The Root Cause of All Disease

Notes from The Pain Relief Project
This interview almost is but not quite a transcript because everything he said was so important. When you find the cause of disease you know the cure and this is the cause for ALL disease, fix it and you have the cure for all disease.

Dr. Daniel Pompa D.PSc  – A Cellular Issue

Cellular dysfunction – Sometimes when all tests come back negative and you cannot place a diagnosis on what your dealing with it may be inflammation of your cells. Normal produces enough energy that we can think normal and feel normal with plenty of energy. The cell has to be able to detox itself and get rid of toxins, when it doesn’t we start turning on genes triggering conditions of susceptibility. For example: people think my parents had this so I probably have the gene so I’m going to get it. Fact is we all have those genes, we don’t express the same conditions but if the genes get turned on then we do get just like our parents. It’s about turning on the gene. We know from the latest research that these genes can get turned on and most often it’s by certain toxins. Once the cell membrane gets inflamed then it can’t take good things in to get that normal cellular function and it can’t get the toxins out. The cell becomes very toxic and starts triggering those genes. A good functioning cell is one that is expressing good DNA producing normal energy so you can feel normal. It produces everything your cell needs to detox itself.

Most every disease is caused by inflammation which really means cellular inflammation. There’s an outer membrane of your cell made of a delicate fat called lipid bilayer, that membrane determines what moves in and out of that cell. We have learned that’s where the intelligence in the body really resides in these membranes. Your as healthy as your cells more specifically your as healthy as your membranes. Once that membrane becomes inflamed now this is the real cause of why people would develop cancer when they shouldn’t. Why we turn on certain genes is because this inflamed membrane is turning on all the stuff you don’t want from your DNA. That inflamed membrane is why you wind up with Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions and even Chronic Pain. That inflamed membrane of 70 trillion cells is the cause, how it expresses itself in certain diseases is determined by what cellular functions are disrupted. Some cells are more disrupted than others and what genes get turned on. Cellular inflammation is the cause of most diseases, conditions and symptoms most people do not want. You name it this is at the root cause.

We have to fix the cell to ultimately get well, we have to fix the cellular functions that have gone bad it really does start with the inflammation of the membrane.
The five R’s he Teaches other Doctors.
1) Remove the source that drives the inflammation.
Everyone is focusing on external environmental toxins but the fact that we are over vaccinating children filled with major major neurotoxins (yes he said and stressed major twice) these are toxins that attack our brain and nerves. Chemicals in the form of make up and personal care products that are loaded with toxins, ladies on average start their day with 578 chemicals with approximately 216 of those cancer causers. 90% of those we know are hormone disruptors, they mimic your hormones and drive weight loss resistance and other hormone problems. That’s just starting your day! We surround ourselves with chemicals in our home with toxic soaps and cleaning products, and the water is filled with chemicals. Also the silver fillings in your mouth that leach mercury and on and on. It’s the stuff we are putting in our bodies everyday, day in and day out. We have to remove those sources along with the big three heavy metals, biotoxins from mold is a really big problem that may be more toxic than mercury. We have Lyme Disease which is ravishing our nation right now it’s a growing massive epidemic of a pestilent we know very little about. Those three massive toxins shut down your detox pathways without removing these your never going to get truly well. When you do remove them now the cells can open up the detox pathways and remove the toxins from a cellular level, this produces lasting healing. Fixing and regenerating that cell membrane vital to health.

2) Fixing and regenerating that cell membrane vital to health.
For membrane regeneration we utilize certain fats. If you do the opposite of what mainstream tells you you nail it, everything they say is wrong. The key fats you need are saturated fats and cholesterol is what people need the most of, they are what stabilizes that very vital membrane. Every cell of our body contains hormone receptors these are the key. Hormone replacement even bioidentical work at first but eventually stop working. This is what’s happening to our nation right now, we need these fats to stabilize this.
Stephanie Senoff senior scientist at MIT in the last three years has released ground breaking papers that show that cholesterol and cholesterol sulfate is the key to Diabetes, Autism, Parkinson’s, Thyroid and on and on. She says we have a cholesterol deficiency while we have a nation taking statin drugs and more to lower cholesterol. We have a total fear of high cholesterol when study after study says total has nothing to do with heart attacks it’s more complicated than that it’s the oxidation of cholesterol. It doesn’t matter if your 150 or 400 as a matter of fact your more likely to have a heart attack at 150 than 400. Studies show total cholesterol doesn’t matter and they have us bought into that lie.
According to Senoff’s work cholesterol deficiency is the greater problem. Our cells are being destabilized because of the lack of these really important structural fats yet everyone is still on the hook of low fat to lose weight. Low fat does not cause you to lose weight, high fat is the key to losing weight today especially for people who can’t lose weight is to fix the cell membrane and fix the hormone receptor. The reason everyone can’t lose weight today is because of that receptor on the cell membrane, that’s how important this message is.
On fish oils most are denatured, rancid and low quality. Assume you get a good fish oil, in the beginning they feel very good because your body is in omega 6 dominance eating grain fed meats and too much of the corn. Omega 6 dominance can drive inflammation in cell membranes. Taking too much omega 3 fish oils can make you omega 3 dominant and a new problem, making the cell membrane too fluid bringing toxins in and triggering genes. Fish oil is great when it’s in fish because you have the counterbalance of saturated fats and cholesterol and all these other really important fats. In cultures that ate a lot of fish they also ate the other fats that balanced it out. In nature there is a ratio that really matters and we violate it when we focus on one form of fat. We need the balance from eating grass fed animals and the whole fish that’s the key, too much of one can throw you out of balance. Good fat sources are grass fed meats, coconut oil, avocados and breast milk. Fats from grass fed meat were shown in a Harvard study to improve diabetes three fold, why, because it stabilizes that hormone receptor for insulin – they fix it! Breast milk is 55% saturated fat, that’s how important it is but we need to get it from natural sources.

3) Cell energy
Usually the first thing we must do with very sensitive patients is restore energy. People who are very depleted that nothing else is working, supplements and detox aren’t working anymore. You have to fix and raise cellular energy, we do this to get things to start working again. One thing to help is a supplement he developed that duplicates the mitochondria that makes energy. Athletes have more mitochondria per cell than the average person while sick people have less. If we duplicate the factories that make the energy and then add the fuel it works better. When you raise cellular energy you decrease cellular inflammation, this also has an effect on other cellular functions.

4) Reduce inflammation of cell.
Give the specific fats in the right ratios that it needs raising intracellular glutathione the antioxidant compatible to vitamin C that we make and in every cell of our body. If glutathione in a cell drops down to a certain level it immediately dies and the cell immediately dies, that’s how important it is. Vitamin C works because it improves glutathione. When we increase the intracellular glutathione our cells can detox normally and reduce the inflammation, there are many ways to help that process out. There is an acetyl glutathione that can bypass the gut and doesn’t oxidise in the gut it’s very new and it will get into the cell however, if you take too much you can shut down your bodies own pathways. It’s not as simple as taking just one thing glutathione is made up of many things plus what it needs to get into the cell.

5) Re-establish methylation
This is a massive epidemic with people who don’t feel well. It’s needed in every cell and almost every function. It’s used as a catalyst or trigger, it’s how things happen in our body. When you adapt to stress you need this to turn on cortisol so we need it for stress adaptation. We need it to get rid of toxins and toxic hormones. So many people build up toxic estrogen and testosterone because they lack methylation. Stress depletes your methylation whether it’s physical, chemical or emotional stress all will use more of the methyl groups to turn these stress adaptations on and off. When people get depleted it shows up as anxiety and sleeping problems because they don’t have enough of the methyl group to turn that stressor reaction off and their left in this hyper adrenal state that they eventually burn out from. The methyl groups are key to reestablishing this pathway because your body will prioritize to adapt your body to stress because it wants to survive. Now downstream it doesn’t have enough to now remove the toxic hormones so this is how it could lead to cancer.

It happened to his wife, he has an article on his page about each one of these steps. In number five on his page he talks about a test that saved his wife’s life which is also the same test that saved Suzanne Summers life. In the test it looks at methylation and your ability to remove toxic hormones. My wife had extremely high lead levels that we didn’t figure out for a while and it was depleting her methylation. The test also showed an elevated level of toxic estrogens and she was going to wind up with cancer just like her mother. Even doing everything right with diet, exercise and healthy things. Her blood estrogen levels like most people her doctor said were NORMAL, but these are estrogen metabolites they don’t look at the ratio of this. Her methylation was extremely depleted because of the high lead levels. We supported the methylation levels in her, started to get rid of the toxic estrogens and saved her life because of that test. Ultimately we reduced the lead levels which she got from her mother in utero because if mom has lead it comes from the bones of the mother into the baby so she started life with that very high level stored in her bones and when she got pregnant released a lot of this lead and that’s when her hormone dysregulation started. When we got the lead down to a certain level we were able to get her hormones normal and methylation played a massive roll in that. It always comes back to rule number one.

In his case he had very high mercury levels and his trigger was when he had two silver fillings drilled out incorrectly which was toxic overload. The bioaccumulation of mercury over his life since childhood and then the fillings extracted was when his symptoms started and it took three to four years to figure that out. He figured out it was mercury levels in his brain causing a hormone disruption that was the key. Both had hormone disruptors and taking hormones for it didn’t matter the key was getting rid of the source that disregulated them. This cellular dysfunction can show up as anything.

We have to stop throwing things at our patients and do a proper history, look upstream and ask what is causing this cellular dysfunction. If you don’t fix the cell you won’t get well but if you don’t remove the interference the body will never heal. What’s driving the inflammation most often is a toxic source. Diet plays a massive roll, were eating the wrong food driving up insulin and glucose. Even in healthy people I find or people who do healthy things they still are raising their glucose levels to an unhealthy point and driving cellular inflammation. Toxins are a big cause for people with unexplainable types of symptoms that they don’t like. Toxins are the key, if I didn’t remove them I never would have got my life back.

Our internal environment is more toxic than ever, even worse than external environment. Kid’s vaccinations, flu shots, personal care products, BPA we know causes hormone problems found in most products your using from lotions to makeup. We are surrounded by chemicals, flame retardants in new furniture and computers, that new car smell, bromine and one I can do whole show on glyphosate the active ingredient in roundup. The number one pesticide/herbicide used on the planet and it’s in everything people are eating unless it’s 100% organic. Science shows this is driving holes in our gut and destroying three amino acids, these amino acids in our gut are needed to make neurotransmitters what our brain needs to function with. We now have a nation taking antidepressants and psychotropic drugs all of these things why, because their not able to produce enough of these chemicals that your brain needs to feel good. Glyphosate is ruining the very products we need to make the neurotransmitters. It wipes out a certain bacteria we have in our gut that we need to make these neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine to feel normal. We are destroying these bacteria that make the amino acids therefor we can’t make those chemicals our brain needs.

Back to cholesterol sulfate it’s relationship to vitamin D is critical in conjunction with the cholesterol sulfate deficiency. Don’t avoid the sun it depletes your vitamin D which depletes your cholesterol sulfate because you need to combine cholesterol TO sulfate in the skin and the sun plays a roll in making this happen. Research shows not attaching the sulfate to the cholesterol is a big problem that could lead to heart attacks, brain dementia etc.

Neurotransmitters are made in the gut, certain bacteria we need to make these chemicals are in the gut microbiome without these bacteria you can’t have normal brain function. When these bacteria diminish we don’t control brain function and we don’t control our immune system. Right now there is a massive epidemic of autoimmune conditions. Most people that don’t feel well most likely have autoimmune. It may take you 20-30 years to actually get a test that shows that, testing for autoimmune is in the stone ages and most autoimmune conditions we don’t even have names for. Your body is attacking itself driving this inflammation we are talking about. AVOID GMO’s because of the glyphosate. If you don’t make enough of these certain bacteria or the level diminishes too low you won’t make a cell called a T regulatory cell. That’s the cell that tells your immune system that everything is ok and not to keep on this attack. Example: we have an episode of kids with food allergies and autoimmune conditions even kids we know. When these certain bacteria drop to a certain point that we don’t make the T regulatory cells and pollen flies in the nose or the food particle goes in the bloodstream we don’t have the regulatory mechanism to tell it it’s ok, you get a nasty response and we wonder what’s wrong. Gut bacteria is the answer to many of these conditions.

On his website he wrote an article called The Autoimmune Answers, the cause and the answer. Certain toxins and bad bacteria can turn genes on, not having enough good bacteria can do it with stressors as a key. You must address all three – genes, microbiome and stressors. It’s not going to happen by just taking a probiotic pill that contains 7-10 bacteria out of thousands that inhabit our gut. A lot of what I teach Doctors is how to restabalize gut bacteria and shut off the immune system and get the brain start producing again.

What to do now – choose quality fats get grass fed animal products, eating organic, avoiding the glyphosate chemical in the food supply. If you don’t get rid of that you will never fix your gut, you don’t fix your gut you will never fix your brain or your immune system or downregulate inflammation. The fat’s play a critical roll eating organic is huge, please switch to grass fed animal products, When their eating grain your eating so much more of the chemical, their not meant to eat grain and your getting bad fat’s that way that are denatured and the wrong ratios. Eat as much organic as possible please, especially today it means more than ever and control your glucose and insulin. When a patient is in a state of inflammation we get rid of all grains until your healthy and we start putting ancient grains back in. Once the gut is leaking grains have lectins and phytates getting rid of these lowers inflammation and controls glucose. Get the good fats.

On his web page he said he has written articles on almost all disease including weight loss.

Dr. Daniel Pompa web page


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. it is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.





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