So Doctor Tell Us How You Really Feel

Notes From the Pain Relief Project
This is not a transcript but notes I took listening to these summits.

Patrick Gentempo DC

Pain is a survival mechanism letting us know something needs attention, we have been taught to take the pain away with a pill when we really need to find and fix what’s happening to cause the pain. Your actually injuring your body taking a pill because every drug has an adverse side effect, when the pain goes away after taking a pill we assume it’s ok but reality is your not ok the pain is there for a reason. You need to find out why and solve it. By just taking pain away the underlying problem is getting worse and the pain pills or aspirin are now making it worse by overloading your liver and kidney’s. Stronger prescription pain meds create addicts. Vioxx alone was found to cause death in 60,000 people, pain is not caused by a lack of Tylenol these are just expanding the problems.

People need to be self empowered, change your thinking to change your health. The biggest contradiction we have in our culture today is calling medicine healthcare.

We need to change our view of reality, having a faulty health philosophy can cost you your life like the 60,000 people who died from Vioxx. Having an appropriate or non contradictory philosophy can save your life and that of your family members. It’s a matter of properly understanding what things are. Medicine is not health care medicine is sick care and crisis intervention. Medicine is disease care, some protocols are helpful but it’s still sick care and labeling it health care you wind up with a sick culture.

America is spending three trillion a year on what we call health care and we are still sick as a culture and getting sicker. Trying to manage it all with things like obamacare is not going to change the problem and probably make it worse. More people will die with this system because of it’s contradiction. People need to understand there is a distinction between health care and sick care. Stop looking at pain as the enemy, it’s there to alert you to a problem. Pills are ok for temporary relief but address the problem before it begins to get worse.

Your beliefs drive your choices and actions which lead to your outcomes in life, without knowing your choices you have no choice. Our health philosophy has been subconsciously infused by the pharmaceutical industry with commercials making people believe they can be fixed through chemistry. People love the term miracle drugs but there is only one miracle and that’s your body, how it functions and how it’s designed. A belief that your body is not competent to express health on it’s own that we need to put drugs in or take parts out with surgery. Do you believe you were born healthy or defective, sick and diseased, this belief drives your choices.

If your not expressing health it just means there is something wrong with the program instead of masking it with drugs you have to find where the interference is and remove that so your body can express health like it was born to do. We tell children to say no to drugs but we are handing them pharmaceutical drugs from the day their born, learning the message I feel bad and the people that love and care about me give me drugs. Now when they get to be a teenager and life has it’s bumps and we feel bad he has been taught all his life to take drugs. He has learned he needs something outside of his body to make him feel better, drugs are drugs.

Drugs are good for crisis care bad for managing health. There is a different way to achieve health.

A living body is self healing and self regulatory if you cut yourself it heals. The nervous system is the master system and master controller of the body coordinating all these functions if you interfere with the nervous system function you interfere with the bodies ability to regulate and heal.

Stress can cause adverse responses in the nervous system that create these tension patterns around the spine that detract from our ability to express health and well being. Chiropractic can release these patterns that improve the performance of the nervous system, your pain goes away and your body starts to function better like it was designed to do. We are born to be healthy.

The miracle that is the human body is competent to express health and there are ways to achieve that without trying to detract from what the body is trying to do. You have the ability to solve that in a natural way and bring it to higher levels of health. People need to spend time thinking about how they see the world relative to where health comes from and what they need to do about it.

Food and lifestyle is one of the biggest problems today when it comes to choices. Sitting is the new smoking leading to serious health problems, sitting equals depression and exercise equals happy. Your health is your responsibility, do you really think it’s a good idea to entrust your health to the insurance companies or the federal government, if so your asking for trouble.

Everyone needs to go to an expert that they trust. Dr. Gentempo’s goal is to not become a customer of the medical system but to practice preventative medicine.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.


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