Autoimmune Summit Part 1

Notes from the Autoimmune Summit
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took from the summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that practice functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. For additional information see links below.

Aristo Vojdant PhD, MSc, MT

The immune system due to environmental triggers cannot differentiate from between itself and not self. Disrupting factors are infections, diet, stress and pharmaceuticals. Tooth extractions and root canals equal a bacterial infection that leads to autoimmune.

Our bodies cannot adapt to the modern world in just 100 years. Autoimmunity is our bodies attempt to adjust to the new modern environment, when chemicals bind to our tissues is when the immune system attacks “itself”. All chemicals are toxic and estrogenic, eating organic the body will filter out the chemicals in your body. Cash register receipts and the tall coffee lids like the one’s at starbucks have the highest sources of BPA, the heat from the coffee pulls the BPA out of the lid into you. Soda is as acidic as vinegar with a PH of 2.2 that pulls the BPA out of containers also because of the acidity.

Aluminum induces irritable bowel like syndrome accumulating in the muscles and brain, 40% get’s into the cells that protect the digestive track. Vaccines using aluminum can be a trigger for causing autoimmune diseases, 50-60% of autoimmune cases are caused by chemicals, 30-40% by food and 10% by infections. Cyrex array 11 measures IGG antibodies for elevated levels, 20-25% of people make antibodies against themselves making them prone to autoimmune with chemicals as the trigger. Test for array 5 to determine if you are susceptible plus array 11, found in 60% of autoimmune cases. Highest found are heavy metals then BPA, 5% of people react to all chemicals. Great results when you remove the trigger.

Individuals need to avoid organic solvents such as formaldehyde cleansers, indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution.

Problem foods in the diet – gluten is cross reacting, milk and dairy associated with Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. Cross reactions with mushrooms, barley, brewers yeast. These are also associated with schizophrenia, and milk protein is linked to all neurodegenerative diseases. Cross reactivity on a modular basis is 100% with gluten and dairy. Other problem foods are spinach, soy, corn and tomato they have the same amino acid (70% similar) with the amino acid that protects our brain. If we have full bacteria and digestive enzymes intact in out gut were ok, without them we cannot digest properly. Because of leaky gut and lack of digestive enzymes we have an autoimmune reaction. The cross reaction with gluten is because of molecular mimicry.

Before chemicals we had the digestive enzymes we needed to digest most foods. Now we have cross reactions with gluten to get autoimmune reactions. Because of additives we are reacting to oats, corn, yeast, millet, rice, soy, spinach, tomatoes and instant coffee. Some because of pectins can worsen rheumatoid arthritis found in apples, quince, grapefruit, oranges  and some berries, pectins are fine if there is no leaky gut. If you are reactive to dairy there is no difference in type of milk or container avoid all milk including raw. Gelatin found in meat, soy and eggs is cross reacting (attacking) with collagen this can cause Epstein Barr Syndrome.

Infections are involved with autoimmune disease. Infections from the mouth or gut releases a toxin which opens gut barriers getting into the blood changing amino acids of tissue structures. Arginine changes to citrulline causing white blood cells to now attack what was your cell as an invader activating an autoimmune response. Viruses also will do this. Can’t wait for intervention we can stop and reverse this in the early stages, it’s more difficult in later stages but we can still get some improvement. We use predictive antibodies to find biomarkers to avoid the disease in the first place. We can see what disease is beginning to form up to five years before your first symptom.

Aristo Vojdant PhD web page   founder of immunosciences lab  more detailed article on this by him

Dr. Todd Lepine

If you have autoimmune you should not have salt or very little sea salt, salt stimulates inflammatory reactions. Sweating is good for getting out excess salt and toxins, can or cannot sweat is the nervous system and deep breathing and exercise helps to activate sweating. Also sauna is good and do a thyroid test.

Heavy metals are a huge connection to autoimmune, we are finding high levels of mercury, nickel and aluminum. Garlic and sweating detoxes mercury, we also detoxify mercury through our hair. We are getting nickel from stainless steel, braces and retainers. Aluminum in vaccines is definitely associated as a contributor to Autism and autoimmune diseases. There is also lead, cadmium and more, we test for metals and remove them from the system.

Detox – Add intestinal binders, alginate, rice bran, up the glutathione, milk thistle and selenium. The active form of Vit D there are 600-900 genes activated by vit D, 25 hydroxy test and 125 check both numbers. A high level of 125 can disrupt receptors. This is seen a lot in Lyme, Aids, TB and Epstein Barr. He does the Martial protocol, check his site for the vit D levels. We usually find hidden critters for why the 25 is low and the 125 high, and must check oral bacteria as well as gut bacteria for stealth pathogens. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that may be caused by bacteria. PCR testing for hidden infections and an antibody panel test.

We need sun exposure, probiotics and controlling stress for systemic Epstein Barr. We also use Valtrex, elderberry and monolaurin, viruses are harder to kill than bacteria. Avoid sugar, he talked about glycobiolgy how sugar reacts with immune functions, and the blood type diet.

He had a patient with OCD that was really mercury poisoning.

For autoimmunity – check for metals, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut and monitor the healing.
We live too cleanly, our immune system was designed to use bacteria to strengthen. Take away aluminum, no salt until under control, regulate stress, do relaxation practices and deep breathing.

Dr Todd Lepine web page



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Sherker medical researcher.


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