Cancer Series Part 2

Notes from The Truth About Cancer – The Quest for the Cures Summit

Multiple Doctor’s have said nothing changes because the establishment won’t admit they were wrong.

See part 1 for more Doctors healing their patients and the protocols they are using.

Dr. Nickolas Gonzales

Different people need different diets, nutrition and diet must be individualized for each person.

1902 science was already sophisticated enough that they already knew what cancer was and how to cure it. Published peer reviewed from 1905-1911. Hundreds of scientists died of radiation poisoning during this time testing it as a cure for various cancers.
Oncologist know today there’s nothing more toxic to the human body than dead cancer cells. If you break a tumor down too fast you kill the patient from the dead cancer cells called tumor lysis syndrome. It used to be in the Merck manual to do coffee enemas to detox until 1970. In the 1920’s and 30’s they were using coffee enemas to cure arthritis and mental illness. There are dozens of studies on this including published in the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1932 Harvard Med School was treating Bi-Polar with it. 90% of septic shock was cured with coffee enema’s in the 1940’s also peer reviewed.
Part of a group started by Nestle funding alternative therapies for cancer proved that pancreatic enzymes go right to the cancer cells and chew up the cell membrane, the cell dies leaving healthy cells alone.
Chemotherapy only works for Hodgkin’s and certain leukemia’s. His web page

G Edward Griffin

Pancreatic Enzymes – The protein coating around the cell has a negative charge, the white blood cells that are supposed to attack are also a negative charge so they repel each other. When the pancreatic enzymes eat the protein layer the exposed cell is now a positive charge and attracted to the white blood cells so they can kill them. Animal protein in your diet uses up a lot of your natural enzymes the best way to replenish is with raw vegetables and fruit. Amygdalin from bitter grasses and seeds has been found in the human diet for thousands of years until now. This is where we got B-17 and the best source is found inside the seed of an apricot. Amygdalin contains 2 parts glucose, 1 part cyanide and 1 part benzaldahyde this remains intact until it comes in contact with the beta-glucanase enzyme found in cancer cells and then dumps it’s load to kill the cancer leaving healthy cells alone. Ironically the four scientists that fudged the report saying it didn’t work to discredit it all died of cancer. The full study proved it did work, this was all suppressed in the 1950’s.
G. Edward Griffin is not a doctor or health professional so I am omitting his web page, he is an incredible researcher of many topics and highly respected for his work which is why he was invited to this summit. I included him as a follow up to Dr. Gonzales because of his excellent description of the pancreatic enzymes and B-17.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum DO, NMD Toxicologist

Bromine, Fluoride and Chlorine – Iodine is a large molecule with a large receptor site, fluoride and chlorine are small molecules that block iodine and all are halogens. Flooding your body with iodine blocks the other two. When your low in iodine the fluoride and chlorine get through causing teeth and bones to dissolve, bone cancer, osteoporosis and the need for hip replacements. We need minerals to strengthen bones especially as we get older. Fulvic acid from humic shale has 13 tetratrillion electrons to donate and is the monster free-radical killer that also works on the mitochondria. It can go into a cell and convert nutrient fragments back into nutrition, nothing else does this. It is an anti-aging and antioxidant agent carrying electricity that acts as an electrolyte in your cell without needing minerals. When your tired with no energy this acts like a battery charger. Changing free radicals back into nutrition and acting as a delivery system, crossing all barriers to pick up nutrients bringing them where they belong  also picking up waste to carry out of the system. Cancer cells have low electrical activity raising your electricity kills the cancer. This also balances the bodies composition. Stated he had great results with 8,000 patients out of 8,000. His web page

Bill Henderson

A study done in 1923 consisting of 174 pages of data showed that root canals could not be done safely and yet they are still doing them the same way today. Several billion dollars are generated doing 30 million root canals a year. Many cancers begin in the mouth and jaw from this.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski MD, PhD

Documentaries have been done about this doctor, his incredible discovery of angioplastins and his battle with the FDA. If it wasn’t for the overwhelming support of his patients he would be in jail for curing cancer. Instead he has finally completed FDA approved trials and his methods are now approved by the FDA. The cancer summit was the first summit I started taking some notes and because I knew a lot about what they were saying and all about Dr. Burzynski my notes are slim compared to the other summits and none for this doctor. There is available a mountain of information on him and his angioplastins that are successfully treating cancer. Now that he has been approved his statistics will go up because he no longer is only allowed patients that were stage 4 and givin up on by pharma. Even with all the damage the chemo and radiation did he was still able to cure a high percentage.
His web page    patient group page    video – Cancer is serious business

Dr. Ben Lerner

Ask what is cancer and stop becoming a victim. Do you want to prevent it or learn how to cure it after you get it? It’s not genetic it’s epigenetics responding to the environment you create for it. Trillions of cells that live and die and are replaced. Cancer cells are cells that do not die but replicates abnormally. This cancer can’t kill you unless it effects the blood supply. Don’t jump into anything you have time to make a plan. Eliminate the cause toxins and deficiencies. His web page

During the Summit one episode asked the question – What is your choice for the dirty dozen list of things to avoid for helping to prevent cancer. These are the doctors answers:
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny DO ———– vaccines —————- her web page
Dr. Robert Scott Bell DA, HOM —- vaccines, pesticides — his web page
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers ——— environmental toxins, EMF’s – his web page
Dr. David Jockers DC ————— environmental toxins – his web page
Jeffrey M. Smith ——————— GMO’s and roundup — his web site
Dr. Keith Scott Mumby MD, PhD – chemical overload, emotions — his web page
Dr. Patrick Quillin PhD, RD, CNS – pesticides ————— his web page
Mike Adams ————————- GMO’s, heavy metals, radiation – his web page
Burton Goldberg ——————– BPA, dental amalgams – his web page
Bill Henderson ———————- dental amalgams, root canals – his web page
Dr. Daniel Nugun DO, NMD ——- aspartame ————– his web page
Bob Write —————————- lack of D3 ————— his web page
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy ———— cell phones, EMF’s —- her web page
Dr. Darrell Wolfe AC< PhD ——– EMF’s, WiFi, cell phones – his web page and here

When asked about superfoods for cancer:
Spirulina it protects against radiation, Chia seeds, kale, coconut oil, fermented vegetables, hemp seeds and raw honey.

Additional speakers that repeated the same things on diet and detox all worth checking out because they are healing their patients.

A J Lanigan – immunologist – web page

Dr. Roby Mitchell – web page

Dr. Webster Kehr – web page

Dr. Robert Verkerk – web page

Dr. Bradford S Weeks – web page

Dr. Ben Johnson MD, NMD, DO – web page

Dr. Rashid Buttar DO – web page

This concludes my notes from the cancer summit.



Disclaimer: This information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.


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