Autism and Vaccines

The debate of autism and vaccines pro and con is oversimplified making both parties correct and wrong. Generally one vaccine will not cause autism but it can be the final straw for an already toxic child.

Autism begins at conception.

Children high school age should get a class in how to have a healthy baby because we don’t live in grandma’s world anymore. Babies today are born with an average of 300 toxic chemicals in their body and true statistics of what is happening to them are kept quiet, no one may know the real statistics.

We are in second and third generation of toxic babies born to toxic parents causing more and more babies born today with slight abnormalities that require minor corrective surgery before they even leave the hospital.

It is now advised that both parents detox and clean up their chemical exposure before becoming pregnant. Minimum 6 months, ideally 2 years before they conceive. Also important is correcting any nutrient deficiencies, this makes for healthy parents giving their child the best start they can by supplying all the tools needed to build a healthy baby.

Whatever Mom eats, drinks, breaths or absorbs through skin while pregnant the baby does too.

Obstetricians say no alcohol, no cigarettes and no tuna (some may say no fish) that’s it! Not nearly enough of what you should or shouldn’t do. They also add to the chemical load with pre-natal vitamins that need drastic improvement and sonograms that are not completely safe. They push women to speed up the delivery sometimes with drugs, discourage natural birth with very dangerous epidurals then they clamp the cord immediately. The cord should never be clamped until it stops pulsing to allow everything the baby is supposed to get before it is clamped and removed. The first thing the baby gets after that is a vaccine, pure insanity. Babies are born with no immune system if they developed one in the womb the baby and mother’s immune systems would battle each other and cause it to abort.

Tragically there are almost as many C-sections done now as natural births doctors are too quick in scheduling these. The first step in activating the babies immune system is going through the birth canal with the mother supplying the necessary good and bad bacteria. If the mother had antibiotics or prescription drugs and did not restore her balance of bacteria the baby comes up short and could develop health problems later. C-section babies lose out completely and mother is not told that the baby needs special probiotics. The good and bad bacteria IS your immune system killing this in an infant their immune system can never recover. Next is first feeding of colostrum supplying special tools that kickstart the organs and more food for building the immune system. After 12-24 hours mom stops producing colostrum and begins producing milk. A deficient mother will produce deficient milk but it’s still better than toxic formula.

Healthy women have easier births.

Corporations have convinced us everything needs to be sterile to sell their products but the opposite is true. All those bugs and bacteria are necessary in building a strong immunity. The chemicals used to make everything clean are destroying the immune system. Non toxic cleansers do the job without creating a toxic load on the body. We also buy all new furniture, clothes and toys, all toxic. New furniture off gases formaldehyde for months in the babies room, all those new smells are the smell of cancer and brain damage. All that plastic is hormone disrupters causing a long list of disease.

Children today as young as 10 are having strokes and heart attacks, cancer has become the #1 killer of children. They are born toxic then breath, drink, eat, wear and play with toxins 24/7  until that one more toxin. Sometimes it’s a vaccine that puts them over the edge resulting in autism or any number of other diseases. It is extremely rare that I see a child consuming something that doesn’t cause brain damage.

Brain damage is caused slowly, it is cumulative from many sources.
Food Dyes
MSG listed under many names
Artificial Sweeteners
Heavy Metals
Vaccines contain some of these ingredients and more that should not be injected into a persons bloodstream. If you haven’t, you should ask for and read the vaccine package insert. Then research yourself any ingredients you don’t recognize along with any warnings of danger they may have. Not to mention reading the warnings on the insert itself about the dangers of the vaccine.

Wheat cuts off blood flow to the brain. Never feed a child wheat right before a test in school as he may get a lower grade. They have completely changed wheat from what our ancestors ate to something that is toxic to our brain and digestive system. Some children are misdiagnosed with autism but cured when they switch to a gluten free diet. Wheat can mess with your mind that much, they have also cured some schizophrenics on a wheat free diet. Gluten sensitivity can mimic brain disorders ADD, ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia etc. Genetically modified wheat contains roundup and is destroying everyone’s digestive system, some quicker than others. It creates holes in the lining of the intestines allowing food particles and toxins to escape into the bloodstream and into the brain.

Because vaccines all have at least 2 ingredients that cause brain damage they do add to the toxic load that is accumulating, until it reaches a point where things break down enough or you have a “trigger event” and be diagnosed with autism or any number of diseases. Children today are also getting a lot more vaccines than ever before, with 220 new vaccines waiting to be released making them the guinea pigs for how many is too many. It’s the daily chemical exposure from all directions that is really the big picture problem. Mom’s are waking up, we are fighting back to get corporations to change their products to be less toxic. In the meantime it’s every parents job to take inventory of the toxins in their home and replace them with more natural one’s, including those in the refrigerator and pantry.

We clean the car, house and the outside of our bodies and totally neglect what we can’t see – the inside, it’s filthy. Regular consumption of foods that pull out toxins and heavy metals has become part of how we need to live in a chemical world. You can’t build a house without tools. Our food is now deficient of the nutrients our ancestors got so children also need a good supplement. Those sold in most stores contain more than one of the ingredients listed above so you need to be very selective which one you choose.

As you can see it’s more complicated than just stating vaccines cause autism.

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher.




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