Mystery Diseases, Candida and Mold

Notes From the Digestion Sessions Summit
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and experts in their fields of health practicing functional medicine. They are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. For additional information see links below.

Paul Chek HHP Mystery Diseases

When you have a variety of symptoms and the doctor’s say we can’t find what’s wrong with you do a parasite test. Chronic problems with his patients are found to almost all have a parasite or fungal infection. Most are from diet and lifestyle with a small percentage from overseas. You must make changes to stop feeding the parasite, it’s usually not invasive but causing a lot of painful symptoms. You must complete the protocol and stick to a new diet and lifestyle because these parasites adapt easily and become extremely difficult. They live off the nourishment of the host multiplying quickly, burying their eggs and excreting toxins into your system.

A healthy functioning immune system greatly lowers your chance of an infection. 90% of the world has a parasite infection and 90-95% has a fungal infection.

Stool tests only confirm active parasites not those in the larvae stage in between breakouts. Bio Meridian is the only one that tests for 150 different parasites most others only test for a few, and this is still not 100% reliable. There is over 1000 parasites found in humans. If you can’t get a confirmed test but have symptoms indicative of a parasite do the herbal protocol and we usually get results cheaper than testing with no side effects.

Exhausted adrenal glands leaves the door wide open for infection. Stress is the biggest factor for getting and curing. You must follow advise to the letter because the cure can become their food with adaptation and then we have a huge problem.

If you are infected it’s most likely your partner is infected and both must do the protocol.

Some parasites are important to your immune system that you don’t want killed, some of them actually give us high quality food containing high reactive protein. Raising the quality of your food keeps the parasites from returning again. It’s the environment!

We use bentonite clay to remove toxins and parasites, montmorillonite clay is the most popular, we also use sonne’s liquid clay. Clay is a support tool not to kill but to sweep as an adjunct. Wormwood is good for some general parasites but some bugs need more as some people can have as many as 15 different parasites. Cayenne pepper also good for general parasites, using hot sauce on food is a good idea for killing bugs mixed with honey to attract them. Another is hydrochloric acid and frozen cod liver oil gel caps taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Frozen it makes it through the stomach into the intestines to coat and kill bugs.

He has a teaching DVD series on his site. Free medicine is good sleeping habits and cold showers.

Get honest with yourself and educated.

Paul Chek web page

A page of videos of him speaking on this topic

Christa Orecchio CHN Candida Overgrowth

Candida is an opportunistic yeast, normal until it get’s overgrown which equals pathogenic releasing toxins creating a burden on your organs. This can happen with just one antibiotic making it a must to replenish your bacteria.

Too much alcohol, caffeine and chronic prolonged stress all disrupt your gut bacteria. C- sections make both mother and child more susceptible to gut problems, also birth control pills. Bad sugar cravings and mental fog are symptoms of  candida overgrowth, another symptom is chronic constipation.

We must address the gut, thyroid and adrenals all at once. There is a gut – brain connection one effects the other.

Candida overgrowth can show up as nail fungus, eczema, psoriasis, chronic sinus infections, bloating, gas, depression or anxiety.

Candida needs sugar and fermentation to thrive, killing it reduces chances of cancer 75%. Do a 6 day PH test both urine and saliva first thing before drinking anything or brushing teeth. No dairy during this you must stay hydrated with water. Starve it with diet and kill it with anti-fungals every four days. Next heal the lining of the gut and repopulate with healthy bacteria. The body will create candida to take care of heavy metal toxicity so this must also be addressed.

No sugar, fermented foods, gluten, dairy or kombucha for 6-10 weeks.
40% high quality meats
40% vegetables, no starchy foods
10% nuts and seeds, for fruit green apple or berries.
10% complex carbs
For some no grains at all others soak them before cooking.
Chia seeds are a good fiber source

When killing off the candida you may experience die off symptoms that resemble having the flu that may last a few days.

Supplements we use are food grade diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, tons of water and soluble fiber. You also must clear constipation to open that pathway. Pau D’Arco Tea (anti-viral) for 4 days, oregano oil capsules for 4 days, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract on a 16 day rotation minimum two rotations usually 3-4. Then we add in saccharomyces boulardii taken at night.

Then we heal the gut lining with marshmallow root, slippery elm, turmeric, black pepper, bone broth,  nopal cactus and okra. By grating ginger plus the juice of one lemon and sea salt you help your body make hydrochloric acid.

Next boost your thyroid levels. Start with taking your temperature 20 minutes after a meal if it’s lower the food did not help you. We will do colonics, coffee enemas once a week, oil pulling and infrared sauna 1-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes to improve cellular energy.

You need sugar and fermentation to feed cancer and oxygen to kill it.

Food combining no carbs with fruit in general for everyone, do this if you struggle with gas.

Exercise you must move and massage or yoga. Deep breathing helps your PH and emotions (stress).

She has a 10 week program on her site also a meal plan and recipes. There is a very low relapse rate for those that complete the program.

Christa Orecchio The Whole Journey web page

Candida Q&A Video

Dave Asprey Mold and Fungus

Biohacking the science and art of changing your environment around you and in you, finding what works for you not what is supposed to work.

Your health problem could be mold hidden inside walls which can promote excessive zenoestrogen making you fat. Nosebleeds are a classic sign also bruising, rashes and asthma. Inspectors say 30-50% of homes have this problem. Mold and fungus can also cause you to be tired all the time, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, and foggy brain. It can shut off metabolic activity to the brain.

Using antifungals on our crops has created super molds. We are getting chronic mild mold exposure from the food we eat everyday causing chronic inflammatory responses in our body. This causes gene and DNA damage, synthetic zenoestrogen exposure, cancer, heart disease and crohn’s finding 85% of crohn’s have detectable aflatoxin in their blood. We can turn that off by lowering our exposure to mold.

Occasional small levels of mold our microbiome can handle, it’s the chronic or large exposure that disrupts the balance. Penicillin was a mold and the ingredient citrus acid in processed food is made from GMO mold.

We have distorted our microbiome with the overuse of antibiotics and we are eating it three times a day in animal food. We are also destroying the microbiome of the planet.

Change your food to foods that give you energy and adjust indoor lighting with the sun. Can’t avoid food so when you eat fish take some chlorella with it to bind and remove the toxins. Take more selenium and Vit C to assist detox pathways, sauna and exercise. Get rid of the squirley toxic light bulbs and get the blue LED light bulbs with warm light that doesn’t stress your eyes. It’s more expensive but it will make up the difference in what you save on your electric bill in the first year.

Dave Asprey The Bulletproof Executive web page

Dave Asprey video on mycotoxins and mold


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher






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