Where’s My Energy: Do I Have the Ability to Burn Fat?

Notes from the Mind Body Weight Loss Summit

This is not a transcript but my cliff notes from these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that practice functional medicine. They are not your normal diet and health tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing problems. For additional information see links below.

Ross Bridgeford

When you flood your body with nutrients it allows your body to release the energy you already have.

Your body works very hard to maintain a level PH, we need to support our body in maintaining a proper PH without the body having to go through a heap of hard work. When your eating really acidic foods your body goes through so much turmoil to maintain that PH using so much energy that your digestive system gets clogged. You stop absorbing nutrients resulting in extremely low energy.

Overweight you lose the ability to access energy because we lose the ability to burn fat from eating a lot of acidic foods causing inflammation. The inflammatory hormones are causing insulin levels to elevate and insulin being the fat making hormone shuts down the fat burning hormone to burn fat. When you approach it as weight loss no one asks the question, Do I have the ability to burn fat?

By having more alkaline foods our digestion improves and we are more nourished. This makes the inflammation go away on a cellular level and we regain the ability to burn fat. Dark leafy greens are best for nutrient density and will get you alkaline faster than any other food.

When eating acid forming foods your digestive system gets clogged with waste you can’t eliminate such as candida, yeast and bacteria. The more acidic the foods the more these grow. When this happens and you try to eat healthy foods they can pass right through without absorbing any of the nutrients because the intestines where nutrient absorption occurs is too clogged up.

When you start to eat the healthy foods your body starts to release toxins sending a message to the brain that we can start releasing fat now. These toxins are stored in the fat to protect your vital organs.

Acidic foods are man made dead foods – Alkaline are fresh live foods

In order for your body to maintain it’s PH on acidic foods the first thing it does is produce sodium bicarbonate in the digestive system to neutralize it. If there is excess it will draw from the rest of the body healthy fats and healthy cholesterol to help. Because we are slightly acidic naturally we have this buffering system but it was not designed for sodas with a PH of 3.5, it takes a huge amount to buffer just one soda and diet soda is worse. These foods are dead with no nutrients causing chaos in the body, we are rarely calorie hungry we are nutrient hungry. These foods steel nutrients from the body extracting calcium from our bones to help buffer them.

These foods have been altered chemically and our body does not recognize them as food seeing it as a problematic substance creating an inflammatory autoimmune response. The intestines become inflamed and enlarged getting little tears in the lining causing leaky gut allowing all this undigested toxic food into your bloodstream. This causes a huge immune response causing an inflammatory response causing the inflammatory hormone to turn on the fat switch to gain and gain and eat and eat.

Forget about the bad foods and focus on the good foods.
Aiming for perfection is the perfect way to fail.
When you eat nutrient dense foods you get full faster.
NO deprivation just keep eating healthier foods.
It becomes easier because your body will start choosing more healthier foods and start rejecting the unhealthy.

Focus on hydration, healthy greens, healthy fats, healthy oils and a little exercise.

Your body is in a state of deprivation, deprived of nutrients with all this acidity and toxins your body will not release fat. Eating nutrient dense food signals the body it’s time to let go and release the fat and toxins.

See his site for beginner steps and recipes

Ross Bridgeford web page



Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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