Blood Sugar and the Brain

Notes from the Pain Relief Project
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that practice functional medicine. They are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you my be experiencing health problems. For additional information see links below.

Steven Geanopulos DC, DACBN Functional Medicine Chiropractic Neurologist

Dr. Geanopulos works with Brain Injuries, Autism, Autoimmune, Diabetes, Scoliosis, Trauma, Nerves and the Gut.

Brain injuries always effect the gut and gut problems always effect the brain.

When we give someone a label we forget there are other things going on. You can’t have one disease and not have multiple other systems functioning poorly. If you have diabetes and your not regulating your sugar properly you have an inefficient fuel delivery system to the brain. The brain is the most oxygen and blood sugar sensitive organ in the body and the most seriously impacted. The brain being effected controls the gut so the gut is effected causing a G.I. problem. Because you have a label the doctor focuses on that with drugs and it’s no way to restore your health. Medicine just manages symptoms and disease instead of health restoration.

If you have a traumatic brain injury you effect the nervous system and the nervous system controls all the other systems in the body which can impact everything. Even slight brain injuries we now know should be taken seriously especially repeated example soccer and football. The brain can’t handle repeated knocks without allowing time to heal.

Blood sugar levels are extremely important, the brain is very sensitive to blood chemistry which gets all it’s properties by what your exposed to on a daily basis and that’s your diet. We have to understand the roll that nutrition plays in brain injury and the roll blood sugar plays in brain function. Research is now classifying Alzheimer’s disease as Type 3 Diabetes along with neurodegeneration and Dementia. This is because of the relationship to the management of our blood sugar levels particularly in our brain.

Once you have the symptoms of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s you have already had a significant drop in neurons. By the time you get the earliest symptoms of Parkinson’s you have already lost 75% of the effected neurons. We cannot wait for symptoms to appear we need to get to it before that. For first sign to change what your doing to prevent all this is testing for triglycerides. Elevated to 100 or more means this could be a problem in the future and start to manage your sugar intake now.

All the numbers western medicine checks for are markers based on sick people NOT healthy people’s numbers.

You don’t have to live your families history.

It’s time for people going to the doctor and being told what to do is over it’s important you get involved in your own health and healing.

At this point The Doctor and the Moderator also a Doctor told a story of a patient they worked on together. They had to go to his house as he had been bedridden for two years and western medicine had given up on him. The patient was a NYC firefighter who had a traumatic brain injury and this was his last hope. The Doctor moderating had brought in Dr. Steven to examine and consult which he did giving directions of what to do. Long story short Jeff the firefighter was up and back to work as a firefighter in a year and a half by feeding his brain the nutrients it needed to repair itself. We also took away all junk foods, interference at the level of the spine and added affirmations for psychological health.

Back pain is not a cause but a symptom, there could be many issues causing it besides a label you may have gotten. Things like gut inflammation, hormone problems or blood sugar levels which is why surgery, acupucture, injections and narcotics may not work. After doing this you may wind up with many disorders, you must be looked at as a whole person not a label.

Treating a label is why you don’t get healed.

For many people if the medication relieves the symptom there is no reason to find the cause. It’s worse when the drugs work because then you become addicted to the drugs. The purpose of this summit is to open our eyes about how we have been mismanaged. If you don’t want to just manage disease you have to get out of the healthcare system. Everyone has to get over the fact that your health insurance will only pay for you to manage disease but will not pay for you to get healthy. It’s the Doctors responsibility to make it affordable, comprehensive and something people perceive as great value.

Functional Medicine is a partnership between you and your Doctor.

Scoliosis – The bone is not a fixed tissue it’s a living breathing organism that will change and adapt to the environment and if we change the environment we can alter the scoliosis. We are doing amazing things with blood chemistry and certain rehabilitation procedures and softer better braces. It’s being mismanaged by everyone and effecting a lot of young kids.

Dr. Geanopulos web page

Dr. Geanopulos web page thyroid

He has an office in NYC and New Jersey but also consults online all over the world.

Scoliosis Systems non surgical treatments with a find a Scoliosis Doctor search on this page.



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher





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