Your Food, Water, Chemicals and Policy

Notes From the Autoimmune Summit
This is not a transcript but notes I took listening to these summits.

Heather White, Attorney
Executive Director for the Environmental Working group – EWE

The toxic substances control act written in 1976 has never been updated and presumes chemicals are safe with the burden of proof on us that they are not. The underlying laws need to be changed, there are 300 toxic chemicals just in the water because there are no regulations.

70-80,000 chemicals approved for commerce
NO requirement for testing for safety
85% of chemicals not assessed by the EPA

Chemicals that are tested independently it’s always alone no testing has ever been done on any combination of chemicals or dosages. Health and safety studies that are given to the EPA, because it is law that if you believe there is a safety issue you must report it, but often the chemical is proprietary and redacted including what it’s used for. We are trying to change the law.

Legal does not mean safe.

Get water filters and be a label reader there are guides at the EWE page. Clean up your environment of household chemicals, pesticides and plastics. NO bottles water on a regular basis it’s not regulated and you must stop drinking out of plastic bottles, we can’t test the bottles because they are proprietary. Use filtered tap water and glass or stainless steel, put filters on your shower also.

The law on safety for personal care products was written in 1938 and has never been updated, and now we have parabins and phalates. The chemicals in all our products started after WW2 with leftover chemicals created for war.

Avoid deep red lipstick that color has the highest levels of lead, 97% of lipsticks tested contain lead.

Natural is not regulated only organic is and perfume is not regulated because of trade secrets this includes anything with fragrance as an ingredient. Avoid pesticides they are designed to kill things and are linked to neurological issues, eat organic as much as possible. Flame retardants are also causing neurological issues and hormone disruptors that are poisoning us and the flame retardants don’t even work. Food additives are self regulated by the companies.

It’s not so much one or two things it’s all of it the total body burden, babies today are born pre-polluted. We are seeing the power of the purse working because people are starting to purchase cleaner products. Make your voice heard.

EWG web page  On this site you can find the dirty dozen list and clean thirteen, also a report Good Food on a Tight Budget.

Tim Reihm – Alliance for natural Health

The ANH keeps an eye on legislation for us when it comes to health.

The U.S. used 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides last year and growing. The leftover chemicals from the production of bombs used in WW2 were turned into chemicals for agricultural production. Agent orange from Vietnam was just approved for food as a pesticide, agricultural chemicals follow military chemicals. We already know the health ramifications of agent orange. This has been approved to spray on fields near schools and homes, we do have 60 Senators signed on to reverse this bill and could always use help with making your voice heard to your representative.

ANH web page

Jeffrey M. Smith – Institute for Responsible Technology – IRT

Nine food crops are genetically modified contributing to all disease, all commercial livestock is fed GMO food and it’s transferred to us. The insides of these animals are nothing like the naturally fed animals making them not only toxic but also nutrient deficient. Roundup binds with minerals so your body can’t absorb them, it destroys your gut bacteria, the lining of you intestines and suppresses production of digestive enzymes. This leads to leaky gut allowing particles of undigested food proteins into the blood supply leading to autoimmune diseases. Some of these look like our cells and are attacked by the white blood cells by mistake.

Roundup and Bt toxin is found in blood tests of pregnant women and newborns this has been linked to allergies, autism, parkinson’s, cancer, alzheimer’s and more. It damages the microvilli in the large intestine.

Bacteria produces tryptophan for us which is the building block for serotonin and melatonin, these control depression, stress, sleep and whether you feel full or hungry. Roundup blocks your detox pathway and enhances other toxins you may consume and endocrine disruptors promoting cancer and feminizing males and masculinizing women. Organ damage is widespread it’s the most toxic chemical on the planet causing all disease. It’s even in our water supply and used as a ripening agent on over 100 crops.

The overwhelming consensus of the FDA was that GMO’s were dangerous and they wanted long term studies. They got orders from the White House to promote GMO’s and created a new position placing Monsanto’s lawyer Michael Taylor in charge of FDA policy who promptly declared no testing or labeling was necessary. Monsanto employees refuse to eat GMO food and their scientists refuse to drink non organic milk because it causes so much cancer, GMO corn too.

Monsanto plans to genetically modify 100% of the seed supply, then insects, animals, trees, basically genetically modifying nature. Consumer rejection trumps legislation. If we purchase better products they will expand how many products they clean up.

Corn and cotton is made to cause holes in the digestive system of the insects when we consume these it does the same to us. Bt toxin duplicates itself in your gut. The chemical in GM soy prevents us from digesting proteins and causes allergies to everything. Between immune system activation, gastrointestinal, leaky gut, suppressed digestive enzymes, gut bacterial problems it enhances the reactions to gluten all from consuming GMO’s. Roundup causes all known serious reactions to gluten, he said to check the article on his page Gluten and GMO’s.

A gluten free diet must include a GMO free diet, sensitivity to gluten may go away by avoiding GMO’s. This also applies to your pets.

GMO’s are an extinction event for both us and nature itself.

Avoid canola, vegetable and cottonseed oils they are all genetically modified. Buy organic meats, 100% grass fed may still be GMO. Wild game is best and wild caught fish.

Don’t worry just do what you can, worry creates stress and illness. Use our guide on shopping, no GMO, watch the movie genetic roulette, start a revolution and buy organic.

Institute for responsible technology web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher






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