Cancer Series Part 1

Notes From The Truth About Cancer – Quest for the Cures Summit
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that are practicing functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. For additional information see links below.


During this summit all the doctors spoke about the importance of lifestyle changes that are necessary for assisting in reversing cancer or any disease. They all stressed cleaning up your environment of toxins and changing to a less toxic whole foods diet that is more alkaline and nutrient dense. I am going to skip repeating this in each interview and concentrate only on their individual protocols for healing cancer and link their web pages.
In this cancer series I am putting together I decided to start with the doctors so people could see it’s not just one or two out there claiming to heal diseases including cancer but thousands of them healing tens of thousands of people. Go to their web sites many of them have a lot of information about healing cancer and incredible testimonials that help give hope that your not the only one looking for and trying a different answer. I will also link my extensive find a doctor list at the end of the article to search for a doctor near you.

Cancer is a normal cell responding to the environment it’s exposed to. You create the environment. A tumor is trying to protect you example: you damage your hand over and over in the same spot and your skin will form a callous there to protect you. The tumor encapsulates the cancer cells to protect you adapting to it’s environment.

Dr. Murray Susser – Integrative

IPTLD – Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose
This tricks the cancer cells so the chemo can kill them. The insulin lowers blood sugar this starves the cancer so they go after the chemo and die. This is 200-300% worth of therapy with only 10% of the toxicity. When insulin reaches 40 you start the chemotherapy and now it goes directly to the cancer and leaves healthy cells alone, using only 10% of a normal dose of chemo but now it’s targeted. IPTLD turns chemo from a shotgun into a sniper rifle.
Surgery makes tumors invade things you can’t cut out. His web page

Dr. Webster Kehr

IPTLD plus DMSO plus MSM targets cancer cells better than insulin because DMSO and MSM target cancer cells even without chemo low dose. The DMSO binds to the chemo and takes it to the cancer so the lower dose works.
his web pages have tons of research information on cancer here and here.

Dr. Francisco Contreras – Oncologist, Surgeon

Need to pay attention to emotional as well as physical needs. Uses Laetrile and stated it’s been used successfully on cancer for 50 years. Chelation Therapy, Hyperthermia, signaling transduction with foods to block certain enzyme production that feeds tumors this is called Trans Metabolic Therapy. Nutrition and immune stimulating agents AHCC. Music is the most potent in stimulating the immune system, one minute of laughter will boost the immune system for 24 hours and one minute of anger depresses the immune system for 6 hours. Studies prove laughter is great medicine. Colors white and blue are immune depressing with mauve as the most immune boosting. His web page

Dr. Peter Glidden

If all the young girls today took 200 mcg a day of just selenium in one generation we would drop the breast cancer rate by 82% that’s how deficient we are. His web page and his you-tube page.

Dr. Charles Majors DC

The first step in curing cancer is finding the cause so you can stop making it or it will come back. He uses ozone therapy, modification frequencies, infrared sauna, high dose proteolytic therapy, chelation, supplements, IV hydrogen peroxide, exercise and food.
Changing your environment changes the possibility of getting cancer.
His web page   Cancer Killer Webinar video

Dr. Patrick Quillin PhD RD CNS 

IMRT Intensity modulated radiation therapy, chelation therapy, far infrared therapy, hyperthermia, therapy to modulate blood glucose and starve cancer to death, modified citrus pectin and fermented wheat germ. We do an aggressive look at ideology – what caused this, checking blood levels, nutrient levels, toxic load, PH, parasites, saliva and fecal samples. Stress is a killer – music is a healer, watch your emotions and laugh. His web page  his other web page.

Dr. Robert Scott Bell DA HOM

Cures lung cancer by nebulizing silver, also baking soda lavage within lungs to nebulize into certain tissues of the lungs but it’s more difficult than silver. Cancer has no antioxidant defense mechanism causing the silver to devastate the cancer. Horsetail extract as a tea, beets, Kale and organic sea vegetables is silica for the vasculous system. Chromium to regulate blood sugar and selenium 200mcg a day up to 1,000 to reverse cancer with best food source brazil nuts. He does a radio show on health, web page.

Dr. Sunil Pai  Integrative

Uses the low dose targeted chemo either with curcumin, ginger and black pepper or a curcumin boswellia mix for synergy. There are over 5,000 studies on curcumin/turmeric also great for pain and brain health. He also uses medical marijuana. His web page

KC Craichy

Prostate cancer must be verified because the tests are inaccurate. Do not rush to biopsy it’s dangerous and can cause infection. Do a thermal scan and stop all sugar, starch and carbs eat nothing white. Eat tons of fibrous vegetables, low calorie, nutrient dense and good fats like fish for omegas. Fast fuel is green juicing. We use resveratrol, curcumin, vitamin A, and mushroom extracts. We also check vitamin D levels 25 hydroxyl we want the 70-90 range and an inflammatory markers test. Caloric restriction with optimal nutrition which is found in peer reviewed studies. Education learn yourself.
Used a mix of curcumin and coconut oil on a patient with squamous-cell carcinoma on the lip and it was gone in two weeks. His web page and his blog.

Dr. David Brownstein

The PSA test for prostate cancer was not designed to test everyone the way they are and it gets 80% false positives. The numbers elevate for a lot of reasons besides cancer, men will outlive it and die from something else. Only 3% die from prostate cancer that did nothing about it.
96% of people are low in iodine, the immune system cannot function or fight infections without it. Endocrine glands, thyroid, breast, ovaries, prostate and uterine are all effected. Iodine’s job is to maintain a normal architecture of these systems. First sign of iodine deficiency is cystic formation in any of these glands/organs, pancreas and some brain cancers. Next they become nodular and hard then hyperplastic tissue the pre-cursor to cancer. Iodine has apoptotic properties that can stop a cancer cell from dividing and progressing. Cell duct breast cancer is a pre cancer and corrected with iodine. Fibrocystic breast disease the pre-cursor to breast cancer begins as an iodine deficiency.
It has been shown that women with breast cancer have higher levels of bromine and fluoride and low levels of iodine. We get too much of the bromine and fluoride in food, medications, environment, computers and fire retardants. Bromine pushes iodine out of the body, we need more iodine to kick the bromine out. Bread used to contain iodine but was replaced with bromine . In the 1920’s they discovered we had an epidemic of iodine deficiency and decided to put it in salt but they use a very poor quality. You need a better quality, lugol’s solution, iodoral, seaweed or very fresh ocean fish. Goiter is also an iodine deficiency. 40 % of cancer patients die of malnutrition.    His web page and here.

Dr. Tony Jimenez

Prostate cancer cured with IV poly-MVA, chelation therapy and shark cartilage. Shark cartilage has been used successfully on prostate cancer for 30 years. It’s not the cancer it’s the character of the terrain. Non toxic cancer therapies all from peer reviewed studies. Start with stimulating and optimizing the immune system, detox and nutrition. Check antimicrobial activity – parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria. Work on emotions and controlling stress. Oxygen therapy, hypothermia, solar photodynamic therapy which is light and sound, oxygen therapy, biotherapy and uses good viruses to invade and break up cancer cells.
Can you eat fruit if sugar feeds cancer? Cancer cells can only absorb R spin sugar molecules and human cells can only absorb L spin molecules. Processed sugars are R spin molecules that feeds cancer. Natural sugars are L spin molecules but still only eat in moderation if you have cancer. A pet scan uses sugar (R spin) to detect cancer. Cancer’s main food is sugar but if there is no sugar it will eat protein, no protein then fats.   His web page

Prostate and Breast Cancer are both discussed in this short 6 minute video by Dr. Jimenez.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers DC – Breast Cancer Survivor Herself by Natural Methods 

Used herbal tinctures to weaken the cancer and boost the immune system. Proteolytic enzymes, dietary changes, detox and colonics. A salve on breast over tumor to expel it. She is speaking of Black Salve well known for quickly dispelling tumors BUT you must only do this under supervision of a qualified health professional and be fully aware of how it works and what to expect before attempting this therapy.
By the time you detect a lump that tumor has been growing there for 5-7 years. Using thermography and blood tests you can detect it years earlier by measuring hormone and enzyme production. She also spoke about electromagnetic radiation from cell towers and electronics causing cancers, brain tumors, disrupting the immune system, effecting reproduction systems of the body, sleep and memory problems. We are swimming in a soup of it because of all the towers. She recommended the BioInitiative report. Her web page

Dr. James Forsythe – Oncologist, Homeopath 

He uses paw paw, poly-MVA which is a lipoic acid/palladium mix, DMSO, selenium, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, genomic testing of the blood and IPDLD. This gives personalized information of what nutrients, hormones and drugs work best. Chelation therapy, IV hydrogen peroxide and L-glutathione by IV. He adds insulin in with chemo right from the start with no hypoglycemic reaction, no chemo brain, no hair falling out, your not sick and toxic. He says he has an 85% cure rate for breast cancer. His web page.

Dr Ben Johnson MD, NMD, DO 

Proven in peer reviewed studies that mammograms are giving women breast cancer. Tamoxifen plus mammograms equals cancer. Mammograms are only 52% effective in women under 50, the ultrasound is a better test for a lump both are a test on anatomy. The ultrasound sees the blood flow and 80% effective for sensitivity. With thermography there is no smashing of the breast and no radiation and able to detect 8-10 years before the tumor starts because there will be a hot spot there that can be seen only by using thermography – true early detection. Modern medicine only manages disease. His web page.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

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