No More Colds and Flu

There is only one sure way to avoid colds and flu and that is to repair your immune system.

I used to be the first one to get a cold and the last one to get rid of it, and this was twice a year guaranteed. When I changed to whole foods and natural supplements including probiotics my immune system was able to rebuild itself. That was nine years ago and I have not had a cold since. Once a really bad strain was going around and I could feel that I picked it up but my immune system was strong enough that I only felt tired for one day and that was it while everyone around me was suffering.

Right now your immune system is so busy trying to detox chemicals out of your body that it doesn’t have time for repairing and rebuilding much less fighting off any new cold or flu germs. So the first step would be to start limiting your chemical exposure externally and internally.

For those who just want a quick fix I will address tips for that also.

Swap out chemical laden soaps and cleansers in your house for greener products.
Swap out as much as you can of chemically processed foods for natural whole foods.
Manage your stress as it does more damage to your immune system than anything else.
Add a high quality probiotic and fermented vegetables to repopulate your good bacteria.
Add a whole foods supplement to give your immune system the tools it needs for repair and rebuilding.
Absolutely avoid soda it drops your PH to low and your system can’t fight anything.

Most vitamins and supplements sold outside a health food store and even they have some also, are made in China with a lot of fillers and can do more harm than good. To do a repair you need a full spectrum of supplements and buying them individually can be expensive. The one I use is a powder that contains everything you need including probiotics that you mix in juice called Green Vibrance. I do not have any affiliation with this company it is just a good example of what to look for when choosing a quality product for repair. I prefer a product like this because the nutrients are derived from real foods and not chemical facsimiles, your body can put these nutrients right to work without having to do extra processing or conversion. Any supplement like this should be added to a dark colored organic juice, dark juice because added to a light juice creates a weird color and not pleasing to the eyes. Taste well for some they don’t mind it others not so much but the good news is your taste buds adapt quickly. You can try putting it in a small amount of juice to just down and get it over with or a tall glass to help dilute the taste until your taste adjusts.

With the right tools your body repairs quickly. Bonus! When you repair your immune system it can’t just heal one thing it heals everything so any other minor or major health issues you may have will just disappear as your immune system repairs and regenerates.

Ditch the antibacterial products they are destroying your good bacteria. Anyone who has ever had antibiotics must repopulate the good bacteria that were killed off without them you are susceptible to everything. The gut microbiome is what keeps you well and fights off everything that does not belong like cold bugs. Another thing that kills your good bacteria are medications, as long as you are on medications you must supplement with probiotics. Medications also rob you of vitamins and minerals giving you another reason to add a full spectrum supplement. This is the main reason for side effects from medications and adding the nutrients helps to prevent those side effects.

For those who don’t want to build up their immune system there are a couple things you can do to prevent colds and knock it out quickly. First is forget about any over the counter cold remedies there are tons of studies proving they only make you worse.

For prevention frequent hand washing with regular soap really does help.

The one product you should keep with you during the cold and flu season is colloidal silver, this can be found at any health food store. Look for one with the highest parts per million. I buy the large bottle and I also bought a cheap kit that includes a small spray bottle, a dropper and a small bottle with a nasal sprayer. This product is perfectly safe for anyone including infants if they accidently drank the bottle nothing would happen to them, no side effects and no contraindications with any medications. It also has no taste it’s like spraying water in your mouth. I use this every time I am going to enter and again exiting a germ incubator, bus, train, plane or large gathering like a theatre. Just do a few sprays in your mouth, about seven and you can also spray your hands. The silver will kill any germs you may have picked up without effecting your good bacteria. It has many uses the nasal sprayer can be used for sinus infections, and the regular spray can be used on cuts with no stinging which kids love. For more detailed information and uses see colloidal silver.

So your stomach is not happy, throwing up or diarrhea you want activated charcoal. One glass of water with a teaspoon of activated charcoal will stop that before you even finish drinking the glass. This product pulls toxins out of your system including medications, you want to take it at least one hour before or two hours after taking any meds. Unless you need to stop the throwing up and diarrhea now just remember any meds you took within the time frame will be neutralized also. Other than that this product is also safe for anyone any age with no side effects, eat the whole can of powder and no side effects except for constipation if you did do that. When drinking a glass of this follow up with a plain glass of water to prevent any constipation. This product can also be made into a paste for external cuts to prevent infections, it’s also good for bug bites especially if there is an allergic reaction. For allergic reactions drinking internally and a paste on the bite will neutralize it immediately. This also works for spider bites and snake bites, if a poisonous snake you can do this on the way to the hospital to start neutralizing the poison to help you make it there. Hospitals have traditionally used this for any kind of drug overdoses to immediately neutralize that also. Activated charcoal used to be found in any drug store now only in a few health stores, I order it online. This also has no taste except for a little gritty but be warned it will stain anything except your skin black which is why I keep the can in a large ziplock to prevent any spillage. The new charcoal people are buying is activated coconut charcoal. More information on activated charcoal here.

First sign of a cold you want high quality vitamin C and lot’s of it. Take 2000 milligrams every two hours until bowel tolerance which means until you begin to get diarrhea then back off that is your maximum tolerance level for a 24 hour period. Continue to take it for at least 2-3 days to make sure you killed whatever you caught and you should avoid any major symptoms or drawn out illness. This can also be done for children but a much lower dose the doctor in the video below said for them more like 500 milligrams every two hours but it’s all dependent on their age and weight. See a functional medicine doctor or pediatrician on their dosage. Dr. Suzanne Humphries lecture on vitamin C and your not going to believe what vitamin C can do, video here.

Fevers happen when you contract a bug that can only be destroyed by heat. If your immune system is working at all it will raise your body temperature high enough and long enough to complete the job of killing the bug. Let this happen by staying warm and hydrated you do not want to interrupt this process by bringing the fever down early it will only lengthen the duration of the cold/flu. Water, herbal green tea, clear organic broth or better yet coconut water is best for hydrating during this. The only other reason we usually get a fever is an infection so check that your not dealing with something like an ear infection.

I could give you a list of herbs that also help but these three things are the cheapest, fastest and safest way to address the cold and flu season. It’s also a good idea to have these products already in your house before the cold and flu season begins so you can prevent/knock it out right away beginning with first symptom, once the bug takes hold it will take more work to kill it. Your vitamin D levels are also important for a lot more than just cold prevention and the best way to get it is from sunshine. If you are stuck at a desk and never get sun you may want to get a full spectrum light bulb for you desk or wherever you spend the most time indoors.

For one of those super flu’s like H1N1 etc the most powerful herb is a high quality and preferably wild crafted oil of oregano.

Recent report on a study done on testing the quality of store vitamins

Dr. Aviva Romm is a functional medicine doctor that specializes in women and children in this article she talks about the effects of antibiotics and why we should avoid them with children.

What most doctors won’t tell you about the cold and flu

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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