get off grains and legumes
3) get off sugar, dairy, corn and soy
4) herbal antimicrobials
5) add glutamine 10 grams at least
6) herbal antibiotics
7) optimize vit D levels
8) diet support
9) supplements

He stated that he is seeing younger and younger patients for all diseases. Fruit is not healthy for people that can’t metabolize sugar. Diet’s are an individual thing, we learn with testing or an elimination diet. Lyme disease is a major problem here in NYC and seeing a lot more of it in Austin Texas.

Dr. Lipman web page 



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher



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